How To Break In Birkenstocks? [The Ultimate Guide in 2024]

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Birkenstock is the most iconic and chic footwear brand out there. For decades these sandals have offered comfort, support and are the ideal choice that you can pair up with any type of dress you have in mind.

If you own these versatile pairs or are thinking about purchasing them, you must fear adjusting them for a bit as they take time to break in.


You need to be courageous, dedicated and committed to your Birkenstocks to get the maximum comfort experience. If you take your time with them, trust me, you are in for a surprise.

Birkenstocks mould according to your feet, and there is no complaint about them afterward. But you might wonder, how to break in your Birks?

After reading this article, you’ll know everything about maintaining these high-fashioned sandals.

Why Do You Need To Break In Birkenstocks?

The unique fact about Birkenstocks is that these are very special and will give you a custom-made feel. But to get that, you need to give your Birks a little bit of time to adjust.

At first, the soles of these sandals will feel rigid, and the only thought that you will have is not to enjoy a comfortable journey with them.

But with a little bit of time and walking in these sandals regularly will break your pair, and they will start to feel more and more comfortable each day. At the end of the process, the result will shock you for sure.

Believe me, the unique feature is revealed after the break-in of Birkenstocks. You just have to endure the roughness for a couple of weeks.

Eventually, they will mould to your feet and give you the ultimate ease that this brand promises you to have.

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How Long Does It Take To Break In Birkenstocks?

The most unusual part of the most comfortable sandals is that they are the complete opposite when unboxed fresh. For most footwear, especially for sandals, they are meant to be sooting for your feet from the very beginning.

However, for Birkenstocks, that is not the case.

The footbed of Birkenstocks is made with cork, jute and latex. These natural elements take the heat and moisture naturally produced by your feet, and that causes your sandals to mold according to your feet and provide extra comfort.

For the magical experience of these sandals, you need to be patient. For every person, every foot is different. For each owner, the sizes, widths, arch heights and style of the sandal are not the same, and all these elements can affect the break-in period.

Usually, it takes two to three weeks for your Birkins to break in properly. This time range can differ too. So, you really need to be committed to this time-consuming process.

After the break-in time, your shoes will feel like custom-made only for you, and you will hardly feel you are wearing anything.

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How Can You Break In Your New Birks?

The only thing that can seem like a disadvantage and, in the end, most positive incident is the break-in process of Birkenstocks. It might take time, but the after the result is incredible.

Let’s find out the most effective ways you can break- in your Birks:

Wear New Birkenstocks

Walk in your new Birken’s for 30-45 min on the first day. If you go longer than that will strain your foot. If it hurts before 30 min, take them off instantly. Wearing socks also helps to ease the stiffness.

After that, wear your sandals for 1 to 2 hours for the next few weeks. Walking as this makes the footbed loosen up and holds a better shape for your feet. You can also try to increase the time of your walk to increase the process.

Check the impression of your feet on your sandals. You will find the outline of your feet growing darker on your Birkenstocks.

This proves they are forming the shape of your feet every time you wear them. And that is exactly what you need to walk for a long time in this bad boys.

Fitting Your Birkenstocks Properly

To fit properly, place your foot in the unbuckled sandal. Line up your feet properly with the build arches and let the toe bar rest under your toes. Rest your hill too.

Your hills and toes should be aligned with the edge of your sandal. You should have enough clearance around the perimeter of your foot.

While you are walking around, make sure to leave a little bit of room for your feet to move around.

When your foot is aligned perfectly with the footbed, tighten the straps to get a snug fit. Don’t make it too tight, it can press your feet too tightly and leave you with strap marks on your feet.

If your straps are too tight, you will not be that comfortable. So the proper fit is quite important.

Piercing The Straps

You can add extra holes to the strap to tighten or loosen the fit of your sandal. If you find that your pair is not fitting to the shape of your foot, adding an extra hole to the strap might help to secure your feet.

All you need to do is heat up a pin and create a hole in the belt. Then you can use the buckle to adjust your fitting. If you want a loose fit, lose the belt, and if you are looking for a snug fit, do the opposite.

