Birkenstocks Giving You Blisters? [7 Ways to Prevent Them]

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Birkenstocks are the most ideal pair for those, who wanna buy a comfier summer sandal. But the most disheartening part is when they give you blisters instead of that comfort. Nobody, want that, right?


Well, you arrived at the right place, now I’ll share with you what I applied in last year when I got some blisters and soreness from my beloved Birks.

In this article, you will find the causes and prevention ideas along with the break-in procedure.

Are Birkenstocks Giving You Blisters?

Unfortunately, Yes, the new Birkenstock pair always offer some unwanted arch blisters. It happens because the shoe takes some time to adjust to your foot properly. At first, the materials are quite stiff, and they don’t mold easily according to your feet, hence leaving blisters.

Many users claimed they get blisters after using their Birks for a couple of months. But luckily, there are a few methods that can help you to recover from blisters.

The brand manufactures its shoes with latex cork and leather materials.

They use full-grained leather and they are pretty sturdy. For this reason, it takes more time to grab the foot shape. Their top-grade staff makes Birkenstock last longer.

Without wearing, there are no other methods to get the proper fit. Because the sole grasp the structure of your feet appropriately when you wear them on a regular basis.

Why does Birkenstock Cause Blisters?

Usually, Birkenstock comes with a cork footbed which is different from the soft EVA sole and other cushioning insoles. The latex bottom feels extra stiff till the proper break-in. At first, the insole invites the arch blisters and then creates other spots.


If you wear your Birks pair for a long period before break into them, you will find some hotspots in your feet. Not only the components are the cause of blisters, but the stuck grits and dirt also can create some infection.

Adjustable straps play a vital role in this sector, when you don’t adjust the buckle properly, the unfit straps can generate blisters on your feet.

On the other hand, experts consider Birkenstocks an ideal pair who has flat feet or other foot issues. According to podiatrists, you can reduce your sciatica pain by wearing Birkenstocks sandals.

7 Ways to Prevent Blisters from Birkenstocks

If you search on the internet, you will find a thousand prevention ideas, but how do you know which one is more appropriate for you?

To clear your confusion now, I’ll share with you the 7 most effective ways that help me to avoid blisters from my Birkens pair.

Here’s how you can avert the blister and soreness:

1. Skip The Long Walk

Don’t go for a long walk with your new Birkenstocks gear.

However, they are not appropriate for walking long trails before completing the break-in period. You should wear your new Birks at home or for short time walking until you finish the initial term.

2. Wear Socks

Wearing socks is the most common and effective way to avoid blisters. Primarily, you can wear socks with your beloved Birkens to reduce the infection tendency.

Socks help to protect your feet from direct touch with the hard innersole. Also, help to avoid unwanted rubbing tendencies.


It also offers a secure and comfy seat for your long walk. After the breaking period, there are no blister tendencies, and you can wear your Birkenstock sockless without any fear.

3. Pick The Right Size

Try to get the right size of your Birkenstock. Because the sandals fit in true-to-size, and a little tight or loose fitting can hamper your feet unconditionally.

Before heading out to buy a new pair of birks, measure your shoe size properly. And check their updated size chart, where you will find how they offer space between your foot and the edge line. I found a 1 cm gap from the edge line that suits me better.

Select a size that holds your heel cup with the shoe’s heel space and offers a blister-free secure seat.

4. Adjust The Straps Properly

After buying, the first step to avoid soreness and blisters, adjust the strap according to your comfort and foot structure.


Fortunately, the brand provides an adjustable strap which helps to get proper fittings. So, you can alter the buckle the way you like most.

5. Wear & Bend Your Shoes Regularly

Wear your Birkens pair daily until the sole contains your foot outline. Moreover, when you put on your desired pair, try to bend them to get early comfort.

Regular wearing and continuous bending process is helpful for early break-in and avoiding blisters.

6. Try to Use Paper Tape & Moleskin on The Hotspots

If your shoe already provides some hotspots, use some patches to stop the infections. Mole skin is the best patch for arch blisters. It modifies your infected area along with instant relief.

The surface of the moleskin is a little rough sometimes that may feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, paper tape is the smooth version of moleskin.

7. Go for Soft Footbed Sandals

Recently, Birkenstock produce some soft-sole sandals to reduce blister propensity. If you have any foot issues, you should opt for soft cork sandals.

The soft-footbed version charges a little higher than the regular one. Because in these models you will find some extra padded insoles that can prevent the blistering tendency.

The updated soft model will cost 120–155 bucks for each pair.

How to Break In Your Birkenstock?

Naturally, your Birkenstock takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete the break-in period.

If you don’t wear them regularly, it takes more time to finish the break-in period. By applying some simple techniques, you can shorten the length of the break-in period.

Here are the methods of breaking in your Birks pair:

  • Pick the right size, this might take a short time to get ultimate comfort.
  • Regularly wear the sandal and bend them as much as you can.
  • Keep walking with your Birkenstock around the house.
  • Wear your birks with some thick woolen socks to stretch them more.
  • Use some paper tape if you found some hotspots.
  • Apply moleskin to the hotspot before it turns into a blister.
  • Try to walk a minimum of half an hour at a time by wearing your new birkens pair.
  • Don’t put on your sandals until the blisters are properly healed.
  • Modify the adjustable straps according to your foot’s nature.

For me, it’s quite an effortless process to break in properly. Hope you will feel the same!

If you want to know about various types of break-in methods of Birkenstock, go and check the content thoroughly.

Podiatrist Opinion on Birkenstocks


Birkenstocks are famous for their breathable and comfy features. It’s a perfect combination of cork-sole and leather straps, which cover every travel program.

According to podiatrists, birks are an ideal choice for hiking on adventures trails for their remarkable comfy appearance.

The specifically structured insole is where you will find a deep heel cup that prevents pronation tendency. And that criteria make Birkenstock good for those who have flat feet.

The latex cork insole offers a limited comfy feel with strong stability. That exceptional balance of both features makes them extraordinary from a podiatrist’s perspective.

On top of that, experts said, It’s a perfect pair for every foot issue such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sciatica pains, etc.

So, if your feet are going through any type of foot condition, you should try Birkenstock.

Final Note

Birkenstocks can cause blister and soreness initially. But you can also prevent them by using simple ways stated in this article.

I hope you found all your required answers with precise justifications. Furthermore, If you have any queries about Birkenstocks, shoot a comment in the below box.

Till then, take care of your feet!

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