Are Nobull Shoes Good For Wide Feet [How Those Toe Box Fit]

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With bold and vibrant colors, Nobull trainers are well known for their size scale and comfort.

For long hours of HIIT training, fitness enthusiasts and trainers rely on Nobull cross-training shoes. But if you have wide feet, this is where the dilemma arises, whether the toe box will fit wide legs or not.


I covered this issue explicitly and discussed the comfort, space, sizing and other features Nobull shoe has to offer in this write-up.

So, read along!

Are Nobull Shoes Good For Large Feet?

For wide feet, Nobull sneakers can be a bit restraining and tight. These shoes are designed in such a way that the toe area, instead of being voluminous, doesn’t serve your large feet well.

Order half or one size bigger to fit your gigantic feet, but be aware of your legs being slippery, which causes accidents.

On the other hand, wearing a tightly fitted shoe can be the reason for Bunions, Hammertoe, Calluses and so on.

So, you must be careful when choosing your Nobull shoes as cross-training pairs.

Why Are Nobull Sneakers Not Ideal For Wide Feet?

With those fearless outsole designs and vibrant colors, Nobull trainers are the most hyped and versatile Crossfit shoes for intense workouts, yet they are not the best suited for large feet.

But what are the reasons behind Nobulls not being ideal for your feet? You gotta know of them, right?

So, before buying, thoroughly examine the features and know why Nobull shoes are not a perfect match for your ample feet.

3 reasons that make Nobull shoes bad for large feet:

1. Nobull has a Narrow Toe- Box.

When you have wider feet, you need a wider toe box for better movements. Thus, your shoes should contain a larger toe area.

Because of the shape of the front, the toe box of Nobull shoes is narrower, and that makes it a bit uncomfortable for wide feet, even with the EVA foam midsole.

And if you wanna run a long mile, the forefoot area is not flexible enough to roll with your natural running movements.

And this makes Nobull shoes not an ideal pair for people with large feet.

Less Arch Support

As a training sneaker, Nobull shoes have moderate arch support for intensive training or physical activities. When your arches have less support, you will feel your feet every time your legs hit the ground.


Moreover, you need footwear that will make your foot muscles stronger during extreme activities. That’s why foot orthotics are the minimum in Nobulls.

Many users love this feature, while others stated a little more arch support wouldn’t do any harm.

So, if you have flat feet, it’s not the ideal choice for you.

You can rather try some Volleyball Shoes as they’ve proven Good For Flat Feet.

Nobull Needs Breaking-In

Footwear from Nobull is well known for its rigid upper, durable sole and fabulous comfort. That makes it clear that these sneakers need time to break in to adjust to your feet.

During push-ups, the upper takes a sharp cut when you push into the arch of the shoe.

At first, they will give you a bit of a hard time. But, as you wear them regularly, you will feel the comfort that Nobull shoes are popular for.

After your sneakers cross the break-in period and become softened, go for the activities for which you bought those trainers in the first place.

So, break those rough boys and rock the runway!

Do Nobulls Run True To Size?

Nobull shoes certainly run true to size. With this brand, you don’t have to adjust your shoe size to fit you perfectly. You won’t feel uncomfortable with the voluminous space on the toe area.

If you are a size 9.5, then any 9.5 model will fit you just fine.

Though there is ample space in the toe areas of these shoes, they are still not very wide.

However, it doesn’t hamper natural movements. But if you prefer wider shoes, you may have to rethink.

Last summer, I participated in the Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival wearing my Nobull Knit Runner, and except for the price point, there was nothing I found to whine about!

Just order them and be ready to hit the ground or climb up those hills. Sizing is not gonna be an issue.

Anyway, if you’re planning a hiking trip, read my other article to know whether trail running shoes are good for hiking.

Are Nobull Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, Nobull trainer shoes are comfortable, to begin with. The thick cushioning, round toe box and flexible yet breathable mesh upper make them an individually comfy pair compared to others.

Even after hours during training, they provide the exact amount of support and cushioning.

Moreover, the room around the midfoot area is an extra bonus for the utmost comfort.

For the compact and medium-density memory foam, my personal favorite is Nobull Trainer +. It is super comfy for long-time training sessions.


You can count on this solid shoe with your eyes closed for heavy lifting, box jumps, and other versatile training. Furthermore, the bouncy and stable sole makes it comfortable for your feet to relieve deadlifting stress.

You can also walk for hours in these comfy trainers. I will discuss more in the upcoming section.

In the meantime, read the article written on Hoka shoes being good for walking if you’re interested in grabbing a Hoka for your morning walks.

Are Nobulls Good For Walking?

Yes, Nobull sneakers are good for walking, and if you are on your feet all day long, this brand makes specific models specializing in this sector to provide extra comfort and practicality.

The upper is quite durable; thus, you will get proper airflow throughout the day and while walking for long hours.

My father is a morning walk person, and he takes a one-hour walk daily.

Nobull Mesh Runner – this blue beauty is his go-to pair in most mornings.

The support he gets from the high-rebound phylon midsole is beyond description. According to him, the mesh upper is super breathable for walking as his feet sweat a lot.


Note: Nobull Mesh Runner takes a few long walks to break in properly, so be aware of that.


Are Nobull Shoes Good For Running?

No, with less arch support, rigid heel tab and narrow toe box, Nobull shoes are not best suited for running.

Do Nobull Shoes Have Wider Teo Box?

No, Nobull shoes don’t have enough toe cap space for people with wider feet. These trainers are good for you if you are an average or small feet owner.

Are Nobull Shoes Expensive?

Yes, without any question, Nobull shoes are on the expensive side. 299$ for a training shoe seems pretty high compared to other famous brands.

Parting Thought

Except for running and high prices, Nobull shoes don’t have any other defaults.

You can unpack them, and they are ready to hit the ground. Even with a medium foot width, you can work out and practice intense exercises without hurting your feet.

This is everything you need to know to start your gym days in Nobull shoes.

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