How To Clean Black Uggs Easily : The Ultimate Guide [for 2024]

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So, you have a shimmering pair of black uggs, and you want to know how to clean them effectively (when they get dirty).

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. After doing a fair bit of research and careful experimentation, I’ve developed this informative guide to help your cause.

Please take your time, and read each line carefully so that you get everything right from the get-go. And, by the end of this article, you’ll thank me.clean-black-ugg

How To Clean Black Uggs| [Answered]

Cleaning black-colored shoes can be a bit easy compared to different colored footwear. It’s no different when it comes to black uggs. I’ve listed the most effective ways to clean black uggs.

Here are the steps to clean black uggs:

Step-1: Make This Cleaning Solution

Before you get your hands dirty, you need a cleaning solution to clean your uggs. The solution is the star of the show as it’ll wipe out any kind of dirt or stain marks. The ingredients you’ll need are very easy to find.

Take a medium-sized bowl, and mix equal parts of vinegar with water evenly. Once done, keep it aside and follow the next steps.

Step-2: Brush Your Uggs Clean

Take a microfiber cloth or a suede brush and brush off any excess dirt or debris. If needed, take some extra time, but make sure the boots are dust-free.

Step-3: Apply The Cleaning Solution

Take a clean cloth or rag, soak it into the solution and gently dab it across the upper of your boots. If necessary, apply to wipe motions to clean the stubborn ones (dirt). Use the required amount of solution, don’t drench your uggs with the

PS: Only use white cloth/rag as the dye from other colored rags/cloths may spread across your uggs and tarnish that natural black gloss.

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Step-4: Allow Your Uggs To Air-Dry

Once you’ve cleaned your black uggs with the solution, it’s time to dry them. Don’t place them under the sun as direct sunlight will damage the material.

Place your black uggs in a well-ventilated area so that they dry without any kind of damage.

Step-5: Apply A Protecting Spray

Once your black uggs have dried, you need to apply a conditioner to keep them safe for an extended period of time. You can get one from an authorized dealer or directly from the UGG® website.

Take your black ugg boots to a well-ventilated area and apply the conditioner. Shake the bottle properly and apply a layer of the

Remember, your boots should be a bit wet from the spray, not completely drenched. As they say, too much of anything is not good!

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Do Black Uggs Get Stained?

Many believe that any sort of black footwear gets comparatively less dirty and does not get stained. Well, it’s partially true!

It depends mainly on the material. Materials such as synthetic and leather tend to get stained less often compared to suede, thanks to their oily texture. And, even if they do, cleaning and polishing them is quite easy.

On the other hand, sheepskin (suede) is on the softer side of the spectrum. And, it tends to get a stain, salt, grime, etc rather easily.  So yes, black uggs do get stained.

While you can clean these unwanted elements with certain techniques, that will affect your precious uggs in the long run.

Suede tends to lose its natural essence upon constant cleaning, especially if it involves the usage of water.

One way to prevent the build-up of salts or other stains is to brush them with a suede brush regularly once you return home from your daily

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How To Clean Grease And Oil Off Black UGGs?

Well, one thing’s for sure, if you wear your uggs out, then they’re bound to come in contact with different types of stains, and that includes greasy and oily stains.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to face them one way or another. So, is there any technique to get rid of them? You bet there is!

Here are the steps to clean grease and oil off black uggs:


The first step to getting rid of oil or grease is to sprinkle some talcum powder on the stained areas. If you don’t have talcum powder, you can use corn starch. Either of these items is super effective against such stains.


Now that you’ve sprinkled your uggs with talcum powder/corn starch, it’s time to let them sit overnight. Keep them in a place beyond the reach of children or pets.


The night has passed, and it’s time to clean the powder off your black uggs. The majority portion of the stains should be absorbed by the powder. If not, then it’s recommended for you to repeat the process.

If the stains are still there even after the repeat, then you should take your uggs to a professional. If you try to go that extra mile all by yourself, then you might damage them. So, going to a professional would be wise.


Once you’ve removed the powder, it’s time to clean off the remaining marks. Take a bowl and make a mixture of water and vinegar. The ratio should be 1:1!

Now, take a clean, soft cloth/rag and give your uggs a light swipe. Clean the surface gently and evenly and let them dry overnight. You should be all ready from the next day on.

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How To Remove Dirt/Mud From Black Uggs

Dirt/mud is one of the most common types of stain that affects our footwear, and it’s no exception when it comes to uggs. Rather, it’s more frequent with suede; it’s mainly due to the texture of the material. But, as always, I’ve got the solution.remove-dirt-mud-from-black uggs

Here are the steps to remove dirt/mud from black uggs:


Go to an open space and spread some newspaper to make a cleaning station.


Take a soft bristle brush or a suede brush and brush off any excess dirt. All the dust on the surface should be gone as too some dried mud.


Create a solution of vinegar and water; a ratio of 1:1 is recommended. Take a small bowl and mix the equal portion together.


Now, take a clean-dry rag and immerse it into the solution. Wring out excess water and dab your black uggs clean. Feel free to use wiping motions when required.

Try to use a white rag as color from any darker shade may transfer into your boots and cause unwanted damage.


Take another clean rag and immerse it in a bowl of clean water. Wring out excess water and give your boots a nice wipe to give them the first layer of cleaning.


Once you’re done with step-4, it’s time to let your ugg boots dry. Place them in a well-ventilated area and avoid direct contact with sunlight.

If the dye fades according to you, then you can follow the process of dying them to restore them to their former glory.

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Restore Color Damage On Black Uggs

Dark shades fading from suede shoes are quite common. And the fact that the color is dark, the discoloration is quite visible if your ugg boots are black! So, what can you do to restore your boots to their former glory? I’ve got the solution.

Here are the ways to restore color damage on black uggs:


The first step to restoring color on your black uggs is to get a black dye that’s meant for suede. Anything else may result in your uggs getting damaged beyond repair. You can get it from a craft store or order it online.


Prepare the area in which you’re going to apply the dye. Dying your footwear is a messy job, and the place you’ll use it will get dirty. So, you should prepare a cleaning station.

Lay down some newspapers over the area you’re going to dye your uggs; the best place would be to dye them on an even surface outside your house. That way, you won’t have to worry about your home getting messy.


The next step of the process is to stuff your boots with newspaper; doing so allows your uggs to retain their shape and makes the dying process easier for you.  If you don’t have a newspaper, then you can use paper towels or any type of old paper.

Also, you’ll need to wear a pair of rubber gloves or any type of protective gloves. Trust me; you don’t want the dye to stain your hands. Wear old clothes as well.


Pour the dye into a small bowl, take a small brush, and dab it well. Once done, apply the dye over the faded areas with gentle swipe motions.

To prevent overwhelming contrast, apply the dye to the other areas of your boots accordingly. This way, you’ll have an evenly dyed pair of ugg boots.


If you feel the first layer hasn’t worked effectively, then you should apply a second layer of dye to your black uggs. You don’t want them to look incomplete, do you know?


Now that you’ve dyed your black uggs properly, it’s time to let them dry. Place them in a well-ventilated area and air-dry. Avoid direct contact with sunlight; it’ll do more worse than good.


Black uggs are quite attractive, thanks to their shimmering appearance and their signature comfort. Many people have this misconception that the black ones won’t get dirty, but it’s completely wrong.

Black Uggs tend to dirt more frequently than others. Therefore, you’ll need to clean them properly. I’ve shown you everything that’s required of you to clean black uggs.

Do let me know about your experience with my guide. And, don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of queries down in the comment section below.

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