Nike Lunarglide Substitutes: 10 Similar Brands To Know [2024]

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Has your most-used Nike Lunarglide worn out? And, now that the Nike Lunarglide is an outdated model are you looking for sneakers with similar features and performance to the Nike Lunarglide?

Here you have it! I’ve gathered the greatest choices for you.

After researching online for hours, I selected ten brands that operate quite close to Nike Lunarglide.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the

Nike Lunarglide Substitutes: Reviews

It is impossible to find shoes 100% identical to the Nike Lunarglide since different companies employ various technologies and features to make their shoes unique.

However, there are several shoes that perform so similarly to Nike Lunarglide that you may forget you’re not wearing Nike Lunarglide.

Here are the substitutes for Nike Lunarglide:

1. Odyssey React

Odyssey React is not only the best alternative, but it also outperforms Nike Lunarglide in terms of features.

Odyssey React is noted for its crazy comfort that lasts a long time. People use them for a short run, tempo run, and normal speed stroll since they are so comfortable.

The use of cutting-edge Nike React technology in the midsole makes Odyssey React a high-performance shoe that is suitable for all sorts of walks.

Nike React is a foam with increased stability and responsiveness. It can return 13% more energy with each stride, giving your feet extra strength to run.

The Nike React midsole is soft and lightweight, providing a cushioned feel to the foot.

The outsole is made of rubber with a textured pattern that promotes traction and grip on all surfaces.

The rubber used to build the outsoles is extremely durable, ensuring that they can handle the trail’s rigors without ripping or breaking apart.

Staying on your feet for longer durations in the sweltering heat of summer makes the feet tired and sweaty. However, this is not the case in Odyssey React!odyssey-react

The upper of the Odyssey React is constructed of Jacquard fabric, which is very breathable and wicks away moisture. As a result, your feet stay cool and sweat-free with the Odyssey React.

Furthermore, Odyssey React provides excellent foot support due to its triangular molded heels, which stabilize the rear of the foot and prevent the feet from sliding inwards as they fall in each step.

  • »Plush comfort
  • »Strong traction
  • »Lightweight
  • »Some faced issues with breathability

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2. Brooks Launch GTS

In terms of weight, design, comfort, and other factors, Brooks Launch GTS is a superb alternative to Nike Lunarglide.

Brooks Launch GTS is ideal for speed training and regular running because they are built with high functionality to last long kilometers.

The weight of the Brooks Launch is pretty similar to the Nike Lunarglides; thus, there isn’t much of a difference you can feel.

If your feet tend to slip inwards when running, the Brooks Launch GTS is the shoe for you because they prevent overpronation by offering excellent foot stability.

The toe-box is spacious, allowing the toes to move rather than being squished.

The upper is made of mesh fabric, which allows for enough air circulation within the shoes and keeps the feet cool and dry.brooks-launch-gts

The midsole is cushioned by 2mm, which prevents the foot from feeling the harshness of the ground and absorbs more impact.

All in all, Brooks Launch GTX is a hard-wearing running shoe that will keep up with you on the trails by hook or crook.

  • »Breathable
  • »Less feet fatigue
  • »High stability
  • »Durable
  • »Good for overpronation
  • »Not the best choice for narrow feet

3. Saucony Guide ISO

Next up, we have the Saucony Guide ISO, an all-rounder, both walking and running shoes.

Although the Saucony Guide ISO does not have the same appearance as the Nike Lunarglide, their qualities and functionalities are comparable.

Guide ISO’s uppers are made of ribbed mesh with fused synthetic, which maintains the shoe’s weight to a bare minimum. The top is soft and free of rigid overlays, allowing you to flex your toes fully.

The shoes have an ISOFit lacing system integrated into the upper, so there is no need to waste time tying the laces; simply slide them on.saucony-guide-iso

The grooves in the rubber outsoles increase friction and offer a good grip on the ground.

The midsole is responsive and cushioning. Overall, the Saucony Guide ISO provides enough foot support, durability, and all-day comfort.

  • »Lightweight
  • »Slip-resistant
  • »Minimize pronation
  • »Comfortable
  • »ISO lacing system is loose and sloppy for narrow feet

4. Mizuno Wave Horizon 5

If you are specifically looking for stability shoes, then Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 is the one.

These stylish shoes are comfortable straight out of the box.

The footbed includes Mizuno Enerzy, much softer and bouncier than any regular foam. The sturdy shoe’s platform distributes the impact forces, so there is more energy return in each step.

If your feet frequently slide in front of your shoes, the Mizuno shoes are for you. They’re designed to keep the feet stable and reduce overpronation.mizuno-wave-horizon-5

The outsole is also designed with grooves that provide good traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

The durable Wave Horizon 5 will keep up with you on the rugged terrains no matter how many kilometers you walk or run.

  • »All-day comfort
  • »Durable
  • »High traction
  • »Heavy
  • »Not suitable for narrow feet

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5. Asics GT 1000 10

A typical-looking running shoe is Asics GT 1000 10, they may not be identical to Nike Lunarglides, but they have the exact nature(features).

