Is There A Big Difference In Half-Shoe Size? [Detailed Guide]

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Too much confusion about half sizes in shoes?

Not any more! I am here to answer all your questions.

Half sizes in shoes are a bit difficult to grasp, and you may wind up buying the wrong-sized shoes due to the half-size issue.

That is why, to provide you with the most accurate information regarding half-size shoes, I conducted detailed research and communicated with a number of shoe manufacturers.


So, answering the main question, is there a big difference in half shoe size?

No, there is not a big difference in half-shoe size. In half size, the difference is about ⅓rd cm, more or less the length of the shoes. Though half-size does not make a significant difference in shoe size, it does improve foot comfort, which full-size does not provide.

That’s not all! To learn more about half-size shoes,  please read the article till the end.

Is There A Big Difference In Half A Shoe Size?|[Answered]

The difference in half-size shoes is little, but it does make a difference in shoe fit.

Some brands produce shoes that run small; in this situation, ordering a half size larger than your standard size makes a significant difference in the fit and comfort of your feet.

Similarly, some brands’ shoes are larger than others; in that case, buy a half-size shoe smaller than your size to keep your feet from slipping out and moving back and forth in the shoes.

The point is that, while the difference may not be prominent, half sizes actually increase or reduce the length, width, and total volume of the shoes.

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How Much Bigger Is A Half Size In Shoes?

About ⅓rd cm or ⅙inches of length is bigger than half a shoe size. But this length varies depending on the shoe sizing of different countries. Since many brands’ shoes run smaller, you can go half a size up to accommodate your actual size, as the added length is not much in half size.

Suppose you are in-between sizes, let’s say 7.5, and it is difficult to find in-between shoe sizes, so which size would you choose, 7 or 8?

My recommendation will be to go for a half size bigger, as the added length is not much, and your feet will get enough space to move rather than getting the toes crumpled up in a smaller size.


I know sizes do matter, but since different brands’ fittings are different, whether you should size up or down wholly depends on whatever size your feet are the most comfortable.

What Is the Difference Between Half Size And Full-Size Shoes?

In shoes, half-size and full-size are not the same thing; both sizes fit differently.

Full size refers to shoe sizes that are whole numbers, such as 7,8, or 9.  On the other hand, half sizes are in-between sizes such as 7.5, 8.5, or 9.5.

Now, whether you should wear a full-size or half-size shoe is determined by whether your feet are whole or in-between sizes.

If you are in-between sizes and the brand you chose makes their shoes smaller, you should purchase the full-size up shoes to achieve optimal fit.

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Are Half Sizes Wider Or Longer?

Half sizes are neither wider nor longer. When you size up or down the shoes, everything about the shoes alters. It’s not that sizing up will only add extra inches to the length; rather, the volume, length, and width of every measurement of the shoe changes.

To ensure the best fit of the shoes, buy shoes that fit exactly both lengthwise and widthwise.

Most brands offer half-sizes in a variety of widths. You may select your half-size shoes based on the width of your foot, whether they are narrow or broad.

However, sometimes it happens that when you only want the half-size shoes to be broader in width, their length increases too.

What you can do is, add an extra cushion layer inside the boots which will eat up the additional space.

Is It Okay To Wear Half Size Bigger Shoes?

Since the added length in half-size bigger shoes is very little, it’s okay to wear them.

However, wearing half-size bigger shoes has both advantages and disadvantages.

Bigger size slides the feet too and from inside the shoes and sometimes slips the feet out of the shoes, this is rather very uncomfortable.


While half-size bigger shoes can be handy-dandy in summer, as in extreme temperatures feet tend to swell. As a result, the extra room in the shoes provides comfort to the swollen feet.

It’s fine to wear a half-size larger shoe because you can alter the fit with socks.

But never wear smaller shoes, as this will squeeze your toes and cause various foot issues.

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Shoe Sizing System [Worldwide]

Shoe sizes do not have a set standard; instead, they vary by country. The US, UK, and EU are the most widely used size systems.

For your convenience, I’ve included a shoe sizing chart for both men and women, with three different countries’ shoe sizing.

Men’s shoe size chart:

Foot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)US SizeUK SizeEU Size

Women’s shoe size chart:

Foot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)US SizeUK SizeEU Size


How To Find The Exact Shoe Size?

To get your exact shoe size, you must first determine the size of your feet. You can go to a professional who will identify your size in a matter of minutes.

But why go to professionals when you can identify your exact shoe size by measuring your foot at home.

Here are the steps to measure your feet:

  1. Place a piece of paper on the ground and secure it with tape to prevent it from moving.
  2. Stand upright on the paper and use a pencil to trace the outline of your feet.
  3. Measure the distance between the longest toes and the heel with a ruler.
  4. Carry on with the other foot in the same manner. It’s very natural for the lengths of both feet to differ.
  5. Choose the shoe size that matches the size of your feet.

Another piece of advice for finding your exact shoe size is to always purchase shoes that fit properly on your feet, rather than buying big or small sizes.

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Parting Thoughts

I agree that half-size shoes are tricky to understand, yet they are a lifesaver for folks who are between sizes.

I tried to address all of the frequently asked questions about half-size shoes, and I hope you found the answer you were searching for.

That’s all I’ve got for today. If you have any more questions, please share them in the comments area.

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