Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes? [Effective Crocs Sizing Guide]

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Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

No, Crocs do not come in half sizes. Crocs make shoes in whole sizes only. And as for the material they’re built with, I recommend going with the down size. Say, if your shoe size is 7.5, buy Crocs size 7 or 8. And if you are a whole size (6,7 or 8), order your real size for the best fit.

However, if you are in-between sizes, first decide whether you want to wear the Crocs with the straps up or down because the size of Crocs is determined by how they are worn.


To ensure a comfy fit for your classic clogs with strap up, round down your size. And if you wear the Crocs strap down, round up your size.

Strapping up the Crocs will not secure the feet as well, and your feet may slip out of the shoes. You need a size down to keep your feet supported.

Round up the size for strap down. Because the rear strap already holds the feet.

You see, though Crocs don’t come in half sizes, they provide you with every support you need to get a better fit!

However, if you wonder if crocs men’s is wider than women’s, read our other article on it.

How to Measure Your Feet in the Right Way

Since Crocs are true to size, measure your feet and get the shoes that exactly match your feet size. And measuring the feet in the right way is important, as ill-fitting shoes can end up damaging your legs.

In order to fit your comfy crocs perfectly, measure your feet following the guide I’m about to mention and match your size with the size chart to grab your match.

Here is the step-by-step guide to taking shoe size measurements at home:

Step 1: Put the white paper on the floor against the wall. Then gently touch the heel of your right foot on the wall.

Step 2: Take a pen/pencil and mark the covered area on the paper from where the end of your biggest toe is.

Step 3: Measure the length from the marking with a measuring tape.

Step 4: Repeat the process with your left foot to take the measurement.

Now, based on the given size chart, convert your feet size to match your shoe size to buy the perfect fitting classic clog!

Size Chart Of Crocs

A comprehensive Crocs sizing chart will guide you through your quest to get a perfect fit.

Crocs are always there for you whether you have small feet or large ones. Because they have a wide range of sizes for both men and women, and that too with multiple country shoe sizes.

Here is the size chart of Crocs for men:

InchesMillimetersUS SizeUK SizeEU SizeJP SizeKorea Size
8 5/82214N/AN/A22230
9 3/82386N/AN/A24250
9 5/82467639-4025260
10 3/82639842-4327270
10 5/827210943-4428280
11 3/8288121146-4730300
11 5/8297131248-4931310
12 3/831415N/AN/AN/AN/A
12 5/832316N/AN/AN/AN/A

Here is the size chart of Crocs for women:

InchesMillimetersUS SizeUK SizeEU SizeJP SizeKorea Size
8 3/82124N/AN/AN/A210
8 5/82215334-3521220
9 3/82387537-3823240
9 5/82468638-3924250
10 3/826310841-4226270
10 5/827211942-43N/AN/A

This crocs sizing chart certainly help you to get your exact size of classic clog.

However, if you have more queries regarding Crocs sizing, then pay a visit to Crocs’ official website.

How Should Crocs Fit?

Crocs should fit your feet securely to avoid slipping. There should be wiggle room at the toe area to avoid your toe from touching the front. The sides, top and arch should fit your feet smoothly. Overall, a Crocs should fit your feet as it hugs them with a smooth yet stable touch.


You definitely cannot call Crocs beautiful, but their comfort is to die for. As a result, Crocs offers three different fit options based on the shape of your feet for maximum comfort.

Here are the three fit styles of Crocs:


In the roomy-fit, the feet have enough space to wiggle.

Because there is an adequate area around the feet, the upper does not rub the feet, and the toes do not crumple. Since the boot is spacious and the foot movement is more so, there is a backstrap to improve stability.

Roomy-fit Crocs are ideal for wide feet.


The relaxed fit isn’t as roomy as the roomy fit, but the toes don’t touch the front, and there’s enough space to move.

Even without a backstrap, the feet will stay secure in a relaxed fit.


There is no extra space around the feet with the standard fit. The fit is snug but not so tight that your feet get uncomfortable.

The front has very little space, yet it doesn’t squeeze the toes.

Now, choose the right pair of Crocs for your next venture based on  the form of your foot and the amount of room you require. And if you wonder whether the classic crocs are comfortable enough, try reading another article on it.

Do Crocs Run Large Or Small?

Crocs are true to size and do not run large or small. However, since they have three various fitting styles, each of them fits differently. For example, the roomy fit is quite spacious, the relaxed fit is a little snugger and less roomy, and the standard fit is the most snugly fitted.

However, there is some argument that Crocs run a little small, and you should get a full size up as a half-size user.

That’s because this footwear is commonly made of rubber materials like Croslite foam, they tend to shrink when exposed to sunlight. So, to be safe, it’s better to round your pair half-size up if you have wide feet.

In the case of my experience, I’m 9.5 wide, and I wear classic 10. But if I’m to grab the closed-top Bistro, then I would go for the 9 sizes.


Note: If your Crocs end up being too loose or snug fitting, then swap the straps, and it’ll give you a better fit.

Anyway, read our other article to know if crocs are close toe kicks or just another open-toe!

Are Crocs Supposed To Be Loose Or Tight?

Crocs are not supposed to be loose or tight; they should fit snugly. Tight boots pinch the toes and heel, which is extremely uncomfortable. Loose Crocs pull the feet inward and possibly slip out while walking. The feet should be properly seated in the Crocs and have a snug and secure fit.

To guarantee a snug fit, make sure the toes have enough room to move, the upper of the shoe does not rub the feet, and it holds the feet securely with or without the support of the strap.

Not to mention, wearing too loose or tight Crocs can cause various foot ailments. Always get a pair of Crocs that comfortably fit.

Know whether crocs are good for flat feet by reading another article on our site.

Do Crocs Stretch Overtime?

Crocs do stretch over time. The Crocs seem tight and hard when you first put them on, but as you wear them more, they expand. However, this stretch is minimal and can be mitigated by wearing thick socks. It’s natural for Crocs to stretch a little, so make sure you obtain the right fit first.


However, if the Crocs over-stretch and slip out of place, you must have purchased the large-size shoes. So return them as soon as possible and get your ideal size.

Read this article to know whether you should go sockless with Crocs!

Final Thought

Crocs are definitely a safe bet to invest in, as their comfort is on another level. To get optimal comfort, it’s important to get the right size of Crocs.

Though shoes of this brand do not come in half sizes, you can modify the size by rounding them up or down. If you are unsure about your Crocs size, get professional assistance. They will recommend Crocs that will fit your feet like gloves.

That ends today’s discussion. I hope you found this article helpful in determining your Crocs size. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Happy reading!

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