Nike vs Hoka Sizing [In-Depth Research by Professionals]

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Trail running, road race, or gym– both Nike and Hoka offer the utmost support in these heavy physical activities.


But when you prefer to alternate between these brands, you must know their size comparison.

Because if the size & fit is identical, purchasing the same size from both brands will provide you with the perfect fitting.

So, let’s see the size variations of Nike and Hoka.

Overview of Nike vs Hoka Sizing

Individuals associated with sports and athletic activities are so much fascinated with the expensive goods of Nike.

In their footwear collections basketball, soccer, running, training, golf, and numerous casual shoes are available to please worldwide consumers. According to Nike, these shoes run true to size.

Even I realized it while walking with Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Blazers. But Nike’s tradition is to make a slightly narrow toe box.

As a result, there is a perception among the general public that Nike shoes are small in size, however, it does not cause any problems for narrow-ideal feet owners’ movement.


But heavy physical workouts including training and running demand somewhat bigger shoes to conform the swollen feet. In that case, you must opt for big instead of the regular size.

Whereas, Hoka is also well-established for its outstanding trail-running, road race, and walking gears. But this brand is not highly widespread and familiar as Nike.


Hoka also clarifies their shoes are true to size. But when I tried Hoka Clifton 8 sneakers and for a marathon, the Bondi 7 for walking, and Speedgoat 5 for a trek, I found all of them offer a snug fit. Although the sneakers were not tight, I felt the absence of extra room in the toe box.

Size Chart of Nike & Hoka

Nike and Hoka have numerous shoes to meet the requirements of different athletic purposes. Size and shoe structure differ among those shoes. Moreover, several points of view exist about their size and fitting. So, being lost among these opinions is obvious.

Therefore, proper measurement of shoe size and following the size chart is the easiest technique to get a flawless fit. Below, I have mentioned the authentic size table of Nike and Hoka. Let’s take help from those charts and get the customized fit.

Nike Shoes Authentic Size Chart:


Size Chart of Women’s Hoka Shoes (Regular Width):


Size Chart of Men’s Hoka Shoes (Regular Width):


These size charts are for regular width, but if you wanna purchase wide fitted Hoka shoes, just go to the sizing information page of its official website and select wide fit.

Did you notice the size difference between Hoka and Nike?

Well, let me explain this through an example. Suppose, you are a woman whose foot length is 10 inches with normal width. Let’s look at Nike women’s shoe size guide. You have to pick the 9.5 US size as per the table.

Now, turn aside the Women’s Hoka shoe size chart. According to that, your shoe size is US 9.

So, the observation is Nike runs smaller than Hoka, right? Because for the same foot length and regular width, you have to purchase half size up in Nike.

Do Nike Run Big or Small?

Whether Nike is big or small totally depends on the model and users’ feet. Models like Air Jordan 1, Pegasus 39, React Infinity Run, and Nike Blazers fit true to size.

Depending on the shoe category, craftsmanship, and type of sport, the sizing of the same brand’s shoe varies. And Nike is not exceptional in this case.

Individually, some editions (which I mentioned above) of Nike come in true to size and some of them run narrow especially in the toe area. But there is no single edition that runs big.

So, I recommend you take help from the size chart and know about your preferred model’s fit before investing in them.

Should You Size Up or Down for Hokas?

When you prefer wearing Hoka shoes casually, go for the exact size which is mentioned in its size chart as per your foot length and width. It will provide a snug fit all around your feet. But for running, hiking, and other gymnastics, choose a half-size bigger in lieu of a regular size.

Hoka shoes are ultra-cushioned and best for all types of feet because of their Ortholite® hybrid sock liners. This sock layer ensures sufficient breathability and proper blood circulation through the nerves.

Due to these advantages, the demand for Hoka One One is rising day by day. But make sure to buy the right size for yourself to enjoy all these advantages.


Hoka shoes come with snug space in the toe box. But it is enough for normal feet and casual walks.

But if you prefer somewhat additional space in the toe box, opt for 0.5 size larger.


When it comes to switching from one sneaker version to another, we all struggle with the sizing issue. So, it’s no wonder when you see different size schemes among different brands, it’s justified. Hence, I have disclosed each detail regarding Nike and Hoka sizing to you. Now let me summarize those things.

Things to know about Nike sizing –

  • Size varies according to models. So make sure to check the fit at the outlet.
  • When buying online, separately research the model that you wanna buy. You will find plenty of articles on our site regarding various Nike shoes’ sizes and fits.
  • Measure your feet following the correct way, then choose the size from the authentic size chart of Nike.


  • When you desire to wear them occasionally, you should add to the cart the actual size.
  • For regular wear and training, go half size up for getting extra room in the toe box.

Things to know about Hoka sizing–

  • Regular size offers a snug fit.
  • Before paying for the pairs, check the size guide of Hoka shoes that is attached and linked in this article.
  • If you expect freedom for toes, select half size up like Nike.

No matter which brand you choose, you won’t regret it even a bit if you get the ideal size for your feet.


How do I know what size Hoka to get?

Just measure your foot length, follow the size chart and order the pairs.

Do Nike’s run big or small?

Nike’s sizing varies according to the model. But in general they are true to size with narrow toe boxes.

Do Hokas fit like Nike?

Compared to Nike, Hoka fits large. For instance, if you wear 9 in Nike, choose 8.5 in Hoka. But individually both are true to size (TTS)

Wrap Up

Nike & Hoka– both are loaded with numerous user-friendly features and independently suit true to size on users feet.

As your confusions about their sizing have erased, now grab your favorite pairs and pace forward with the shoes on.

Any further queries regarding the sizing? If so, knock me in the comment section.

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