Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet? [ Podiatrists’ Opinion]

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Birkenstocks is one of the most trendy shoe brands that got a huge shoutout for its orthopaedic sandals. These sandals are considered good for flat feet and are recommended by experts.

But is it really that good? And if it is, why are Birkenstocks shoes reviewed to be good for?


Let’s find out together!

How Do You Know You Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet are identified by zero arches in the middle. More precisely, when your feet don’t have arches, and the sole of your feet fully touches the ground, you know you have this condition.

Children at their early ages are shown with such flexible flat feet which get worse over time. In this case, you must address the issue and take proper measures. flat-feetIf you, however, don’t identify your feet ‘condition, you won’t be able to take proper care, and you will have to spend your life with foot pain. And trust me, you don’t want that.

So, here are some tips you can follow to figure out if you have flat feet. Don’t worry, the procedure is pretty simple and anyone can easily do that at home.

Here is the most effortless process to examine your feet:

  • Go and find muddy ground
  • Take off your shoes
  • Stand on the ground bare feet
  • Take a short walk for a minute or two

If you have mud all over your sole, you have fallen arches, AKA flat feet. And when you don’t have flat feet, there won’t be mud everywhere in the sole.

Another procedure you can follow is to press your big toes as much as you can. While doing that, you need to look for overpronation on your feet. If your ankle and feet arch, calf, and knee are aching, you might have a flat foot.

However, having flat feet isn’t the end of the world. With proper care, you can survive this suffering like an MVP!

Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks sandals are proven to be good for those who have flat feet or pain in the arch – thanks to the longitudinal arch support of Birks!

Thus, it is no surprise that orthopedist physicians often recommend these amazingly useful shoes and tell you to wear Birkenstocks to treat your flat feet.birkenstocks-good-for-flat-feet

Hence, let me tell you why this footwear is recommended by professionals all the time. And then you can decide if the shoes are good enough for your flat foot or not!

12 Reasons why Birkenstocks are good for fallen arches:

1. Comfortable Fit for Rigid Flat Foot

Many brands claim to make top-notch footwear for people with flat feet. However, the picture isn’t as good as it seems, as some of them fail miserably to give you the comfort you need.

But the Birkenstocks are a sure thing! You can never go wrong with their creation. These shoes are made to ensure the perfect fit for your problematic feet. It allows you to enjoy enhanced maneuverability so you can go for long-distance walking without any trouble.

Moreover, they have a deep heel cup, so you will start to feel relaxed right after putting them on.

2. Keeps Your Feet Relaxed

As Birkenstocks’ goal is to treat your feet, it doesn’t use any synthetic material to make its footwear. They design their shoes with materials such as natural latex, natural jute, and cork. No wonder Birkenstocks won the most vegan-friendly footwear brand.

Thanks to the natural cork, footbed shoes and sandals mold pretty easily according to the foot’s natural shape.keeps-your-feet-relaxed

Besides, this soft footbed construction allows you to have a balanced body weight distribution. And that’s why the Birkenstock footbed is famous among people with flat feet.

3. Provides Excellent Arch Support

Getting the perfect shoe that will ensure remarkable arch support is an easy task when you have arched feet. But if you have fallen arch, the scenario won’t be the same.

Most shoes will fail to provide great support for your arches and won’t ensure perfect balance. But if you wear Birkenstock shoes, you won’t have to go through that suffering.excellent-arch-support

This company makes shoes to provide support for flat feet and prevent uneven distribution of weight. In such a way, you will get greater health benefits. And that’s all we need, right?

4. Adds Modishness to Your Outfit

Some of you may think that Birkenstock is one of the oldest shoe brands; hence, they won’t make any stylish pairs. And orthopedic shoes aren’t that great to look at. And that’s a bummer!

But if you take a look at Birkenstocks’ vast collection, you will be mesmerized!


Despite being a century-old company, they have managed to keep themselves up-to-date with their trendy designs.

All of their shoes are a fantastic combination of beauty and functionality. And that makes this brand more admirable than it already is.

5. Ensures Stability

When you want to enjoy long-distance walking, but your flat feet restrict that, Birkenstocks will be a lifesaver. It cushions your feet perfectly to reduce friction with the ground.

In this way, you can walk for a longer time without any heel pain. Furthermore, you won’t feel any stress on your Achilles tendon as Birks are really good for Achilles Tendonitis, which is just the cherry on top!

They are the first company to insulate the contoured arch in sandals. Overall, all the features are what made Birkenstocks a really good orthopedic footwear brand.

6. Premium-Grade Upper

The uppers of Birkenstock shoes are made with high-quality full-grain oiled leather. Therefore, these shoes are totally waterproof; thus, you won’t have to worry about getting your feet wet.

Additionally, these shoes come with multiple invisible pores to ensure top-grade moisture regulation. As a result, you can say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet!premium-grade-upper

Such features made Birkenstocks a good companion for roaming around Disneyland.

7. Offers Flexible Flat Feet

The construction of the Birkenstock sandal’s toe bar makes it different from any other footwear. These shoes come with adjustable toe bars so that you can grip the soles with your toe perfectly and move them without any trouble.

Thanks to this ergonomic design, the blood circulation in your foot won’t be interrupted. Moreover, it ensures you have a stable walking experience. Well, this is something you don’t see in every shoe out there.

8. Has Ergonomic Sole Construction

Soles are the soul of a sandal; there is no doubt about that. And the soles and footbed of Birkenstock sandals are designed with four layers to create extra cushioning for you.ergonomic-sole-construction

These layers are shock absorbent, breathable, and act as extra padding for your feet. And so, if you want to walk on the clouds, Birkenstocks sandals are your chance.