Use Hammer On Hard Spots

Hammering your Birken’s can ease up the breaking-in process. You can hammer the hardest and most rigid part of your sandals to soften them.

Don’t worry, it will not damage your new Birkenstocks. Just use your trusty hammer on both sides and a little bit on the footbed area.

Take a small mallet and firmly tamp down on the footbed to loosen up the cork where it’s bothering you after several hits, press the footbed to see how soft they are to form your foot shape.

Try not to hammer too much, as this can weaken the supporting nature of the footbed, and that can affect your breaking-in process.

Bend Your Birkenstocks Outward And Inwards

Another quick and effective way to break in your new Birkenstocks after unpacking is to bend them inward and outward. You won’t need to worry about if they will get damaged.

This method is quite handy, and people have tested it, and the result was great. Keep doing this technique for the next 7 to 10 days to get faster results.

You can also roll them against the floor or bend them against a heavy piece of furniture to get the same kind of effect. But don’t try too hard.

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Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Birkenstocks are reining in the world of fashion as an iconic footwear brand.

The first and foremost reason behind its popularity is how comfortable they feel to wear for a long time.


Not to mention the durability and option. Birkenstocks are extremely comfortable to wear after breaking in. when your footbed is molded to your feet, you will not even feel you are wearing them.

You can wear them all year round and even inside of your house instead of the slipper.

Obstacles To Face During Birkenstocks Break-In Period?

It is known all around that Birkenstocks are very comfortable, and when they break in, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting hurt.

But to enjoy that comfort, you have to go through some obstacles too.

Let’s take a look at the discomforts when Birkenstocks break-in:

During the breaking process of your new Birkenstocks, you might experience these symptoms-

  • Sore Legs
  • Sore Calves
  • Achy Feet
  • Tender areas around the footbed and straps

You will feel these problems temporarily. So, don’t worry much.

Tips To Avoid Discomfort During Birkenstocks Break-In Process

For some owners, the break-in period may take longer than others. If you are one of them, it’s not the end of the world.

You must take time to break your new sandals. Otherwise, they are going to hurt your feet. And you will be in for a rough ride at the beginning.

Simply try these tips to find your ultimate comfort while breaking in Birks:

  • Take off the sandals the moment they start to hurt.
  • Wear new Birkenstocks for a short amount of time if you have sore feet.
  • Apply a bandage to prevent blisters.
  • Wear socks for the first few times.
  • Adjust the straps to loosen or tighten according to your comfort.
  • Add extra holes to your straps.
  • Use a hammer to soften the footbed.

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 How To Make Sure The Perfect Fit Of Birkenstocks?

After the end of the break-in period, your Birkenstocks will fit you like a glove. To ensure the ultimate comfort from this expensive brand, you also need to keep an eye on several facts while purchasing.

When your footwear fits you properly, it provides maximum comfort. Birkenstocks are true to size. This company offers a wide range of sandals for both narrow and wide feet.

So, when you are picking your pair, make sure to get the fit properly.

Moreover, if you are getting these shoes to wear for a long period of walking time, order the one with a soft footbed.

Birkenstocks have a model of sandals with an extra layer of cushioning foam to make them comfortable for long periods.

If you are purchasing them as your main piece of footwear, get the soft beds.

Podiatrist Opinion On Birkenstocks

Podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks all over the world. The design is made in such a way that it gives the best support your feet can get.

To solve orthopedic problems like foot pain, ingrown toenails, and calluses bunions, these particular sandals are recommended the most by experts.


Birkenstocks also reduce excess pressure on specific parts of your feet.

Over time the footbed molds according to the owner’s feet, and when it does, the sandals feel like an extension of the foot, and the wearer will hardly know they are actually wearing sandals.

Some podiatrists also suggest Birkenstocks to improve posture.

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For regular wear, Birkenstocks are an excellent choice. But they are not the pillow bed of the foot right out of the box.

As it is mostly used for outdoor purposes, it is a necessary step to adjust them according to your comfort level.

I hope this information was helpful in solving your problem about your Birkenstocks breaking process.

Follow these tips to clear any confusions that would come in handy.

If you have previous experience of owning Birkenstocks, you are welcome to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below on how you got used to them and the after-effects.

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