How Do Sneaker Resellers Get So Many Shoes?[Secret Exposed]

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Day by day, the number of worldwide Sneakerheads is rising rapidly. To keep pace with this, the sneaker reselling market is also thriving.

But did you ever think about how resellers collect this bunch of shoes?


Well, this query might arise in your mind just for curiosity. Or maybe you are gonna step into the sneaker reselling game, and that’s why you’re concerned.

Let’s enter into this highly-researched article and see important facts about sneaker reselling.

Where Do Resellers Get their Sneakers?

A large supply comes through the sneaker bots – built with the help of computer programs. On top of that, dealerships with industry insiders facilitate getting available and unreleased sneakers within a relatively low budget.

Are you familiar with the term ‘sneaker bot’?


Actually, it’s a software that makes the quick (faster than human) checkout of sneakers. To use the bot, sellers must enter their name, region, credit card information, and the list of shoes that they wanna buy.

Using a sneaker bot is legal as long as the resellers maintain the associated terms and conditions, however, it degrades the brand’s reputation and makes the sneakers more pricey than they actually are.

But if you consider bots’ performance in collecting stock of sneakers, they are outstanding!

In this era, Wrath AIO Bot, Prism AIO, Kodai AIO, MEKPreme, and Balkobot are considered the best sneaker bots within $100 including the yearly renewal fee. Resellers get access to this software through resale markets such as Bot Mart, BotBroker, Tidal, etc.

Keep an eye on our site to get a full explanation of how the sneaker bots work and how to use them. I’ll be writing about it soon.

There’s another technique to upgrade the sneaker reselling. And that is to make collaboration with the shoe factories’ higher leveled employees.

They can reveal manufacturing details and avail numerous niches early –which was never seen before.

Apart from this, many entrepreneurs rely on particular apps to know about exclusive releases. For example, early access to SNKRS app assist to pick Nike’s latest and most elegant pieces.

Sneaker Reselling Platforms

Flight Club and Stadium Goods have a good reputation for reselling sneakers. Additionally, StockX, eBay, GOAT, Grailed and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter also perform as an efficient sneaker reselling marketplace.

In these marts, you will get quick entrance to Newcomer Jordans and expensive Nike Dunks, including Air Jordan 13 ‘Playoff’ 2023.

Now, let’s see highlight some essential information regarding these online shopping sites.

Flight Club: Sellers have to send or take the sneakers to this trustworthy place and fix a price by negotiating with the staff. Then they get the cash in hand or via a bank account with a 2.9% cash-out charge once the shoes are sold. Moreover, it cuts off 9.5% from each sale with a $5 seller fee.


GOAT: At first, the app verifies the authorized sellers. Later, one can upload the sneaker stocks, and mention the price list. So, it’s safe to purchase shoes via GOAT.

When buyers add the shoes to the cart, the dealer sends the shoes to GOAT. And after verifying the foot gears, sellers receive the cash.

In the US, a $5 expense is associated with each sale, excluding a 9.5 up to 20% commission fee.

To know more about selling through this arena, check out our recent content on how to Sell Shoes On Goat.

StockX: Its selling policy is more likely than the previous one. After getting the shipping label, vendors ship the unworn shoes in the original shoebox to StockX. It allows two business days for the product shipment. The sellers are charged from 10% to 8% depending upon the number of sales or transactions.

Although it is pretty recognized as a deadstock sneaker-selling plot, Nike sued StockX in the previous year.


The biggest advantage of this O.G. marketplace is its payment process via PayPal, Credit, or Debit. Sellers can set a fixed price or determine it by bargaining with the buyers. It costs a 7% fee for footwear outlet owners and 8% for those without sneaker boutiques.

Though these sites are well-reputed, the possibility of fake or fraudulent sellers can’t be neglected. So, prior to making a purchase or sale, be aware of this worst-case scenario.

How Much Do Sneaker Resellers Make?

Usually, resellers acquire 30-50% profit per sneaker. But depending on market value and effective skills, entrepreneurs earn a stack of dollars by reselling highly anticipated sneakers.

For instance, one of my family friends earned 600% by selling on StockX. Those were demanding yet limited pairs. And it was almost five years ago!

Let’s get back to the earlier days of Jordan 1s. It was one of the coveted silhouettes, costing $170. But in the resale market, it sold for $300$450 and turned out as a moneymaker.

According to the Researchers’ statement, the North American sneaker resale industry is worth $2 billion, and assume it could reach up to $30 billion globally by 2030.

After hearing about the huge revenues, planning to start a sneaker business.

If so, stick with this content to get some valuable info.

Is It risky to Resell Sneakers?

Like every other business, sneaker reselling also carries risks. And it is comparatively 3 times more than any other fashion apparel. Fraud customers order expensive sneakers and dawdle paying for those pairs. This case is often seen on Facebook or Twitter-based shopping groups.

Furthermore, there are records that, hackers order numerous high-end sneakers and disappear before the payment.

According to Riskified’s data, at least 15 percent of sneaker chargebacks are friendly fraud, a type of fraud often associated with younger shoppers.

However, the genuine sneaker reselling business is legal and profitable, but it holds enough risks. And you have to handle these negative issues quite strategically to gain a profitable margin.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Sneaker Reselling Business?

Actually, it largely depends on the current market situation, product costing, and individuals’ business plans. On average, $2000 is the least amount to launch the sneaker resell trade. And this value is ideal for younger ones who want to make some earnings besides their studies.

Many people invest more than this. But it is better to avoid too much money in the beginning to minimize the risks.

Wondering in which sector this money is spent?

Well, half of the total investment is for buying the sneaker bot, and another part is expended on the sneakers.

There are also some folks who do not take the help of the sneakers bots but buy sneakers at a relatively low price from various forums (on Facebook, Twitter) as well as local outlets.

Whatever is done, having the right idea about the business i.e., observation of the price and trends is vital. Studies have also shown that those who conduct business strategically by doing a lot of research before entering the sneaker market reap the highest benefits.

Wrap Up

I covered all the basic information regarding sneaker reselling. Like successful guys, you can also get huge profits from this lucrative field. So, ramp up your business with this fashion statement.

Having more queries in your snoopy mind? Just through them in the comment section. I’ll reach out to you with valid answers ASAP.

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