How To Sell Shoes On Stockx? - Sell Sneakers On Stockx [2024]

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When it comes to selling on Stockx, you need to be familiar with the exact procedure – from opening an account to final shipment.


And as Stockx has its own verification process and follows the maximum level of security, you may get overwhelmed on the way.

In this article, I’m gonna show you the easiest way to sell shoes on Stockx through a step-by-step guide.

So, read along!

How To Sell Shoes On Stockx?

You can sell your sneakers on Stockx, and the process is not too difficult to understand. Once you get the hang of it, you must ensure your product quality and condition match Stockx’s requirements.

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide and start selling on Stockx:

Opening An Account

Selling any product through an online platform like Stockx requires an account by which you can list your product and buy at the same time.

These are the options how to open an account in Stockx:

  • First, go to the homepage of Stockx.
  • Input your first name, last name and email address.
  • Type a strong password and remember it.

According to the website, your password should contain at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number & 1 symbol. (Don’t share your password with anybody)

  • Now, click the Sign-Up button after filling all the required boxes.

After you are done with the sign-up process, a verification mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Click on that to verify your registration and continue to the next step.

NB: You can also register for a Stockx account directly via Facebook, Google or Apple ID with one click!

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Listing The Product

After the account setting, here comes the listing process. This is where you advertise your shoes for sale.

For this to work smoothly, you must know the model and how your product is made.

Here’s the steps to list your shoes:

  • Click on the Sell button from the top menu.
  • Type the model of the sneaker you want to sell.
  • To enter the size, select your sneaker from the list given.
  • Now, select whether you want to sell directly or wanna ask for bidding
  • Using the search bar on top of your screen, list the make and model of your shoe.
  • To enter the size, select your sneaker from the list given.
  • Then select if you want to buy it directly or by bidding.

When it comes to setting the price, being competitive is a wise idea. I’m coming to that point, so stay put.


Stockx Bidding Process

In the bidding process, you make an offer on the product that you want to sell. The buyers also submit bidding on a product, in here on shoes.

You can accept the bid manually. You get an automatic transaction if the buyer has the highest bid that matches the seller’s price. Suppose you are a seller and you listed a pair of sneakers at 135$.

So, you get an automatic sale when someone places a bid of $135 on that shoe. Easy and tension free!

Stockx Selling Fee

You have to pay a specific amount of charge to sell your shoes on an online platform like Stockx.

For one product listing and selling, you must pay them 9.5$. If your sell more than one shoe, your charge decreases. Fair enough.

Shipping The Product For Authentication

After listing, bidding and selling are done, the shipping for the authentication process comes.

You must be happy that you sold your sneakers, but now you must send them for authentication. You will get a UPS shipping label which you must attach when you send your shoes for more verification.

Stockx will check them and send your products to your buyer.

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Payment Process After Selling Shoes On Stockx

You list a product for sale, and after getting your desired price, you send the shoes for authentication.

Then what? Confusion arises about how to get the money through Stockx.

Last month, I sold my Nike Air Max on Stockx. After completing the authentication process, I chose a debit card as my payment method.

You can also choose from PayPal, Venmo or electronic ACH transfer to a bank account as per your preference.

If your shoe is fake, not shipped on time or doesn’t match StockX’s condition guidelines, you, my friend, are not gonna get paid.

Instead, you have to pay $15 as a penalty fee. So careful!

Stockx Condition Requirements For Sneaker Boxes

There is a term in Stockx named deadstock, meaning all the customers will get the exact product and service they accept after placing orders.

If you want to sell your sneakers on Stockx, your shoe box must also meet the company’s requirements. So, keep that in mind and read through.

Here are the box requirements of Stockx:

Acceptable Shoe Conditions By Stockx

  • The shoe box has to be original and correct with its lid on. You can’t change the box from the brand.
  • The box should contain the exact size information of the sold product. You can’t put a size 9 shoe in a 13-size quoted box.
  • A small dent or tear can occur on the box due to shipping, storage or even from the manufacturers. These uncontrollable flaws are accepted.
  • All the boxes must have the proper label.
  • Minor tear or wear is acceptable.
  • Single damage of corners doesn’t create much hassle.
  • A minor rip on the lid is also ok.


Unacceptable Shoe Conditions By Stockx

  • Crushed side corner boxes.
  • Major rip or intense damage.
  • Damage from pets.

In the end, it is up to Stockx whether they will accept your product or not. There are so many processes that go into the selection.

So, don’t worry much.

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Advantages Of Selling Shoes In Stockx?

There must be a  reason why so many people choose Stockx as a reliable source to sell their sneakers or shoes, right?

So, if you are also thinking of selling your vintage shoes like me, you must know the benefits you are gonna get.

Let’s take a glance at the advantages of selling shoes by Stockx:


When you sell shoes through Stockx, you will know if your product is real, and you get the approval stamp, which is a big advantage, I would say.

You go through the authentication process whenever you sell or buy any shoes. It lifts your confidence.

My second listing product didn’t make it to the buyer, but I got to know that my bags were real, at least.

Quick Product Listing Process

Another added advantage of Stockx is the quick listing process of your shoes.

You don’t need to research much, as the information about your sneaker is already on the website. It saves your time, and I didn’t even take photos as it was also on the platform.

Unidentified Listing And Bidding

You can protect your identity through the anonymous bidding and listing process of Stockx.

There is no bargaining or asking for a lower price. If it matches your bidding, go for it.


It’s hassle-free and quick to save some time.

No Chargebacks

Due to the authentication process, I am not worried about the refunds. Once my shoe is shifted to Stockx, they take care of the remaining process.

No dealings with the admins, which is a relief for me.

Can You Sell B- Grade Shoes On Stockx?

Yes, Stockx has a small section for B- grade shoes. If you own such a pair, this is your chance to get a good price out of them. Before listing your shoes, make sure you have selected them as a B- grade pair for clarification.

Most buyers think B- grade shoes as fake or second-hand. But, it’s none of that. It means that these sneakers were released through outlet stores.

There are neither quality compromises nor materials. As these shoes are bought by sellers in an outlet, they are classified as B- grade.

Normally, these shoes are cheaper, so if you are interested, why not look for them?

Can You Sell Sell Used Shoes On Stockx?

No, you must know that Stockx’s products are brand new and not used. Let me clarify, the shoes you are getting are completely not used unless the seller tried them once.

Because of the authentication process, you dont need to give it a second thought.

So, you can’t sell used shoes on Stockx. If you are caught selling used items, you will have to pay a 15% fine.

So, don’t try to do that.

Drawbacks Of Selling Shoes On Stockx

With so many perks, Stockx comes with a few disadvantages too. Though they are not that major ones, you should be aware of them just in case.

Let’s see the drawbacks of selling shoes on Stockx:

Higher Seller Fee

Stockx has a higher seller fee than most online platforms. $9.5 for one single product selling is quite a much when you are just starting a business.

Though it lowers for multiple selling, initially, it’s high.

Low Bids

As Stockx works through the bidding process, a lower bid can decrease the market value of your shoe.

So you need to be careful when you place a bidding price.

Shipping Charge

Stockx has various providers, and thus shipping fees are higher. This can discourage buyers.

But who has an eye for shoes wouldn’t buzz.

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Parting Thoughts

There is no doubt Stockx is the most trustable website for selling any sort of authentic shoes.

You can easily open an account and sell your shoes without even disclosing your identity. Another fact is they don’t take any product without verifying them, so there is no question about the quality.

I think your concerns are cleared. Stay connected to know more.

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