Freedom Moses Vs Birkenstock [What Sets These Pairs Apart]

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Whether as a modern-day fashion staple or its focus on functionality over beauty, Birkenstocks hold the crown of a staple pair and Freedom Moses is following the trend.

As these two brands’ sandals have very similar resemblance, it’s necessary to know every nook and cranny of them.


In this article, I will put light on those small details to make your shopping cart hassle-free.

So, stick around.

Freedom Moses Vs Birkenstock: A Quick Overview

Birkenstock sandals are on the market for a pretty long time, on the other hand, Freedom Moses became popular recently. During the quarantine rolls, these comfortable sandals were the only option to be comfy and casual.

Let’s take a closer look at Birkenstock and Freedom Moses:


Birkenstock sandals have withstood decades of passing fashion fads. Since 2010, this brand has been on the move and found its way into the world of high fashion.

The versatility of the chunky two straps sandals means you can dress them up with your floral dress, and socks, to add a pop of color to your uninspired outfit.


The cork-latex footbeds, lined with suede and finished with leather, have durability like none. And the years you can enjoy these minimalist sandals are countless.

Not to mention, over the years, Birkenstocks have kept their growth under control.

Freedom Moses

If you want comfy, environment-friendly, fun vegan sandals for your quick walk down the street, Freedom Moses slides are just the pair for you.

Though this brand is on the market for a couple of years, it made quite an impression. The Moses sandals are made with PCU, which is an eco-friendly plastic, yet they feel like rubber.

These cute sandals have so many different colors and patterns including prints that you would want to buy several pairs.

Moreover, you can wash your chic Freedom Moses sandals, and the best part they won’t change their shape. The textured footbed gives your feet a good grip. The more you wear them, the more they conform according to your feet.

It’s hard not to like them after a few uses.

Differences Between Birkenstock And Freedom Moses

When you see sandals that are very similar from different bands. It’s a must that they will have many differences. The same goes for Birkenstocks and Freedom Mosses.

Though they look very similar, they have major variations that you need to know if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Let’s find the differences between Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks:


To judge any sandal, comfort comes first. With Birks, you don’t need to think twice. These beauties are made to be comfortable only after the break-in period.

The cork footbed is designed to mold according to your foot’s shape.

The fun part? You don’t have to share your sandals with others, as they won’t be comfortable wearing shoes shaped specifically to your size.

Birkenstocks are antifungal, and the inner sole protects your sweaty feet and, at the same time, reduces stress on your spine, ankle, and leg. You can also wear Birkins without socks, and you won’t be uncomfortable.

On the contrary, the waterproof Freedom Moses is honestly a comfy sandal. For summer, it is the perfect choice for longer sessions.

The one notable difference between these two similar pairs is the texture of the footbed.

Freedom Moses has a textured footpad for extra grip, which is opposite to Birkenstock Arizona. It’s completely smooth.

So, you are free to choose any pair according to your preference.


Birks are known for their insane millage level, and they will serve for decades with proper care. You can change the sole and leather-made straps if your sandals are damaged in overuse.

So, you don’t need to think of longevity. However, your Birkenstocks can get wet and work as fantastic as before if you are cautious enough after drying.

I recently resoled my Arizona Soft Footbed, and after a few grocery runs, they are more smooth and durable than ever.


Freedom Moses is made with rubber material. Thus, you can wash them in your washer, and they will last you a couple of sessions.

But, compared to Birks, Moses lags behind for sure when it comes to durability.


Birkenstocks are highly adaptable and embrace the feature of your foot for a better fit.

The cork and latex-made innersole takes your feet’s shape eventually and hugs your feet like a supportive neck pillow. The toe bar gives flexibility and grip for more effortless toe movements.

Birks are your only true friend if you have flat feet because they fit and blend with your feet like a glove and give the support your weak feet need.

Honestly, Birks fit true to size. Those between sizes go down one size to get the proper fit. You can adjust the straps to achieve a more cozy feeling.


I ordered both sandals on 8.5. My Arizona felt a bit loose. The notable factor is how much wider these shoes fit and are more comfortable than Freedom Moses, which was squishing my feet.

Freedom Moses sandals are not adjustable, so you must buy your exact size to get a snug fit.

Healing Foot-Related Issues

You need to take your feet’s health seriously if you want to avoid any sort of physical fatigue like bunion, foot pain, calluses, and ingrown toenails. Birks sandals have orthopedic insoles to aid common foot issues like Achilles Tendonitis.

The orthotics are designed to increase the blood flow of your feet while providing proper cushioning and stability along with relaxing your feet’ muscles. Also, to fight plantar Fasciitis, Birkenstocks are an excellent choice.

Moreover, your Freedom Mosses are also a healthy footwear option, but they are not that iconic when it comes to curing your foot problems like Birkens.


