How Long Do Birkenstocks Last? [Make Your Birks Live Longer]

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Those long walks in the woods or parks on a bright day are much easier with Birkenstocks. No matter if it’s summer, winter or fall trips, these shoes have your back.


With such versatility, you might be curious about how long these trustable pairs are gonna serve your voyage.

Well, in this article, you will get the answer along with the ways you can enjoy your Birkins for years to come.

So, go for that long walk you were waiting for and leave the rest to me!

How Long Do Birkenstock Shoes Last?

Birkenstocks sandals last up to 10 years, thanks to their sustainable building materials. However, this timeline depends on how you use them. These shoes would prevail a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. If you wear your pairs daily, it’s lifespan is gonna decrease naturally.

I have been wearing my navy blue Birkenstocks Arizona for the past three years, and they are still going strong. how-long-birkenstock-shoes-lastThere is no visible wear and tear nor any crumble around the amazing cork footbed. And though I don’t wear them regularly, I grab them a few times a week.

So, how long do Birkenstocks last if you wear them every day?

Generally, if you wear your Birkenstocks daily, they will serve for 2 to 3 years without any maintenance.

For example, my sister-in-law has the Bikens Arizona Baby Blue version. She got hers around the time I got mine.

She wears hers regularly as she takes her dog for walks almost every single day. And her pair look a little more flawed than mine.

So, yes, there is some flaking of the cork around the heel area. The tropical weather effect is also very visible in her blue beauties. And it’s because of the daily obstacles they go through – the heat, the rain and the dusty air stream. do-birkenstock-shoes-lastIf you see your favorite pair of Birkenstocks get darker, then don’t panic. Just go through our other article to know how to Stop Birkenstock From Turning Black and solve your problem!

5 Ways To Make Your Birken’s Last Longer

The only way to keep the longevity of any footwear is by taking good care of them.

For Birkenstocks, it’s no different. The original leather and eco-friendly cork sole will serve you longer when you watch out for them.

Here’s how you can make your pair long-lasting:

1.  Clean And Scrub Properly

Cleaning is essential to maintain your Birkins for years without damaging them. After every wear, clean the leather straps with lotion or mild soap.

Take a dry or slightly damp cloth and go through those sharp corners gently.

This way, they will be fresh for your next use. And don’t forget to wipe your footbed, as it also makes a big difference for the cork sole. clean-and-scrub-properlyScrub to dust off those fine dirty materials from your sandals. Sandpapers are ideal for removing oil and sweat from the footbed.

So, make sure you are using the Birkenstocks Suede Brush regularly to dust off any dirt, even when storing them in your shoe rack.

Note: Oiled or nubuck leather is best left to age naturally.

2.  Keep Your Birks Away From Excess Heat

Keeping your delicate Birkenstocks shoes away from excessive heat exposure is another way to enhance their longevity.

Excess heat dries up the cork footbed and EVA sole, eventually harming the quality when you keep them outside in the sun for long hours.

So, even if you need to dry them, select an area with shade.

3.  Protect Birkins From Water Stains

Cork and water are not best friends. You know your Birkins is constructed on the cork base. Getting them wet can decline the life of your shoes as they are not totally water-repellent.

However, Birkenstocks come with leather, suede or nubul upper, which need protection from liquid exposure.

Try Birks Water And Stain Repellent and enjoy your future trips without any tension.

If you want to know whether Birks get wet, take a tour of my separate article.

4.  Keep The Cork Sealed

The statement feature of Birken’s is the cork footbed they come with and the way they mold to your feet’s shape and size. This works as the foundation your feet need.

So, your casual kicks need maintenance to keep going.

To combat the damage, seal the cork regularly. I’m not saying every day! Using Birkenstocks Cork Sealer once a week works just fine.

Without waterproofing, there will be crumbling, rough surfaces over time. Just a little care can make your sandals endure a few years more.

5. Keep Them Fresh Smelling

A nice and fresh-smelling sandal can instantly brighten up your mood and extend the life of your shoes.

Odor can be the result of sweat, barefoot exposure and, finally, unpredictable weather. My feet sweat during summer, and I know how it smells after one use!

Whatever the reason is, it can make your strapped friends unpleasant.

To keep the freshness going, use Birkenstck’s Cleanser And Refreshner and see the difference for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

The same applies to the Vegan models too. Check out to know more about Vegan Birkenstocks through our relevant article.

Can You Repair Your Birkenstocks?

Yes, you can repair, resole and clean your favorite pair of Birkins by professionals within a budget. The cork of these long-lasting sandals can be patched.

My mother recently resoled her old pairs, which look brand new. And changing the entire footbed is her next project.

Quite a versatile thought she has!

Another crucial thing is if you drag your heel when you walk, you must attach a heel tap. This small change has a great impact on your Birkenstocks.

Though I walk just fine, to enhance the longevity of my Arizona, I got my Birk’s heels a protection tap.

Note: Birkenstocks don’t have any repair workshop, but they will help you to find a local cobbler to repair them.

If you’re a new user and eager to break in your first Birkenstocks pair, consider reading our article in this regard.

Longevity Of Vegan Birkenstocks Sandals

For vegan lovers, Birkenstocks have their vegan shoes and sandals. And these versions are as long-lasting as the original leather-made ones. With regular use, they can serve you for almost 3 years with your eyes closed.

Before getting any further, let’s see what vegan Birks are made out of.

The animal-cruelty-free sandals are constructed from Synthetic Birko-Flor straps, Cork-latex Footbeds and EVA soles, making these shoes eco-friendly and super sustainable.

I love that the insole has acrylic and polyamide felt fibers that survive longer.

These shoes and sandals can pull through over a decade with proper care. So with those sustained vegan materials, you don’t have to think of repairing your pair that often. longevity-of-vegan-birkenstocksWanna know more about Vegan Birks? Read this article to enlighten yourself with in-depth knowledge!

Are Birkenstocks Worth It?

Yes, without any further discussion, Birks are worth every penny you spend on them and their maintenance.

Though the 140$ price tag for a casual-looking sandal may seem overpriced. But the quality they provide and the years they last can’t be replaced by any other brand.

I was also concerned when I thought of buying my first pair, and after researching, I saved my 2-month allowance, which is still serving me in full swing.

The blue straps are still intact, along with the buckles. The cork footbed has molded to my tiny feet size.

And I couldn’t ask for more!

So, go to the website of Birkenstocks and get your favorite model now.


How Long Does Suede Birkenstocks Last?

Like leather-made pairs, suede sandals can live around 10 years with proper care and maintenance. And with regular use, they will serve you for 2 to 3 years before repairing.

Does Birkenstocks Have a Warranty?

No, Birkenstocks footwear doesn’t have any lifetime guarantee or warranty. With good care, they can beat the average lifespan of any sandals.

How Long Does Birkenstocks Sole Last?

The cork sole can remain fresh for over a decade with reasonable maintenance, care, and timely repair. Though, the longevity depends on the use!

Final Words

From a casual date to formal office attire, Birkenstocks blends like sugar in water. Whatever the event is, they serve their purpose well, and that’s why they are worth every penny.

These shoes will give you their top-notch services for generations until you also invest in their maintenance.

And this is everything you need to know for a better experience. For additional queries, comment below.

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