Are Birkenstocks Good For Sciatica? [Know Before You Buy]

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People with sciatica, plantar fasciitis and minor foot injury prefer Birkenstocks footwear more than any other brands.

I also noticed that a large community is curious to know whether Birks sandals are good for sciatica or not. They were asking similar questions on Reddit and Quora.

I thought about what could be the reason behind it.are-birkenstocks-good-for-sciatica

Then I researched for a couple of hours and found the actual truth.

If you’re interested to learn what I’ve obtained from my research, you’ll have to stay tuned with me till the end of this content.

So, let’s get started!

Are Birkenstocks Good for Sciatica?

Birks are great for sciatica with a padded footbed and top-notch arch support.

The popularity of Birkenstocks sandals boomed with unique designs and supportive cork-latex footbeds. Podiatrists often recommend Birks footwear to patients with a leg injury, ligament inflammation, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and sciatica.

Birkenstocks footbeds are highly comfortable. It is shock absorbent and easily molds with your feet ‘shape. It offers a true-to-size fitting and deep heel cup. The adjustable strap will provide you with the right fit.

If you wear the sandals of Birks, you’ll be satisfied with the arch backing.

Since Birkenstocks are shock absorbent, snug fit, lightweight and arch supportive, it’s an ideal wear for people with sciatica. But in acute cases, only wearing this sandal can’t make a big difference. Then, you should also consult with an orthopedist.

I always used to think that Birkenstocks sandals were suitable for old and physically injured people. I thought it was a perfect fashion for an adult gentleman.

Consequently, I didn’t buy them. When I discovered the mesmerizing features of Birks, I couldn’t stop myself and purchased five plus pairs.

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What Are The Signs Of Sciatica?

Pain in the sciatic nerve is the most common symptom of sciatica.

If you don’t know what the sciatic nerve is and where it is located, that’s not a big problem. I’ll answer all of your questions.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It’s length starts from the center of the spine and ends at the back of the leg.


Sciatica is most common between the ages of 40 and 59, and men are more frequently affected than women.

You’ll perceive an ache when irritation and inflammation arise in the sciatic nerve. The pain is mild to moderate and can be severe in special cases. Pain isn’t the only sign of sciatica. There’re also some other prefixes.

Here’re the common signs of sciatica:

  • Mild to moderate or moderate to acute leg pain
  • Numbness in the feet or in the whole leg
  • Pain all around the buttock and lower back zone
  • Severe nerve conflict
  • Weakness in the bottom area

Now, you know the typical indications of sciatica. If you or any close relative of yours face these symptoms, go and consult with a podiatrist immediately.

You should avoid some wrongdoings as a precaution against sciatica.

Here’s the to-do list as a safeguard against sciatica:

  • Wear the shoes with rich arch support and firm comfort. Try to avoid wearing high heels and plastic-made shoes on a regular basis.
  • Refrain from sitting with a wallet in your back pocket. If you do so, your sciatic nerve won’t bend and will be in a relaxed position.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting. Take a break after every 30 minutes to an hour and move your body in this time if you’re in a desk job.
  • Control the sugar level of your body and measure it regularly. Because people with diabetes are more likely to get sciatica.
  • Maintain ideal body weight. This disease is more common in obese people.
  • Follow a balanced nutrition diet chart to remain fit always.

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What Are The Treatments Of Sciatica?

If you get sciatica symptoms, you should start wearing the comfiest and aiding shoes.

Apart from that, you’ve to go through treatments depending upon the condition of your sciatic nerve.

Most of the time, doctors prescribe massage, specific exercise and a nutritious diet for primary-level sciatica. If sciatica exceeds more, you’ll have to take therapy or acupuncture.

For extreme and complicated cases, physicians will apply epidural steroid injections or potential trigger point injections.

Surgery may be an option if the pain is severe and lasts for more than six weeks. what-are-the-treatments-of-sciatica

It’s better to follow the precautions and avoid the risk factors that cause sciatica. Otherwise, you’ll have to take injections and spend a lot of money on the treatment.

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Do Shoes Matter For Sciatica?

Before a quick reply to this question, I wanna ask you another one.

Did you notice what I mentioned at the first point of the safeguard against sciatica?

There I suggested wearing shoes with strong arch support. I also advised you to abstain from using high heels as much as possible.

So, shoes really do matter for sciatica. A comfy shoe with excellent arch support will deliver relief from sciatica. On the other hand, a high heel with no arch support will increase the incidence of the disease.

It is up to you whether you heal the illness by wearing a good pair of shoes or aggravate it by using a bad pair of shoes. Here by good, I meant supportive, heel-to-toe drop shoes and stable shoes. By bad, I indicated the pairs with zero arch support.

Podiatrists encourage individuals to pick shoes with a heel of not more than one inch.

If you have sciatica and want to wear a high heel for any special occasion, you should ensure that the heel height remains within one inch.

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What Are The Best Sandals For Sciatica?

When looking for the best footwear for sciatica, you have to consider some issues. Let’s figure them out.

Here’re the features to look into sandals for sciatica:

  • Utmost comfort with an ideal cushioning midsole
  • Adequate support at the ankle and arch area
  • Good outsole for proper grip and stability
  • Adjustable strap for accurate fit.
  • Enough room around the foot.
  • Must be lightweight and slip-resistant.

According to my analysis, there’s no doubt that Birkenstocks sandals are the best. It holds all the attributes that I’ve included in the features of a sciatica healing sandal.

Among the available versions, the majority of people with sciatica preferred to wear the Birkenstock Arizona sandal. This pair is able to maintain an equilibrium condition with its birko-flor design. You won’t feel any pressure on a particular portion of your feet.

Initially, the sandal can cause some trouble with inappropriate fitting. But they’ll become a snug fit over time.

You can also use the lightweight and bouncy classic crocs. It’ll offer you Croslite midsole, support, padding and 360° breathability. Surgeons and nurses wear the classic crocs most often. It’s an excellent sandal as a cure for your mild sciatica.

Ohana Olukai is another sciatica-preventing footwear. If you’re a nature enthusiast and desire a vegan-friendly sandal, you can add this to your collection.

This sandal’s arch-aiding structure makes it famous for individuals who have damage to their sciatic nerve.

It’ll serve you with EVA cushioning midsoles. The rubber outsole will provide you with outstanding stability and safety against slipping.


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Are Birkenstocks Good For Back Pain?

As I was a sufferer of back pain, I can understand how irritating it is.

When it comes to the context of back pain, Birkenstocks are worthy footwear.

Birkenstocks are ideal with their beneficial features. I notified the excellent features of Birkenstocks in the previous segments. That’s why I won’t repeat it.

You know that prevention is better than cure.

The Birks sandals are quite good for preventing back pain, but they’ll not act as a cure.

As a friend, it’s my advice to consult with an orthopedist and abide by his suggestions if you want to get rid of your back ache.

Wrapping Up

I tried my best and packed all the necessary info regarding sciatica and the healing with Birkenstocks in brief.

Add Birks to your closet as a part of the initial healing of sciatica. I assure you that you’ll feel better.

Don’t forget to leave your valuable opinion in the comment section.

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