Are Yeezys Good for Running?- Rigorously Tested [in 2024]

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Since launching, Yeezys has made billions of dollars proving its craze. These are incredibly unique sneakers in terms of designs, build, outlook and comfort.

But are Yeezys good for running?

Well, it depends on which model you’re wearing and for which purpose. Sneakers like Yeezys 350 or 700 are pretty cool.are-yeezys-good-for-running

But if you want to hit some extra miles and do heavy cardio workouts, fancy shoes may not be functional. Thus, you should be careful and choose wisely.

To make this task easier for you, I’ve conducted deep research and put together some facts you should know before buying a Yeezys.

So, read till the end to know all about Adidas Yeezys and make the right move!

Overview of Yeezys

Most of us desire fashionable yet functional shoes that we can wear for all-purpose.

To match this longing, Adidas launched its Yeezy shoe lineup in 2009, collaborating with Kanye West.

Yeezy is a fashion collaboration that released different fashion items. Shoes are one of their most popular lineups that generated billions of dollars.

However, Yeezy first launched Boost 750 ‘Light Brown’ for their shoe lineup.

Adidas only made 9000 copies, and those were sold out within 10 minutes!

To follow the successful footprint, the rest of the Yeezy shoe models keep the core materials from Boosts!

Since its emergence, Kanye has designed 19 Yeezy models with over 200 color variations.

Today, we’re gonna talk about Yeezy 350, 380, 500 and 700 to see if any of these fulfill the core requirement of being perfect running shoes.

Without any further ado, let’s reveal the actual scenario!

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Are Yeezys 350 Good for Running

Though Primeknit fabric made Yeezy 350 comfy, it’s not the shoe for running.

Yeezy 350 has a sport-looking shoe design that will go very well for casual use. You can also wear it on your long days at work or trips to the countryside.

But Yeezy 350 will not perform well in a proper running season!

You might wonder why!

Well, Yeezy 350 doesn’t provide proper ankle support, which makes it really bad at covering long distances.are-yeezys-350-good-for-running

Here are some Pros & Cons of Yeezys 350 as a Running Shoe:

  • »Cushioned insole
  • »Comfortable fit
  • »No ankle support for running
  • »Fabric upper is not ideal for runners

Are Yeezys 380 Good for Running

Yeezy 380 has the same Primeknit fabric upper as 350, which gives proper breathability. And the toe box has more room to fit your feet.

Moreover, Yeezy 380 has a thick cushioning that brings comfort. But unfortunately, it’s not the shoe you wanna run wearing.

It lacks the proper ankle support, lightweight design, and construction to fit comfortably for running.

In the midst of everything, Yeezy 380 has better heel support. So, if you must grab a Yeezy and go for a casual run, I’ll recommend you to go for Yeezy 380 over 350.

Pros & Cons of Yeezys 500 as a Running Shoe:

  • »Primeknit fabric provides comfort.
  • »Better heel support.
  • »Comfortable cushioning.
  • »Too heavy to run smoothly.
  • »Not fit comfortably.
  • »Not well constructed.

Are Yeezys 500 Good for Running

Yeezy 500 is a combination of heavy design and comfort. They used both suede, mesh, and leather to design an all-around upper.

Moreover, round shoelaces and thick rubber wrap midsoles made the Yeezy 500 bulkier. Thus, it’s not an ideal shoe for fast running.

You can play basketball or tennis wearing your Yeezy 500 or simply walk around with them smoothly. But it’s definitely not for crossing a distance.

Pros & Cons of Yeezys 500 as a Running Shoe:

  • »AdiPrene midsole with rubber wrapping brings comfort
  • »Flexible and an eye-catching modern design
  • »Too heavy to run smoothly

Are Yeezys 700 Good for Running

Here comes the Yeezy model that was actually made for running!

If you’re a Yeezy fan and wanna bring your pair to cross a mile during your running session, Yeezy 700 is your go-to.

