Should Running Shoes Be A Size Bigger? [Adjust Your Fitting]

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For running, the fit of the shoe is very crucial. Therefore, when it comes to measurements, it’s obvious that you will be confused about whether you should go one size bigger for your running sneaker.


The struggle is real!

In this write-out, I will give you all the practical information regarding the size and fit you should wear for your running shoes and if it differs from casual shoes.

So, stay tuned.

What Size Running Shoes Do You Need?

A running shoe should fit like a glove. An ideal pair will feel fairly snug around the midfoot and heel area like it’s hugging your feet while having enough room for your forefoot area. Depending on your feet size, you can achieve the proper fit with half or full-size bigger shoes.

There should be enough space to feel comfy, yet not too much. To some runners, it’s still a mystery.

For your toe, there needs to be a decent amount of room.

Experts say that to decide if your running shoes are the perfect fit, there should be at least a thumbnail of width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. I tried this method, and it works.

Should You Buy Running Shoes A Full Size Bigger?

If you have foot swelling issues or you don’t prefer snug-fitted shoes, going a full size bigger is a better option.

For some runners, a full-size bigger shoe is more comforting than their casual shoe size.

So, you may wonder if there is a big difference in half-shoe size.

To be frank, a half-size is only one-eighth of an inch longer in length, and it’s not that big of an increase. Some shoe brands, for example, Adidas, run a bit small.

Here, sizing up is your option if you want to have wiggle room for your toes in running shoes.

Why You Should Buy Running Shoes A Half Size Bigger?

Well, the focal reason you should size up your running pair half a size bigger is to have enough room in your shoes when your feet swell over time because every human’s size differs slightly in size from one another.

Another thing is that when you make contact with the ground, you push off from the forefoot.

And the ball of your foot widens along with the toe, which extends forward.

Going up half a size from your actual foot size ensures you have extra room if there are any unexpected issues.

It is an optional choice. I normally buy the exact size and never have any swelling problems. It’s totally up to you if you want to try it or just purchase the same as before.

But don’t try to fit in a bigger-sized shoe. It can cause several issues. In case you have no option, here are our 7 tested methods to make big shoes fit.

Should Running Shoes Be Tight?

Your running shoes can’t be too tight. It needs to be cozy enough so that you can move easily. At the same time, you don’t want them to be too loose that your heel pops out of the back of your shoe while running.

A fitted running shoe causes a lot of problems like Bunions.

Take me, for example, I own a pair of Adidas running shoes, but I am not a runner. I bought them because they are good for everything and the Adidas size guide is reliable.

It made the whole process a lot easier for me.

should-running-shoes-be tight

I wear them for working out, running errands, or casually. If they were tight, I couldn’t do everything I wanted to. Could I?

Signs Your Running Shoes Are Too Small

You can tell whether your running shoes are small or not when they will start to feel uncomfortable due to swelling. Some signs are an indicator that your shoes are running a bit small.

Signs that your running shoes are too small:

  • Discomfort or foot pain.
  • Blisters under your toenails.
  • Bent toes.
  • Blisters on your heel.
  • Lack of wiggle room in the toes.
  • Blisters on the tips of your toes.

Keep an open eye whenever you see any of these signs. That’s your time to tour the shoe store and find different shoes for your daily runs. Why don’t you try Yeezy shoes for running?

The Yeezy lineup from Adidas has become the recent craze because of Kanye West.

How Running Shoes Should Fit?

A running shoe should fit you like a glove; not a tight one but an easy-to-move one. Normally we spend quite a long time wearing running shoes. And knowing the exact size is worth knowing.

When you buy running shoes, you need to try them on as it’s the most effective way to find the perfect fit.

There are some other factors you need to consider to get your proper fit:

  • The type of running terrain.
  • The width of your shoe.
  • The shape of your foot.
  • Running gait

These factors will help you to get a properly fitted shoe that will increase your performance and keep your feet problem free.

Mistakes One Makes When Buying Running Shoes

While buying running shoes, people often make several mistakes that ruin their experience, and there is also the chance of several discomforts.

Picking up a proper pair of footwear is relatively easy if you know how to choose one.

Let’s see the mistakes people make while buying running shoes:

Lack Of Proper Foot Measurement

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is when they try on shoes at the store; they don’t get their feet measured. I made the same mistake once.

It’s necessary to measure the heel-to-toe length as well as the foot and arch length.


Most people miss arch length, which is the measurement from your heel to the ball of your feet where your foot flexes. Most running shoes also flex to one point, so it’s important to match the flexing points.

The Confusion Of Volume With Width

Volume is the measurement of the inside of the shoe, but people normally ask for a wider shoe. You need to estimate the space in between the top eyelets with your finger.

And to get the measurements correctly, you must know what shoe width letters mean.

After tying the lace, your shoes should not be too tight or loose. Make sure a two-finger gap between the eyelets.

Afraid Of New Sizing

In general, people are not interested in changing their shoe size. This is a mindset, which is another reason they buy the wrong-sized shoe.

You need to measure your feet every time you buy a new pair because the size of your feet changes, not all the time, but it does.


It will help if you are open-minded about modifying your shoe size.

Following Wrong Shoe Review

Nowadays, everyone goes through the review section of any brand they want to buy. You will find several pages and youtube channels that help its subscribers to get the proper knowledge.

Following the wrong channel can impact the process. In some cases, people did that, got the wrong information, and the result was not obviously positive.

You need to rely on specialized sources to get authentic information and review.

Do Running Shoe Stretch?

Yes, running shoes stretch but not that significantly. Over time running shoes will loosen up a bit and mold according to your foot shape. But, if you buy a pair of shoes with the thought that they will expand, then it’s not the ideal decision.

Some shoes will not stretch at all and remain the same as before.

A few branded shoes feel different after a few uses because the material softens and loosens over time, and it confronts around the exact shape of your feet.

If you have wide feet, you need to be extra cautious about the brands you want to buy and their sizing options.

For example, if you are into Nobul Shoes, you need to know if Nobull Shoes are good for your wide feet.

Moreover, running shoes can break in. So, wear them around a few times before going for the big run, whether you have wide or tiny feet.


Proper sizing is the key factor in getting new footwear, as it can also affect your daily performance and health.

Your foot shape can change slightly; sizing up your shoe could be the solution. Even runners prefer to wear slightly bigger running shoes to perform well and avoid obstacles.

I hope you got enough reason to be assured of whether you should change your shoe size to a bigger one.

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