How To Protect Ugg Boots Easily [Step by Step Guide 2024]

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If you’re looking for the best ways to protect your precious ugg boots, then you’ve landed in the right place.

After proper research and is backed by successful implementation, I’ve come up with this informative guide that’ll answer all your questions.


Take your time and read each line carefully so that you don’t miss a single bit of information. And by the end of this post, you’ll thank me.

Do You Need To Protect Your Ugg Boots?

Before we dive into our main topic, I’d like to clarify some common confusion. Many have this niggling doubt about whether or not you need to protect your ugg boots or not.

Yes, you need to protect your ugg boots. But not all of them need to be protected. Ugg rain boots, winter boots, and some models from the snow line of boots are very well built and sturdy. They’re built to endure rough usage.

On the other hand, the classic style of ugg boots needs to be protected. They’re made using the signature ugg material, sheepskin; that too is the underside of the hide.

While you get plush cushioning and comfort, you get less durability. Hence, you need to protect them from all sorts of external forces such as water, salt, dirt, stains, etc.

So yeah, you need to protect your ugg boots. Before that, you’ve to ensure the model of ugg boots you’re wearing needs to be protected or not.

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How To Protect Ugg Boots| [Answered]

Danger to ugg boots comes in many forms, and some are water damage, stain marks, damage from salts, etc. And, for your convenience, I’ve listed some of the most effective ways to protect your beloved ugg boots.

Here are the best ways to protect your ugg boots:

Protect Them From Stains (In The First Place)

As I said, stains are one of the biggest threats to ugg boots. And, you need to protect them from stains no matter what! There are two things you can do about it.

First, you can protect your boots from the very beginning, and later, you can restore them once they’ve been stained or lost their fluff.

Let’s start with our first step of protection; you’ll need an ugg protector for this one. Once you’ve got your new ugg boots, take them out of their box and go to a well-ventilated area.

From a distance of 6-8 inches, spray the protector on your boots evenly until they’re wet. Don’t shower them with the spray. And, don’t forget to shake the bottle before spraying it.

Once done, let the boots air dry for at least 24 hours. Don’t keep them under the sun or use any heat source to fasten the process. You’ll do more damage than good.


Once the boots are fully dry, take a suede brush and brush your boots in one direction to raise the nap. Now, you’re ready to go.

Restore Stained Uggs

So, you’ve used your ugg boots for about 6 months now. And, they seem to have lost their original glow. Now, you need to restore them to their former glory. And, your best friend will be the ugg cleaner and conditioner.

First of all, take a suede brush and brush off any excess dirt. Don’t forget to brush in one direction!

Now, moisten the upper with a clean, damp sponge. Take a small amount of formula onto the sponge and evenly apply it to your boots.

Stuff your boots with news or kitchen paper and let them dry for at least 24 hours. Once they’ve dried, brush them with a suede brush (in one direction) to raise the nap, and restore their original appearance.

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Are Ugg Boots Waterproof?

It’s both yes and no. When people think of ugg boots, most people think of classic ones, which are not waterproof. But, newer versions such as the ugg rain boots and some models from the winter and snow line are waterproof. In short, you get to choose whether you want waterproof uggs or not.

When people think of ugg boots, the classic styles come to mind first. They gave uggs their recognition in the first place. People know them to be the original ugg boots.

And the original ugg boots are not waterproof, and it’s mainly because of the nature of the material. The underside of the sheepskin is used to make the lion’s share of ugg boots, including the classic ones.

And, these boots are not waterproof. But, if you want to wear them out in almost any season, you need to waterproof them.

Keeping your needs in mind, UGG® has also launched a dedicated line of boots (ugg rain boots) that are waterproof.

You can wear them in the rainy season with your eyes closed. You won’t have to worry about them being damaged in the rain or anything like that.

You can also use ugg boots in snowy conditions now, all thanks to the UGG® snow line of boots.