Similar to the Yeezy 500, they used a multi-layer upper to fashion the Yeezy 700 as well.

Moreover, it has a thicker boost midsole that can give you the required comfort and stability for running longer.

Overall, if we assess the running capability of this shoe in terms of construction, then yes, Yeezy is good for running.

But the catch of the Yeezy 700 is that it has a lavish price tag which is $5k!yeezy-700-good-for-running

Now, who wanna spend $5k on a pair of Yeezy for running?

At least, I am not. Are you too crazy a fan of Yeezy to spend a fortune on Yeezy 700?

If you are, then let me know in the comments.

Pros & Cons of Yeezys 700 as a Running Shoe

  • »A firm all-around upper build.
  • »Comfortable boost midsole.
  • »Mesh fabric brings breathability.
  • »The $5k+ price tag isn’t worth it.

What Makes a Good Running Shoe?

Though you can move fast wearing most sports shoes, you can’t tell whether the shoe is good or bad for running.

A good pair of running shoes can provide you with the needed support, flexibility and comfort while running. Thus, it’s important to know what makes a good running shoe.

Well, there are some common attributes a good running shoe must carry.

Let’s see those features to assess if you’re wearing good running shoes:

  • Well-build sole construction that provides both comfort and support.
  • Smooth seams upper preferably made with mesh fabric that increases breathability.
  • The outsole should be built with foam and rubber that can provide better support while supplying comfort.
  • A proper combination of cushioning in the midsole, heel and forefoot area.
  • Properly built heel counter.
  • Moderate space in the toe box to fit the feet properly.
  • Sturdy yet flexible structure to support each move.
  • Standard heel drops around 10-12mm.
  • Good traction and grip to maintain control while you run.

Overall, make sure your feet can fit well inside the shoes you’re about to buy.

However, while choosing sneakers, most of us tend to go in the wrong direction and choose fashion over function. This leads to fatal consequences if you wear fashion for a run!

You can’t tell whether your shoe is actually good or bad for running if you don’t know the consideration factors.

Now, after knowing these factors, I hope you’ll be well aware of choosing your next running pair!

Are there any Versions of Yeezys that are Really Good for Running?

Yes, there is, and the model is undoubtedly the Yeezy 700!

This model, widely known as ‘dad-shoe’, was originally made for running.yeezys-fashion

As I mentioned earlier, the materials and build of the Yeezy 700 perfectly fit the requirement of any runner.

They provide comfort, flexibility, support, grip and traction at an optimum level. Moreover, Yeezy 700 is lightweight yet sustainable.

All of these features made it a perfect option for running miles.

But the moon has its scars. And the scar of the Yeezy 700 is the out-of-the-box price tag!

For $5+ a pair, Yeezy 700 just doesn’t seem right for any purpose rather than fashion and show-off!

What’s Good in Yeezys?

Yeezys may not be the best option for running, but they are not useless. They’re just different purpose shoes other than running.

There is so much good in Yeezy’s shoes. After all, Kanye West wouldn’t have made any no-hoper!

However, Yeezy is the name of a fashion collaboration. Naturally, the shoe lineup had to be come up as the paradigm of fashion.

Thus, Kanye crafted Yeezy’s shoes cleverly with a variety of styles and versatile designs.

Meanwhile, he didn’t forget to add comfort to fashion!

You’ll find the utmost comfort wearing any of Yeezy’s shoes with the feel of getting back home peacefully!

The design and build quality made these shoes special. And the best thing about Yeezys is they’re all-purpose shoes. You can wear it with jeans, joggers, leggings, shorts, socks and so on.

Moreover, you can wear Yeezys at parties, weddings, casual traveling, you name it!


The eye-catching designs, comfortable sole construction and collaboration with the icon Kanye West made a craze for Yeezys immediately after their launching.

But for the quality of what you’re paying, Yeezys seem to be unfit for running long distances.

Rather, it’s a statement of fashion and casual comfort.

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