Why Are Nike Dunks So Expensive? Truth Revealed! [In 2024]

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Since 1985, after the Nike Dunk debut, the sneaker has become the iconic style for sneaker enthusiasts.

At first, I also thought about why they were so famous, but after buying Nike Dunk, I became a fan of their looks. They amazingly go with every classy attire.

If you consider purchasing one pair of Nike Dunks, you can find many variations of Nike Dunks & Sb sneakers.


After buying them, trust me, you will love them to wear.

I researched for 8 hours, and with my own experience, I’ll help you to find the main factors of their popularity and cravings.

Keep reading till the end to know all things about their expenses.

Why Are Nike Dunks So Expensive?

The Nike Dunks are expensive for their limited production of each model.

The sneaker industry is subject to the same rules that apply to aging people and changing seasons.

Nike dunks are sensational for all shoe lovers. Nike never disappoints you, they update their model according to the modern demand. Although the Nike Dunk has been around for a long, it has always been a classic sneaker design.

The brand also manufactures some blank canvas sneakers to create according to different styles and colors. Those who love to wear their own designer pair.

Nike always produces a limited number of their shoes; after their stock clearance, the sneaker is marketed out.

The simple methods create hype among customers who are fond of Nike shoes. The sneakerheads wait for their new model eagerly. When the model gains more popularity, the retailer market raises the price.

In 2019 when the brand first collaborated with Virgil Abloh’s off-white combination low dunk sneaker design, the item reached its ultimate peak in the market.

The white low dunk revives the classic dunk sneakers, and Abloh adds their signature retouch with the orange swoosh.

There is a certain amount of hype about particular models or styles, which finally reaches a peak before the sneaker.

The typical resale price in January 2020 was just over $200. It was double what it was in the summer when it was closer to $800.

After that, the high price now the dunk charges about $400 per pair.

Since the brand launched the shoe, regular dunks have been a popular item of Stockx.

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Are Nike Dunks Worth Buying?

I do not really consider myself a sneakerhead in any fashion. I just enjoy wearing great sneakers. The Nike Dunk Low Black White is my favorite.

The Sudden rapid growth of their price was too much for me.

I love their appearance; I also love to wear them, but the original Nike dunks were hard to find, and they charged more than my salary.

Few colorways have distinguished themselves from the masses and established their place in contemporary streetwear, even if the classic dunk color blocking has mostly stayed the same.

Nike will have to charge more for the footwear if they know how many players buy them from stores.

Athletes must purchase them frequently based on their high cost.

If you are a shoe fanatic and a new release sneaker matters to you and the price isn’t bothering you, you should buy them before stock out.

One of my friends is a serious sneakerhead, and he pays much for their hobby of collecting brand-new sneakers. He purchased the sneaker after launching its first stock.

At last, Nike dunk is the best silhouette sneaker, they offer both quality and outlook. You can buy them if the price doesn’t matter to you.

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Why Are Nike Dunks So Popular?

You’ve undoubtedly seen someone sporting a pair of Nike Dunks, notably the Dunk lows.

When it initially debuted in 1985, the iconic Nike Dunk was immediately at the top of the list of high-top basketball shoes.

The regular dunk was offered in the school colors of college basketball players, who were the target market for the shoe. The skaters love their dunks and create a craze for the sneakers.

The brand noticed the craving and decided to extend its variation by bringing back its original dunk sneaker with a new look. And they make the low-top silhouette.

I think Nike Dunk is so popular for its updated version according to the modern demand.

Nike knows how people think and what they want to wear.

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Why Are Nike Dunks SB So Expensive Now?

Nike SB Dunks was designed by the famous artist Jason Deng. Inspired by Chinese street vendor Jason to create the multi-colored sneaker. He represents six Chinese cuisines from six different cities.


You might think that the color is the only reason to charge the higher price, but no, there are many reasons behind their price rate.

Here are the reasons behind the expensive price of Nike Sb Dunks:


SB Dunk incorporated the cushioning dense insoles to make them more comfortable. The cushioning footbed absorbs the shock of running and jumping and gives you the ultimate safety.

