Can Yeezys Get Creased? [Explained in 2024 for Beginners]

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Yeezy offers about 20 varieties of shoes and slides made of various materials and designs, making it difficult to figure out exactly which one crease.

But don’t worry, in this article, I’ve answered which Yeezy models crease and provided how to fix the crease.


So, first and foremost, can Yeezys get creased?

Yes, Yeezys get creased. However, not all Yeezys crease; those with a fabric top do not crease, while those with a leather toe box do. Creases are likely to occur where your feet are flexed. Similar to skin, leather develops deep creases over-time.

Want to know which version of Yeezys creases? Then, go ahead and read the entire article.

Do Yeezy 350 Crease?

No, Yeezy 350 does not crease. They’re not made from leather; that’s why they don’t crease even after prolonged use. Yeezy 350 is made using Primeknit technology, where synthetic yarns are knitted as one whole piece. The Primeknit upper keeps the shape of Yeezy 350 intact and crease-free.

The Yeezy 350 is manufactured from a combination of fabric and polymers; these fused yarns are lightweight and flexible, allowing you to move your feet freely and with little to no

Since the Yeezy 350 does not wrinkle, it usually last for a long time. When shoes have creases, their deterioration time increases, but this is not the case with the Yeezy 350.

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Do Yeezy 500 Crease?

Yes, Yeezy 500 creases. They’re made of a blend of full-grain leather, nubuck, mesh, and suede. It is inevitable that Yeezy 500 will crease with each step you take. Since the upper is made of a combination of leathers, they are stiff and rigid to bend, which accelerates the formation of the crease.

Not only does the fact that the shoes are made of leather cause them to crease, but the weight of the fabric also contributes to the creasing process.

Because leather is not lightweight, the Yeezy 500 is prone to

Furthermore, if the Yeezy 500 is constantly exposed to moisture, they crease quite quickly.

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Do Yeezy 700 Crease?

Yes, Yeezy 700 creases. Yeezy 700’s upper is made of suede and leather with mesh underlays, which creases with use. However, the Yeezy 700 doesn’t crease quickly, unlike other leather shoes. The Yeezy 700’s creasing process is slowed because they’re composed of premium-quality leather and suede.

So, what is it about the Yeezy 700 that makes it less prone to creasing?

Yeezy 700 is primarily designed as a running shoe, which must survive a variety of strenuous foot movements in which the shoe’s materials are squeezed

As a result, the Yeezy 700 uses a combination of materials in its upper to boost both durability and comfort.

Do Yeezy Slides Crease?

No, Yeezy slides do not crease. If you got a pair of original Yeezy slides, they would never crease. However, fake Yeezy slides get creases very quickly. The genuine Yeezy slides are constructed of injected EVA foam with exceptional creasing resistance.


Because of its numerous advantages, EVA foam is widely used in the footwear industry.

Not only are EVA materials crease-resistant, but they also give a lot of benefits to the Yeezy slide.

The use of EVA foam in the Yeezy slide makes it puncture-resistant, shock-resistant, and decreases strain on the feet, along with many other things.

If your Yeezy slide doesn’t meet all of these requirements and the forms fold or break apart easily, you’ve got counterfeit Yeezy slides.

So, to experience all of the advantages, make sure that the slide is genuine.

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How To Remove Crease From Yeezy Slides?

Although Yeezy slides are not prone to creases, if they do, you can easily remove them since a creased pair of Yeezy slides is unpleasant to the eyes.

Heat can be used to fix the crease successfully, but use caution while using any hot tools.

Here are the ways to remove creases from Yeezy slides:

Method 1: Use a hair dryer

  • Spray clean water on your Yeezy slides where the crease is formed; make sure not to wet the slides thoroughly.
  • Rub the water into the crease with your fingertips (the water will not be absorbed).
  • Set the hair dryer to medium heat and hold it at 5-6 inches from the slide.
  • Run the hair dryer over the slides and distribute the heat evenly, paying special attention to the creased regions.
  • Holding the dryer too near and in one spot for an extended period of time might cause the slides to melt or burn, so don’t do it.
  • At this stage, all the creases will be less visible. But if your slides still have creases, you can repeat the process.

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Method 2: Use Iron or hair straightener (Most effective)

  • Soak a rag in clean water and thoroughly wring it out; the goal is to dampen the fabric, not saturate it.
  • Wrap the damp cloth on the creased area and run hot iron or hair straightener over the cloth.
  • Move the towel around frequently to disperse the heat evenly. If the cloth becomes dry throughout the procedure, dampen it again and continue.

That’s pretty much it! In this way, you can remove the creases from your Yeezy slides. However, if the crease is way too much, then I guess none of the methods will give a satisfactory result.

How To Remove Crease From Yeezy 700?

Yeezy 700 gets creased after a specific wearing time; luckily, you can say bye-bye to those creases in simple and easy ways.

Not only Yeezy 700, but you can follow the same uncreasing methods on any shoes that are made from leather.

Make sure to follow all the steps carefully so that you don’t ruin the shoes.

Here are the ways to remove creases from Yeezy 700:

Use a heat gun and a towel

  • Remove your shoe laces, so they don’t go in the way of getting rid of the crease.
  • Clean your footwear first if they’re soiled. To remove dirt particles, clean the boots thoroughly with a shoe brush. After wiping the shoes with a moist towel, let them air dry.

You may start uncreasing the shoes after washing them.

  • Stuff the shoes with socks, old t-shirts, or a towel to make them taut.
  • Wring out a clean white towel after soaking it in water.
  • Run the heat gun over the creased section of the shoes with the damp towel on top.
  • Move the heat gun back and forth for 20-30 seconds on the creased regions.

Holding the heat gun in one location for an extended period of time may cause the leather to dry up and perhaps burn, avoid doing it.

  • A moist towel dries fast when ironed. As a result, you might have to soak the towel many times.
  • Without a damp towel, do not use heat directly on the shoes; this might cause them to burn.
  • Be patient as the creases will take some time to level out.
  • Dry the shoes before you wear them.

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How To Keep Yeezys In Good Condition?

The model of Yeezys that is prone to creasing will get creased sooner or later. However, keeping the shoes in good condition might help to slow the creasing process.

Here are the ways to keep Yeezys in good condition:

  • Shoes that haven’t been cleaned in a while are prone to creases, so clean them on a regular basis to minimize dirt buildup.
  • To retain the form of the shoe, use a shoe tree.
  • Keep the shoes away from moisture and dry them properly before wearing them.
  • If you use too much heat on your shoes often, the leather will dry up, and the shoes may wrinkle.
  • Don’t buy too tight shoes for your feet since they will crease quickly.


Creases on shoes are undoubtedly unsightly, but they are unavoidable, so accept them and love your shoes.

Creasing does not affect the shoes’ functionality, so why be concerned? However, if your Yeezys have a lot of creases, you can attempt the ways I described above to repair the crease.

If you don’t want your Yeezys to be the crease, go for the non-creasing versions.

I hope you found the answers you were seeking. Let’s call it a day for today.


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