Do Uggs Make Your Feet Sweat? [The Best Ways To Fix It]

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When you think of Uggs, you think of warm and fuzziness, comfort and coziness. But that’s not the case for everyone.

Many people have faced sweaty and smelly feet from wearing uggs – which led to the question: do uggs really make your feet sweat?

I have done thorough research and tried on uggs myself to get the most accurate answer for you.


Uggs are made of sheepskin, so they produce a lot of warmth. If your feet are prone to getting sweaty and smelly, the warmth and fuzziness can result in the generation of even more sweat. You can prevent sweaty and stinky feet in Uggs by wearing socks and treating your feet to minimize sweating.

If you want to know why and how to stop your feet from sweating excessively in your uggs, read this article till the end.

Do Uggs Make Your Feet Sweat?

Uggs are wonderful, fuzzy boots that everyone loves – they’re like a warm hug, but for your feet.

But do they make your feet sweat?

If your feet are prone to sweating, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but uggs will make your feet sweat even more. So, yes, if your feet sweat more than usual in your uggs, it’s because the insides of the ugg boots are so warm and fuzzy.

Uggs were made to be worn with or without socks – but if you have sweat-prone feet, wearing them without socks will only result in the formation of more sweat.

Moreover, if you sweat a lot inside your uggs, the sheepskin added with the sweat and bacteria from your feet is going to be the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of foot fungus and bacteria.

This can result in various unwanted foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, calluses, foot nail infections and such.uggs-make-your-feet-sweat

The bacteria and sweat harbored within the uggs can also result in highly unpleasant food odor, and if not managed in time, it can get to the point where it is unbearable.

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Why Do Your Uggs Smell Bad?

Let’s face it, having smelly feet or smelly shoes is a huge embarrassment. Regardless of where you are, whether it’s at home, at work, out with friends, or simply running errands – no one likes smelly feet and shoes.

As you know by now, having sweat-prone feet, or wearing your uggs for extended periods of time, while it’s all sweaty inside can result in various bacterial and fungal growth within the shoes.

People often make the mistake of wearing them for extended periods, rarely taking them off of their feet because of how comfortable uggs are.

But, this results in the production of foot odor as the bacteria works on the sweat being produced.

Even if you do not have sweaty feet, your uggs may still start to smell – did you ever wonder why that might happen?

Uggs are made of sheepskin and the material is breathable – this makes them highly susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth.

Now, even if your feet do not sweat, your uggs can still smell bad. This happens when your uggs get wet somehow other than via your sweat.smell

So, whether it’s water from the rain or a puddle you accidentally stepped on in the streets, if the boots aren’t immediately dried fully, this will lead to bacterial growth and eventually start to smell.

This is why I would strongly recommend keeping your uggs are dry as possible,

But it’s not the end of the world because, like most other problems, this can also be fixed.

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How To Prevent Your Uggs From Sweating And Smelling?

Below I have mentioned some methods you can use to keep your feet from sweating and making your uggs smell bad.

Here are the ways to prevent your uggs from sweating and smelling:

Wear Socks

Yes, it says in the uggs box that you can wear them without socks.

But if you do so, your feet will sweat, which will get one the sheepskin, resulting in not only bad odor but also possible fungal growth.

So, wear a pair of cotton socks with your uggs – you can also wear socks that have cotton and other materials combined. The socks will absorb the moisture and sweat from your feet and prevent them from getting on your uggs.uggs-wear-socks

So, remember, socks are important.

Use Antiperspirant Deodorant

Another smart way of preventing your feet from sweating is by using antiperspirant deodorant.

Yes, the ones that you use on your underarms to prevent them from getting sweaty! You can use the same antiperspirant deodorant for your feet as well.

The antiperspirant deodorant works by preventing the sweat glands from releasing sweat and blocking the sweat pores.

When used correctly, antiperspirant deodorants can work wonders in stopping your feet from getting sweaty. Just apply them to your clean and dry feet before going to bed.

Wash your feet after waking up in the morning, and repeat the process for three to four days to get the best results.

After repeating it the first time around, start repeating this step once a week. Studies have shown that this works well for people who have comparatively sweaty feet.

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Wear Them In Rotation

Don’t wear the same pair of uggs every day, this will make them prone to smelling bad.

If your Uggs become sweaty or wet, you must remove them off your feet and allow them to dry fully before wearing them again. Otherwise, the smell and condition of your uggs will only deteriorate.

So, if wearing uggs is really important for you, get yourself another pair and wear them alternately because, for a pair of uggs to dry completely, it takes at least 24 hours.

Wash Your Feet

As obvious as it may seem, washing your feet regularly and cleansing them with antibacterial soap is important for preventing your feet from sweating excessively.

Remember to wash them like so every night before bed. And dust on some powder to your feet before putting on your socks and uggs.

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Uggs are great, but that is only until your feet start sweating and the uggs start smelling awful.

To prevent this, to need to act smart, take care of your feel, make sure you swear a pair of sock whenever you are wearing your uggs, and wearing them in rotation.

Plus, wash and clean them whenever needed and you’ll be good to go.

So, with all this information I hope your sweat and smell related problems with uggs will be solved.

However, if you have any further queries or feedback, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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