Starting with the upper, it consists of mesh with plenty of holes to enhance the breathability of the shoes and keep the feet cool.

The durability and traction of the GT 1000 outsole are insane! They’re more gripping on slick surfaces thanks to the usage of AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) and AHARPLUS in the outsole.asics-gt-1000-10

The DUOMAX midsole keeps your feet stable and secure by preventing overpronation.

Not to mention, Asics incorporates its signature Gel into the heels to provide cushioning.

You will be happy to know that these guys have a variety of colors to pick from.

  • »Fantastic stability
  • »Comfortable
  • »Strong grip
  • »Budget-friendly
  • »Not enough cushioning

6. Under Armour

Under Armour may be a newcomer to the shoe business, but they have the potential to exceed any branded sneaker, making them one of the best alternatives to the well-known Nike Lunarglide.

Under Armour, sneakers are famous for their UA Speedform compression technology. Because there is no insole and only a few stitchings, the speedform shoes feel incredibly light on the feet.

The UA Speedform is included in the heel of the shoe, which molds to the shape of the foot and increases overall comfort.under-armour

Because of its non-marking rubber outsoles, Under Armour sneakers are slip-resistant on both wet and dry surfaces.

The EVA sock liner welcomes your feet with a comforting hug as you slip them into your shoes.

  • »Very comfortable
  • »Lightweight
  • »Responsive and bouncy
  • »Not water-resistant

7. New Balance Beacon

The New Balance Beacon is a great neutral sneaker with many features.

They’re light, so they don’t add extra weight to your feet and don’t shorten your running time.

The uppers are composed of mesh, which gives the foot a lot of

The non-marking rubber outsoles provide a firm grip on the ground and help avoid falls.

Fresh Foam X technology is integrated into the midsole for velvety comfort, providing cushioning in each stride to make your running experience enjoyable.

  • »Incredible comfort
  • »Ultra lightweight
  • »Breathable
  • »Some people complained about their durability

8. Skechers GoRun 7+

If you run middle to long distances, then grab the Skechers GoRun 7+ right away.

Due to the knitted uppers, the Skechers GoRun is highly lightweight, flexible, and breathable.

Hyper Burst technology is used in the midsole, which is robust, bouncy, and responsive.skechers-go-run-7+

Goodyear rubber pillars are used in the outsoles, which give enough grip on uneven and hilly roadways.

  • »Lightweight
  • »Flexible
  • »Good traction
  • »Not so breathable

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9. Asics GT 4000 2

If you want comfort straight away, the Asics GT 4000 2 are a good choice because they don’t need to be broken in.

Asics’ GT 4000 is a great choice for feet that overpronate since it gives a lot of support and stability.

The Jacquard mesh uppers improve comfort by allowing the feet to breathe and wicking away moisture, keeping the feet dry and odor-free.asics-gt-4000-2

Plus, there’s more. The AHAR technology in their outsoles provides solid ground contact and prevents slipping.

  • »Immense support and balance
  • »Improved traction
  • »Not heavy
  • »Not so durable
  • »Not water-resistant

10. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9

If you want durability, comfort, and traction in one shoe, the Nike Downshifter 9 is an excellent option.

Downshifter 9 is so comfortable that you won’t get weary of standing on your feet all day.

The soft top that wraps around your feet makes you feel like you’re not wearing’s-downshifter-9

The patterned outsoles provide an excellent grip on a variety of surfaces.

Soft but durable foam is used in the midsoles to provide responsive cushioning when walking.

  • »Durable
  • »Slip-resistant
  • »Lightweight
  • »Breathable
  • »Comfortable
  • »The cushioning is not up to the mark

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nike still make Lunarglide?

No, Nike doesn’t make Lunarglide anymore. If you’re looking for Lunarglide qualities, consider the Nike React models; they’re comparable in comfort, durability, flexibility, and breathability. They are, nonetheless, very different in appearance.

Are Nike Lunarglide substitutes good quality?

Not all Nike Lunarglide substitutes are high quality. Shoes from well-known brands are high quality and last a lifetime. Several low-cost knock-offs are of poor quality. If you want to obtain a decent bargain, make sure you do your homework.

Are Nike Lunarglide alternatives comfortable?

Not all Nike Lunarglide knockoffs are as comfy as the real ones. Because each shoe is composed of various materials, designs, and technologies, the comfort level differs from one product to the next. It is preferable to read the shoe reviews to verify that they are comfortable.

Few Last Words

The outstanding qualities of the Nike Lunarglide garnered it many good reviews. Unfortunately, Nike no longer produces Lunarglide.

However, there are other shoes that function similarly to the Nike Lunarglide. It might be challenging to find the appropriate one at times. That’s when this article will come in handy.

Please let me know if I missed any important alternatives, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. I am always willing to help.

Take care till then!

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