Birkenstocks are expensive, to begin with. You will find sandals ranging from $39 to $190. So, you can choose according to your budget.

I own The Arizona Soft Footbed in black with oiled leather. It was around $149. It was an investment, but worth every penny.

On the other hand, shoes from Freedom Mosses are pretty user-friendly. These affordable dupes will cost you up to $55. The quality comes with the prices is fair enough.

My Ultra sandals are going strong, and I must say, for $45, they’re serving me well.


My aunt owns a pair of Gaia Stone and according to her, you need to buy one size up to achieve your exact fit. She ordered her size 8, but the Moses sandals were smaller, so she had to exchange hers.


However, most Birkens are true to size, and you will get a proper fit most of the time. There are some exceptions too, like Myari and Gizeh.

If you have smaller feet, these sandals will fit you exactly, otherwise, you need to size up.


I felt my Birkens are more lightweight than my Freedom Moses. The cork footbed is airy and more enjoyable to walk through. But, Birkenstock tends to turn black.

Conversely, Freedom Moses is made of rubber material, and such ingredients make these waterproof sandals a bit heavier and free from any dark spots. It’s not like they are uncomfortable.

When you wear one brand just after another, the difference is noticeable.

What Similarities Do Freedom Moses And Birkenstock Have?

Regarding the outlook, both Freedom Mosses and Birkenstocks are almost the same. If you are into this style of sandals, you need to know what other similarities they have.

The resemblance between Birks and Freedom Mosses:

Design and Appearance

If you look closely, Freedom Mosses is the version of EVA from Birkens. So, the similarities are obvious.

For rough use, you can alter your Birkins with Moses shoes easily. You will get the comfort, outlook, and the best part, you don’t have to compromise the design at all.

You need to be extra cautious about Birks, but as Freedom Moses are waterproof, you can rock the rainy season along with other times of the year.

Vegan Products

Another common factor about Freedom Moses is that they are vegan, like Birkenstocks. Remember that all Birks aren’t vegan, but you will find many animal cruelty-free options.

As you know, vegan Birkens have cork-latex footpads, EVA soles, and synthetic birko-flor straps.

At the same time, Moses’ sandals are made from resin and rubber, which is also animal friendly. You can also recycle the compostable packaging of these slides.

Color Options

You can get your Birkenstock in any color you want. From bold bright to darker to neutral earthy tones, they have every shade possible. You can match your outfit with your Birks without any hassle.

The vegan line is very colorful. I am planning to buy EVA slides to have a party on my feet.


Also, with Freedom Moses, you have countless shades to choose from. The best part is the fun and playful colors. My niece is a fan of her Sage Slides.


Pros And Cons Of Birkenstock And Freedom Moses

Both Birkenstock and Freedom Moses have their strengths and weaknesses. To get a clear concept about these two similar sandals, you need to know every detail thoroughly.

Let’s see the pros and cons of Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks:


  • »Very comfortable.
  • »Last longer.
  • »Flexible to use daily.
  • »Provides proper air circulation.
  • »Arc support.
  • »So many designs and color options.
  • »Needs a break-in time.
  • »Less comfortable at the beginning.
  • »High price range.

Freedom Moses

  • »Affordable.
  • »Gender-neutral.
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Waterproof.
  • »So many color options and prints.
  • »Made with sustainable polycarbonate urethane (PCU).
  • »Less Arch support.
  • »None adjustable buckle closures.
  • »Not entirely eco-friendly.


Birkenstocks are without any doubt the most iconic gift you can provide for your feet and their health benefits. Though these cork and leather-made sandals are a bit expensive, you can wear them for years without thinking of buying new pair.

Plus, you can resole and change the leather or suede straps anytime you feel necessary.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget and want a sandal identical to Birkenstocks, Freedom Moses is your jam. These bold and colorful flip-flops are waterproof.

Especially in summer and rainy seasons, you don’t have to worry about anything if you have a rubbery Freedom Moses.

I am into Birks sandals and tried Moses’s slides, yet I prefer my stylish Birks over any shoes. You can choose from these two brands as both of them have great features to offer.

So, choose accordingly or both!


What Does Freedom Moses Smell Like?

The comfortable and summary Freedom Moses sandals have a signature milk and honey-like smell.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Yes, podiatrists approve of Birken’s for their outstanding features like cushioning, longevity, and arch support for maintaining healthy feet along with style.

Where is Freedom Moses Made?

Freedom Moses sandals and slippers are made in Xiamen, China.

Final Thoughts

From those long walks into the woods to those pool parties, you can elevate your looks if your shoe closet has a pair of Birks and their dupes, Freedom Moses.

You can pass long hours in these and still be super comfy while giving your feet the assistance they need.

I have discussed each difference and resemblance of these trendy sandals to give you a crystal clear idea.

Again, thanks for engaging!

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