Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking? [Explained in 2024]

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Choosing the right footwear is a must to get the maximum benefit from walking and maintain sound health.

Many people prefer Nike AF1 for their regular walk.

Nowadays, it’s a common question among sneaker lovers is Nike Air Force 1 suitable for walking?

As I wore Nike Air Force 1 for the last six months, I realized how beneficial those pairs are for walking, running and the feet.


Based on my experience, I noted the exact answer with the necessary description. If you’re the one who needs to know whether Nike AF1 is good for walking or not, then this piece of writing can help you.

So, let’s read to know the unknown facts.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking?

Yes. Nike AF1 sneakers are able to provide you with an effective walking experience.

Walking in the morning or evening is a beneficial habit for remaining fit.

It improves blood circulation in the human body and removes anxiety.

If I constantly repeat the saying that Air Force 1 is good for walking without any proof or logical explanation, I know you won’t believe my words.

You’ll definitely want to know the features and reasons behind Nike AF1’s walking-friendly nature. I noted them down in an organized way.

Here’re the most prominent features of Nike AF1:

Comfortable Sole

Do you know the things that bring comfort to a shoe?

The comfy sole materials with good crafting are the chief actor which ensures comfort. You’ll find a foamy insole that will wrap the bottom of your feet with a cushion and keep your feet dry.

Manufacturers inserted Air technology in the midsole for breathability. The EVA outsole with grooves will provide you with enough grip on the smooth and rugged surface.

So, there’s no lack of comfort in the three soles of AF1.


You can’t deny the contribution of the shoemakers in making the comfortable sole and shoe. They involved their talent in relentless hard work, from collecting raw materials to completing shoemaking.

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Breathable Upper

Nike uses synthetic leather and textiles in the upper of AF1. These materials are able to provide your feet with gentle airflow.

Previously, I mentioned that the midsole also ensures breathability. So, whenever you wear a pair of AF1, you’ll get air stream both from the midsole and upper cover. And there’s no possibility of feet sweating.

This popular brand is always focused on bringing the best leather from the reputed tannery.

You’ll get highly sustainable material from any part of the world in Nike’s footwear.

Slip And Water Resistant

Those days are gone when you feared going for a walk outside on a rainy day just because of your shoes.

AF1 will prevent sliding because they have an excellent grooved anti-slip outsole. If you’re interested to know about AF1’s slip-resistance with description, you can read this Are Nike Air Force1 Slip Resistant? [Answered with Facts!]

This sneaker is water resistant, so there’s no chance of ruining the shoes in the rain or snow.

You can frankly walk along the damp streets and snow with the sneaker without any hesitation and fear of falling. All you have to do is to clean and dry the sneaker in a proper way.

Air Force 1 comes in soothing and light colors.

So, you must take care of the shoes on a regular basis. Otherwise, your shoes might look outdated and dirty.

Elegant Design


Do you think it’s necessary to consider the design of the footwear?

I think it’s not only necessary but compulsory.

Just imagine the situation of wearing a shoe which you dislike. You won’t be able to focus on running, hiking or regular movement with that shoe because your gaze will turn to that shoe’s disliked outlook again and again.

Therefore, you’ll feel disturbed and might face injury due to that interruption.

You won’t have to encounter something like this if you choose Nike AF1.

There’s nothing new to say about the design. In a word, their look is wonderful and trendy.

You’ll get a bold vibe wearing this sneaker. The padded collar will add protection to the ankle area. The mesmerizing design and solid shades make the boots absolutely amazing.

To understand whether a shoe is good for walking, you need an overview of its arch support and fit.

Here, I’ll just say that the fit and arch support of Nike AF1 is peerless. I’ll separately describe these two features in detail in the upcoming segments.

You already know they have comfortable soles and well-ventilated materials, including water and slip-resistant properties.

Considering all of these, I’ll remark that Nike AF1 is good for walking.

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Does Nike AF1 Have Good Arch Support?

Yes. I got enough arch support for my leg from Nike Air Force 1.

AF1 was first launched for basketball and tennis players. So, the pairs will definitely contain sufficient arch support. The padded sole and collar will offer the wearer artificial arch support.

If your foot is weak and unable to give natural support in the arch area, there’s no need to worry while AF1 is here.

The supportive sole and structure will help the ligaments of the feet to function in the right way.

Arch-caring Air Force 1 is the right choice for people with flat feet.


Just like me, you can put on a pair of arch-aiding AF1 for going to your class, on the playground, hiking, for a long walk or going to the gym.

This sneaker will support your feet the whole day. It’s great to wear for standing long hours.

Are NF1 Good for Wide feet?

No, it’s not a suitable choice for wide feet owners.

The toes of wide feet are broader than ideal feet. At the time of walking, the toes expand more than usual.

When I searched for AF1’s wide design on the official website of Nike, I didn’t find any.

You’ll only get regular and medium-width Nike AF1.

It’s impossible to get broad space for your toe in AF1. Your wide toes will feel suffocated and cramped inside this shoe. There’re huge chances of getting blisters on the feet with a close-bodied shoe.

So, skipping those sneakers with wide feet is a good idea.

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Can You Wear Nike AF1 For Running?

No, it’s not a good idea to depend on Nike Air Force1 for professional running.

Nike contains foamy materials and a comfy sole. You’ll find comfort in this shoe. But there are other things which you should consider while buying a running shoe.

You should choose a shoe that won’t damage your ligaments, muscles and any part of your feet.

Moreover, a good running shoe comes with a maximum foot pronation support cushion and is lightweight.


AF1 has enough cushioning but isn’t light enough for extreme running.

The flexibility of this shoe isn’t satisfactory. For casual and short distance running, the performance of this sneaker is good.

I saw that runners rely on specially designed running shoes from Nike, Adidas, Hoka, New balance etc. So, you should also follow them if you want to run like a professional and win the game.

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Are Nike Air Force 1 True to size?

Even if your shoes’ other features are alright, if the size is not right, then it is useless.

So, you should know about the fit and sizing of the shoes you prefer.

Few people claimed that Air Force 1 runs big, and they faced difficulties after purchasing AF1.

I think they might have bought the oversized shoe by mistake. Or their feet are narrower than average.

Air Force 1 comes in the actual size. The Air Force1 which I bought is true-to-size. It’ll offer you a snug fit. After regular wear for a few days, the sneakers will stretch a little. This will create a roomy fit for your toes. No bending of toes will occur.

Your feet won’t hurt if you wear the perfect size sneaker, and you’ll find a lacing system for customized feet in all Nike Air Force 1.

The Bottom Line

For a good walking experience, Nike Air Force 1 is an amazing choice.

No hurting, zero disturbance, superb comfort and excellent grip on the surface -that’s all you’ll get in AF1.

I’m satisfied with the features of this sneaker. Let me know your opinion regarding this particular footwear. If you’ve any queries related to Nike footgear, leave your comments below.

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