Does Shoe Size Change After Bunion Surgery? [Truth Revealed]

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After the painful experience of Bunion surgery, all a patient wants is to go back to their normal life activity such as walking and wearing their favorite pair of shoes.

Therefore, will your shoe size change after the procedure? This is a common concern.does-shoe-size-change-after-bunion-surgery

So, read along to know about shoe sizing and what types of shoes are suitable for such conditions.

Does Shoe Size Change After Bunion Surgery?

Yes, after your Bunion procedure, your shoe size changes practically. Actually, the surgery is done to reduce the pain caused by the bending of the big toe towards the second one. So, when the big toe gets shorter, your shoe’s fitting will change for sure.

When the reduction happens, the big toe permanently links to the midfoot.

Several patients, undergoing the therapeutic procedure of Bunion surgery, are able to wear smaller or narrow shoes. before-after-bunion-surgery My uncle used to wear wider shoes because of his Bunion, otherwise, he was in pain after putting off his running sneakers. But now, he can wear regular-sized shoes thanks to his surgery.

He loves wearing his Birkenstocks and bought several other brands like Ecco and Hoka One One. But be aware of blisters during your Birkenstocks break-in period.

How Does Your Shoe Size Change After Bunion Surgery?

Now, it’s clear that your feet’s shape and size significantly change after your Bunion procedure. So, let’s focus on how that happens.

The degree to which the shoe sizing will change after the surgery depends on the intensity of the bunion and the other factors that contribute to the procedure.

Right after the surgery, your foot will swell, enlarging the shoe size to adapt to the enlargement. But after the initial recovery period (6 to 8 weeks) it starts to decline and over 4 to 6 months you are good to wear any of your footwear. hampton-tan-leather-lifestyle Normally, the previous foot size declines and for every patient, the case is different.

Try to avoid wearing tight or ill-fitted shoes without the use of corrective orthotics. This may worsen your stitched area. Use shoes that provide sufficient space to minimize swelling.

If your doctor recommends crutches or walking boots, continue that until you are told to switch back to regular shoes.

Also, make sure you ask your doctor whether you should wear your walking boots while sleeping or wait a few weeks.

Shoes To Wear After Bunion Recovery

You can wear regular shoes when the stitched area is completely healed and your bunion is gone. The aim of your bunion surgery is to get a better fit for most of your shoes.

Yet, there are specialized shoes and sandals that help to ease your feet during and even after your surgery.

You need comfortable running or walking shoes that have good traction and slip resistance, along with a wide-toe box.

Let’s see a list of shoes you can wear after your bunion surgery:

New Balance Sneaker

You will get exceptional cushioning, comfort, and more room from New Balance sneakers, which is a must-have feature of shoes after your bunion operation.

These sneakers come with a broader base than other regular shoes. The sole is adequately cushioned, thus providing highly stable wear.

Even the laces have a fair amount of elasticity to adjust your fit.

If you are confused about the sizing, for the sake of your feet’ betterment buy a larger pair, such as the New Balance 857 Cross Training Sneakers are best suited after your painful bunion experience.cross-training-sneakers

For a clear idea of the sizing, you can compare new balance’s size to Nike shoes.


Another popular sandal that you can wear in every weather and foot condition is Birkenstock. This brand has reached the level where they make their shoes that they have become an ideal standard pair. For example, Birkenstock Arizona.

Though Birkenstocks are a bit expensive, the cork footbed, leather-made straps, and durable outsole are worth every penny for your bunion recovery. birk_womens_collection The specialty of the Birkenstocks brand is, the innersole softens and molds according to your foot shape. So even if your feet are super flat, you won’t have any issues wearing them.

Not only is bunion even for plantar fasciitis, but you can also count on Birks.

Furthermore, if you are a vegan yet want to try them on, Birkenstocks have vegan options available for its vegan customers.

Mary Jane Sneaker

After your bunion surgery, comfort is one of the main priorities, and you will get 100% of that from your Mary Jane Sneakers.

My grandmother’s favorite pair is the Olita Black Leopard. She has quite a taste. Though her bunion has recovered, she continued to buy them for their wonderful service.mary-jane-sneakerThe outsole of this pair is revolutionary, including the cushioned insole for optimal comfort. You can even remove the footbed if you need more room just after your surgery.


Crocs are controversial footwear that is also wearable as your post-bunion footwear. The main reason behind choosing this brand is the arch support and wide toe-box these funky sandals have.

These non-slip rubber shoes are anti-slip and are quite lightweight.

So, you won’t have to bear much weight while you walk during your recovery process. One such pair is the Crocs Rx Relief.crocs-rx-reliefIf you have to join your work right after your recovery, check out if you can wear crocs at work.


How Long Does It Take To Walk Normally After Bunion Surgery?

Normally, it takes six to eight weeks to walk normally after your bunion surgery. The swelling completely goes away in six to eight months.

Does Bunion Surgery Make Big Toes Smaller?

Yes, bunion surgery shortens the big toe. However, some bunion procedures can result in more shortening than others due to osteotomies and midfoot fusion surgery.

What Is The Best Shoe To Wear After Bunion Surgery?

Running or walking shoes are best to wear after a bunion operation because of the good traction to avoid slipping on smooth surfaces. These normally come with a wider toe box and are breathable.

Are Crocs Good After Bunion Surgery?

Yes, Crocs are a perfect fit after bunion surgery because of the rubber sole, support, non-slip feature, and the long-term relief they offer to reduce foot pain.

Final Thoughts

Foot conditions like bunions are painful as they damage your foot shape and the good news is, you can remove the ongoing pain through surgery.

After the procedure, your feet will swell for several months. However, in 4 to 6 weeks, you will be able to wear regular-size shoes as your toe size will decrease during the recovery process.

I have provided valid information about the foot size change after bunion surgery. For additional queries, make a comment.

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