You can move your feet flexibly for their low neck feature. You can put it in easily for their soft and fluffy upper sole.

Goes with Every Outfit

It’s disappointing when you can’t wear your favorite shoes with your desired outfit.

The SB dunks offer you such colorful attire, which goes with every outlook. Thankfully, these multicolored dunks go with any colored casual clothing. You can pair it with some vibrant colors like red or orange, and you also wear some mild colors, both suit amazingly.

Girls are always concerned about their whole outlook, they try to match their footwear with their favorite outfits. In SB dunk, girls present themselves according to their personalities.


You’ll see that some individuals are more likely than others to desire this brand of footwear.

They have to cushion in the midsoles, which are effective shock absorbers. They won’t experience the impact of running on their feet as a result when they run. The cushioning in these shoes prevents such incidents.

Athletes must purchase them constantly due to their expensive costs. Nike will have to charge more for the footwear if they know how many players buy them from stores.

Both supply and demand They can charge whatever they want as long as people want them, and they will get paid.


A good pair of sneakers has a fairly basic design with some nice finishing touches.

Purchasing shoes that wind up having issues like these is annoying.

Strong materials like suede and leather were combined during manufacturing to create the sneakers. These sneakers have good flexibility since they can bend to fit your feet’s structure.

You won’t have to worry about your shoes stretching out and breaking off.

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Why Are Nike Dunks So Rare?

Nike Dunks are one of the most highly prized models on the market because they feature fascinating collaborations and an effortlessly cool appearance.

The brand has handled this situation expertly, using limited editions to create scarcity and forging strong relationships with regional skate shops and international designers.

Nike will have to charge more for the shoes if they know how many people purchase them from retailers.

Since there is a market for collectors, the demand usually doesn’t decline as quickly as it does for commodities, where everyone who wants one has one.

Due to hype, scarcity, restricted availability, and a tiny number of purchasers stocking up on pairs, Dunks are difficult to find.

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What Are The Most Expensive Nike Dunks?

Nike is constantly doing a delicate balancing act. It is the largest shoe manufacturer in the world, selling millions of pairs of shoes each year.

For athletes, Nike SB Dunks are superb shoes. They provide a high level of stability and toughness that can endure any surface.

Here are the most expensive Nike Dunks:

Tokyo Nike SB Dunk Low

The Nike “sneaker,” which is the same color as the dunks, is the only additional marking on the tongue, sides, or sole of these muted-colored, entirely minimalist shoes.


In 2004, only 202 pairs of the Tokyo versions were sold through a random lottery. The retail actual retail price is $60.

“NYC Pigeon” Staple x Nike SB Dunk Low

The NYC Pigeon, launched in 2005, set another level of fashion style.

When they first arrive on the market, that sneaker creates hype for every shoe fanatic. NYC Pigeon introduces a different Nike for all Nike lovers.

“Green Glow” Nike Dunk Low

The Green Glow was produced in spring 2021; within a short time, this shoe created a different fanbase.

These shoes match a mild green combined with white. And trust me, it looks awesome together.

“Spartan Green” Nike Dunk High

Spartans charge a high price that is not affordable for everyone. It charges $305 per pair. According to some sneakerheads’ opinion, it is affordable if you are concerned about the looks.


When it comes to green footwear, the first name is Nike. They set a higher level of green combined sneakers, which are famous for their appearance.

“Retro” Nike Dunk Low

Nike incorporates the retro style in their Dunk Low Retro sneaker. It’s famous for its vibrant looks. It charges almost $ 270 per sneaker. The sneaker also offers you traction friendly outsole and is also suited for summer.

Nike Dunk and its variations are notable for their fashionable looks. This sneaker gives you a trendy fashion outlook.

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Nike dunks are best for your daily go-to outfit.

They offer you different hues of sneakers and how they are presentable with all attire. If you want to purchase a pair of Nike dunks, then hurry up they raise their price according to their customer demand.

I hope the information is helpful in choosing the right pair for your desired outlook.

Which one would you pick? Share with me in the comment section.

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