Protect Your Ugg Boots From Water In The Following Way

So, you want to wear your classic style of boots outside. Also, you want to protect them from water and other types of dangerous liquid. What’s the best way to protect them from such forces?

The answer is waterproofing, that’s right! It’s the best way to protect your ugg boots from the water. How do you do it? I’ve listed the steps below.

Here are the steps to waterproof ugg boots effectively:

Step-1: Clean Them

The first step of waterproofing ugg boots is to prepare them by the process of cleaning. First, spread the newspaper on your floor so that all the dirt falls on them.

Now, take a suede brush and gently brush your ugg boots. Doing so will raise the nap of the sheepskin and get rid of all the surface dirt and debris.

If you come up against stubborn dirt, clean them off using a butter knife or any blunt knife.

If your boots have any kind of stain marks, then wipe them off using a specialized suede eraser or a pencil eraser.

However, you can skip all these if you decide to waterproof your ugg boots right out of the box.

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Step-2: Deodorize Them (Optional)

If your ugg boots stink, then it’s better to deodorize them. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into your boots. Now, close the openings with your hand and shake each of the boots vigorously. It ensures your boots smell fresh and clean.

Step-3: The Final Step Of Cleaning

Once you’re done with the initial steps of cleaning and deodorizing, it’s time for the final piece of the jigsaw.

Take a cotton ball and soak them in cold water; about 20% of the cotton should be soaked, and the rest should remain dry. Now, wipe the uppers using cotton.

Now take a sponge, dampen it in cold water and add a small amount of suede cleaner to it.

Now, work your way through your boots from top to bottom using the sponge. Be gentle when you’re applying the suede cleaner. Make sure the cleaner reaches all parts of the upper.

Once you’re done, fill up your boots with newspaper or kitchen paper. Now, allow them to dry for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area.


Step-4: Apply Waterproofing Spray

Now that your boots are dry and toasty, it’s time to apply the star of our show, which is the waterproofing spray.

Keep in mind, that you’ll need a waterproofing spray that is effective on suede.

Now that you have your desired waterproofing spray, it’s time to apply it. Keep your boots on top of a newspaper and spray them from a distance of 6-8 inches.

Make sure the uggs are dampened, not over soaked with waterproofing spray.

Step-5: Allow Them To Dry

Once you’re done with the spraying, leave your boots to dry in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours. Don’t keep them under the sun, and remember, only air drying them will be beneficial to you and your boots.

Step-6: Brush Them 

Now that your boots are crisp and dry, it’s time to brush them. Make sure to brush them using a suede brush and even the nap of the boots. Once you’re done, spray them with a suede protective spray and conditioner.

Allow them to dry for a few hours, and you’re done! Now, you can wear them out in the rain or snow without having to worry about anything else.

Protect Your Ugg Boots Using This Humble Tool

I think we all can agree that stains are one of the worst enemies of ugg boots. Since the material is suede, it’s no surprise.

Suede is a form of leather, appreciated for its distinct appearance and soft nature.

Also, add that they’re pretty fragile compared to other forms of leather, and you have yourself a nice pair of boots that need to be protected.

Stain marks are inevitable on suede shoes, especially ugg boots. You can’t stainproof ugg boots. But, you can use one simple tool to eradicate them off your precious footwear.

So, what’s the magic tool? Chalk! That’s right; chalk is a super effective tool against stain marks.

Didn’t see it coming either! When I first came upon this discovery, I left a back. Who would have thought chalk could turn out to be such a lifesaver?

You just have to mark the stain marks with the chalk and leave it overnight to do its job. Once the night’s over, brush off the chalk with a suede brush or a soft-bristled brush.

If any marks remain, then rub them off using the surface of your other boot. Rub gently for a couple of minutes or until the mark disappears.

Chalk is super effective against oil, grease, food, or mud stains.

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Ugg boots are different from other forms of boots, and they need to be protected and taken care of properly to ensure a longer service.

This was all on how to protect your ugg boots. I really hope you’ve found them helpful. If not, do let me know down in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you too. Until then, it’s goodbye!

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