New Balance vs Nike Sizing [Know How Their Size Differs]

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Nike and New Balance – the masterpieces are worthy to gear up the sports performance, especially running. Thus, their consumer market is huge.

Prior to grabbing pairs from these brands, you must know their sizing schemes.


Otherwise, there’s enough possibility to pay for the wrong size and get into the hassle of the product return.

So, let me help you to get a perfect size!

Is New Balance sizing the same as Nike?

New Balance sizing is quite similar to Nike, but not completely align with it. NB shoes fit true to size (TTS) for most people. On the other hand, Nike proclaims its shoes as true to size, but most of them tend to run narrow at the toe box. In a word, both offer TTS and also snug-fitting shoes.

Whether you take part in tennis, soccer, basketball, or running, New Balance has good-functionality shoes for you. And it’s not correct if I say all of them are just true to size. Rather, the size variation depends on each style.

For instance, New Balance 550 fits snugly on the feet due to the little toe space. So, I have to select a half-size up for this sneaker. It facilitates wiggling my toes on the basketball court.


However, most sneakers styles of NB are true to size, and it easily molds to normal feet.

Contrariwise, most Nike sneakers are considered small, and others such as Air Max, Dunks, Jordans, Roshe, and Nike Blazers are true to size. And you don’t need to go up or down for the TTS models.

But the problem arises when you choose the usual size for those smaller sneakers. Toes are squeezed inside that insufficient space. Going half-size up is the safest option in this case.

So, whether you choose Nike or NB, you must scrutinize the model and the size charts of each brand.

Let’s jump to the next segment & compare the size catalogs.

Size Charts of Nike & New Balance

To get well-fitting and comfortable Nike footwear, check the size table I have attached below. Earlier, measure the length and width of your foot with the help of our separate article on How to Measure Shoe Size.

Men’s Nike Shoe Sizing

US EUInchesCentimeters
Women’s Nike Shoe Sizing
2.5535.522.5 cm
35.53623 cm
3.5636.523.5 cm
46.537.523.5 cm
4.5 73824 cm
5 7.538.524 cm
5.5 83924.5 cm
6 8.54025 cm
6.5 940.525.5 cm
7 9.54126 cm
7.5 104226.5 cm
810.542.527 cm
8.5 114327.5 cm
911.54428 cm
9.5 1244.528.5 cm
10 12.529 cm29 cm
10.5 1329.5 cm29.5 cm

These size charts will help you to pick up the ideal-size footwear. But remember to opt for a half-size bigger in smaller Nike shoes such as Nike Huarache, Epic React, Kyrie, etc.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at what sizes are offered by New Balance.

NB Men’s Size & Conversion Catalog


NB Women’s Size & Conversion Catalog


See, men’s shoe sizes range from 4 to 20 and women’s have 4 to 15. Moreover, the brand presents size conversion guides for users’ favor. And this chart is beneficial to find good fitting of all New Balance including 993 and 990.

Did you notice the differences between these two brands’ size schemes?

See, in Nike’s chart, 25 cm denotes women’s shoe size of US 8.5 which is 8 in NB’s women’s size catalog. That is, NB is comparatively bigger than Nike.

Nike vs New Balance: Width Comparison

New Balance is ahead in terms of providing more width variations. This brand avails X-Narrow to XX-Wide toe boxes for adults and standard to X-wide for kids. Whereas, Nike is limited to only Narrow, Medium, Wide, and extra-wide options.

Available Width in NB:


Nike’s Width Chart:


There is only a 1 cm difference between Nike’s regular-width, wide, and extra-wide sneakers.

Moreover, do not bother about 2A, D, or 4E this type of width standards when you’re buying from Nike’s official website. There you can take help from the filter and find your preferred ones

New Balance & Nike: How to Get the Perfect Fit?

Getting the perfectly fitted New Balance or Nike is easy when you’re buying from the outlet. But it’s quite troublesome when you order the shoes online. No worries as you have reached the proper size guide.

Just follow the tasks below and ensure the ideal fit:

  • At first, proper measurement of both foot’s length and width is mandatory. Then determine your actual shoe size. It’s better if you measure in the centimeter unit because it is included in the size charts of NB and Nike.
  • Look into the size table of your preferred brand and identify the shoe size depending on your gender and region (US/UK/EU).
  • Also, select the width by following the charts associated with this content.

That’s all. You’re now aware of your shoe size. Proceed with the other steps regarding online buying and add your highly-anticipated pairs to the cart.

Remember to re-measure your feet every 6 months to get the well fit.

Measurement of shoe size seems difficult?

Well, you can take help from the printable sizing tool available in the Size & Width Guide of New Balance.


How Does New Balance 550 Sizing Compare To Air Force 1s?

NB 550 provides a snug fit compared to Air Force 1. Individually, 550 are somewhat smaller and AF1 fits true to size.

Do New Balance shoes run big or small?

It depends on each product design, but fortunately, most New Balance shoes come in true sizing.

Is Nike Good for Wide Feet?

Actually, they are suited to narrow to ideal feet. But wide options are available in their collection. Additionally, Nike Zoom Vomero & Air Zoom Structure are for wide feet owners.

Wrap UP

Some models from NB and Nike are always on the runner’s choice list. That’s why knowing about the difference in their sizing system is essential to get the right fit.

Now, you know all the necessary things regarding New Balance and Nike’s size. So, what are you waiting for?

Just choose your desired pairs, follow the size guide, and add them to your wardrobe.

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