9. Ensures Safety

To provide the highest safety in any condition, Birkenstock makes shoes with a shock-absorbent soft footbed. As a result, you can walk on rough terrain without feeling a thing on your flat foot as the shoe will absorb all the impact.

10. Acts as Physical Therapy

When you wear Birkenstock shoes for the first time, you have to give them a little time to break in. And while molding to your flat feet anatomically, it acts as therapy and trains the muscle of your foot to be in natural shape.

Therefore, if you keep wearing these shoes, you won’t have to undergo an excessive physical exercise to have the right posture.

11. User-Friendly Straps

Yes, the Birkenstock sandals are designed with an easy-to-adjust strap to ensure the utmost comfort and security. You can tighten or loosen all the straps according to your preference whenever you want.

12. Treats Heel Pain

Thanks to the deep heel cup of the Birkenstock shoes, you will never feel any discomfort while wearing them. This design allows your heel’s natural padding to fit perfectly in the shoe, which creates a comfy compartment for your flat foot.

In this way, your feet will get the necessary support, and there will be no stress at all. And that’s something impressive.treats-heel-pain

People who have flat feet know how such a problem can make day-to-day life miserable. And to get rid of such poor conditions, bring Birkenstocks now.

With all the features described, you now know why my words are sounding so bold about this brand!

What is Birkenstock?

Well, so far, I sang praises about Birkenstocks a lot that the brand is now demanding a little bit more introduction. So, let’s know a little info regarding Birks!

There is a whisper in the footwear industry that this company makes the best sandals and shoes for fallen-arch feet. This German brand was founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock. And their primary goal was to provide orthopedic support to the soldiers who returned from World War II with sickness.since-1774

Since then, this company has earned worldwide recognition of being one of the most reputed shoe brands. Thanks to their ergonomic designs, people with foot issues including Plantar Fasciitis get comfort by wearing Birkenstocks shoes. Isn’t that admirable?

Here are some of the characteristics of Birkenstock that will make you understand why it is proven to be excellent footwear for fallen arches.

Features of Birkenstock Sandals:

  • Their shoes are made with top-tier natural materials for the utmost comfort.
  • Most of their footwear ensures excellent moisture regulation and has waterproof construction.
  • The shoes come with a remarkably designed ergonomic soft footbed and offer fantastic arch support.
  • This footwear has specifically designed orthopedic insoles and soft suede lining to create a cozy compartment for people with flat feet.

Why Do My Flat Feet Hurt after Wearing Birkenstock Sandals?

When it comes to foot issues, the solution often comes from footwear. Likewise, podiatrists recommend getting flat feet-friendly shoes to get a pain-free move. Though Birkenstocks are proven to be the best sandals for flat feet, choosing the wrong pair can worsen your pain.

In order to get the best out of Birkenstocks’ flat feet-friendly sandals, you need to get the proper-sized shoes. And you gotta give some time to break in your beloved Birkenstocks so that they can mold your flat feet perfectly.


However, when it comes to sandals, you need a pair with extra cushioning and padding so your flat feet can stay relaxed. Moreover, the sandals should have adjustable toe bars to make sure that the blood circulation is not disrupted and you can move your toe naturally.

Well, there is no doubt that Birkenstock sandals have all these qualities. Still, if you wear Birkenstock sandals for the first time, you may feel some discomfort. And that’s quite natural, to be honest.

When you put on the Birkenstock sandal first, try to walk with it for a while. And yes, it will hurt a little, but that’s just a part of the molding process. If the pain is excessive, you can take them off.

To mold the sandals anatomically for your feet, you must wear them for around 30-45 minutes and gradually increase the wear time. You can wear socks to avoid blisters and ankle pain. Once you finish the break-in process, everything will be peachy!

Birkenstocks Buying Guide

Before you purchase a pair of Birkenstock shoes, here are the things you need to consider.

Not Suitable for Extreme Tasks

These shoes are designed to treat your flat feet with the utmost support and comfort. For these reasons, you can wear Birks to the beach for those long walks and use them regularly.

However, this footwear isn’t made for super rough terrains such as hiking and climbing. So, you should keep that in mind before going on an adventure wearing these shoes.

Feels Stiff in the Beginning

As the footbeds of the Birkenstock shoes are made with natural cork, you will feel discomfort in the beginning. But once you cross the break-in period, you will feel the coziness that this brand promises.

Comes with an Expensive Price Tag

Obviously, the Birkenstock shoes aren’t made for the masses, and they have some specific features that are beneficial for troubled feet. Furthermore, this company never compromises with the price tag, which is one of the most commendable facts.

So yes, if you are planning to buy Birkenstock shoes or sandals for your flat foot, you should know that the price tag will be costly. However, it certainly comes with a greater value for the money you’re buying, which is comforting.

Are Birkenstock Shoes Durable?

Birkenstock shoes are made with high-quality material and ergonomic design. Furthermore, these pairs are entirely waterproof, which makes them more user-friendly than they already are.

But the longevity of the Birks depends on the user. If you wear the shoes with care, they will give you an exceptionally long-lasting service. If not, it will be destroyed in months. So the durability depends on your actions undoubtedly.

The Bottom Line

Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet? Hopefully, you have got your answers!

However, the Birkenstocks shoes aren’t any cure for your flat foot condition. But yes, these pairs will allow you to move comfortably. And suppose you are going through any physical therapy to improve this condition. In that case, you will get full support from this footwear.

On top of everything, you will get to choose from different colors and designs. Therefore, getting the most suitable sandals and shoes will be more effortless than ever! And that’s a pretty sweet deal!

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