Can You Wear Ugg Boots in The Snow? Here's the Fact

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To keep the feet warm and comfortable from bone-chilling cold, there is no better choice than Ugg boots. The sheep’s twin-faced skin with the wool inside the Ugg boots gives your feet a pleasant warmth and coziness in the cold weather.

So, can you wear Ugg boots in the snow?


Ugg boots are not suitable for snow unless the shoes are waterproof. As Ugg makes the boots with wool, the moistness can ruin the Ugg boots if it gets drenched from the snow.

There is a big dilemma going between people: whether they can wear Ugg boots in snow or are the boots waterproof or not.

To find the solutions to all these questions, keep reading this article. Because here, I will rectify all your misconceptions about Ugg boots and give you proper knowledge of whether you can wear Ugg boots in snow or not.

Are Ugg Boots Water-Resistant?

From Oprah Winfrey to ordinary people like us, we consider Uggs the essential clothing in the winter season. But unknowingly, we often make the mistake of wearing uggs in the snow because most of us are unaware that uggs are only made to wear in winter or in fall to keep your feet warm and dry from the cold chilly weather.


Before you step out in the snow, first, you have to know whether your Uggs are waterproof or not. Not all Ugg boots are waterproof; the typical suede Ugg boots that we wear are not water-resistant. So if you wear this Ugg in the snow, for a particular time, your feet will feel warm, but after some moment, your sheepskin ugg boots will soak all the water and make your Uggs completely wet, change its color and have watermarks on your Uggs. The result, spending all your hard-earned money on Uggs will go in vain.

Fortunately, some Uggs are waterproof; there are also ways to make your ugg boots waterproof, which are discussed later on. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s label before jumping into the snow with your Uggs on.

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How To Safeguard Your Ugg Boots?

Though Ugg boots are not water-resistant and recommended not to wear in the snow but somehow, if you step out in the snow and make your Uggs wet, there are some tips and tricks following which you can make your Ugg boots wearable again and increase its life-span.

Here are some of the methods that you can follow to clean your Ugg boots:

Clean The Ugg Boots With Suede Brush Cleaner


Cleaning the Ugg boots can retrieve the marks and discoloration of the Uggs caused by the snow.

Take a suede brush, or an old toothbrush will also work for the time being, and brush the Ugg boots with light-handed small circular strokes. Make sure to brush the shoes only when they are dry and always dust in a single direction. If there are any scratch marks, with a gentle pressure brush on the spots to and fro. What brushing does is, it lifts the fiber of the suede and separates the dirt particles from the boots.

If you want to invest a bit in cleaning, you can buy the suede eraser; it erases any spots or stains just like rubber.

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Use Ugg Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your Ugg boots with an Ugg cleaning kit will give the best possible results because the Ugg cleaning kit contains all the cleansers, shoe conditioners, and brushes needed to deep clean your Ugg boots.

Here is the cleaning process of Ugg boots using an Ugg kit:

  • Brush your Ugg boots in small strokes. Brushing the boots will remove any loose dirt particles that stick to the shoes.
  • Take a soft cotton cloth and drench it in warm water. Wring out the water thoroughly.
  • Use the damp cloth to moisten the boot thoroughly; make sure only to damp the boot rather than making it wet.
  • Take the cleaner, add few drops of cleaner on the cloth.
  • Smear the cleaner all over the boots and gently rub on the scars.
  • Once the stains become less noticeable, rub off all the cleanser’s residue with a damp cloth.
  • To dry the boots keep them in an airy place for 24 hours or until the shoes are completely dry. Do not dry the shoes in direct sunlight.
  • Before you wear the Ugg boots, brush the shoes with a suede brush to uplift the boot material’s threads.

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Waterproofing Your Ugg Boots

Waterproofing Ugg boots is not an easy task to do; you have to undergo a specific process. By any chance, if you miss any spot on the shoes while waterproofing, all your work will go in vain. Make sure you waterproof the Uggs before you wear them for the first time so that there is no embedded dirt or stains.

The Ugg cleaning kit contains the waterproofing spray, so if you have bought the equipment already, then there is no need to purchase separate waterproofing spray.

Here are the steps to waterproof Ugg boots:

  • Remove the dust particles by brushing the boots with a suede brush. Take the water-resistant spray and evenly spray it all over the shoes. Do not over-spray it.Before spraying all over the shoes, make sure you do a patch test on a small area, ensuring no discoloration on the boots. Also, if there is any ornamentation on the shoes, make sure to cover them up.
  • After spraying, leave the Uggs for air-drying in a cool place for 24 hours or until the boots are dried thoroughly. Do not leave the shoes in the direct sunlight for drying.
  • Once the boots are completely dried, brush the shoes again with the suede brush to raise the threads.

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Best Ugg boots That You Can Wear In The Snow

Luckily, Uggs manufacture specific boots that you can wear in snow and rain. Like- Kesey boots, Sienna rain boots, Olivert snow boots, and many more boots are designed for the snowy and rainy season. From zip-up boots to pull-on Ugg boots, Ugg has a variety of boots to wear in snow and rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Uggs get wet?

Once the Uggs get dried off, the dust and debris in that water could blotch your Uggs permanently, so it is better to wash them off properly before drying. The exact way of drying Ugg boot is to keep them in a cool and airy place until the shoes are completely dried, keep the shoes out of direct sunlight.

Can you wash Uggs in the washing machine or the dryer?

No, never wash your Uggs in the washing machine or dry them in the dryer. To clean the Uggs, brush the boots to remove any dirt from the boot surface, with Ugg cleaner or laundry detergent, gently scrub the shoes. Wipe it off with a clean cloth and leave it for air dry.

Do Uggs get ruined in the snow?

You should not wear Uggs when it is raining because it’s going to be muddy and wet, and Uggs are not designed for this type of weather. The same thing goes for wearing your ugg boots in the snow. Uggs are made for seasons like fall and winter, for giving your feet warmth and comfort. Snow can easily ruin the Ugg boots and change its color.


Uggs are the ultimate savior and the preferable boots for cold weather but before stepping in the snow, make sure that your ugg boots are waterproof. Now that you know how to waterproof ugg boots, you can make your shoes waterproof and enjoy the snow.

This article contains all the necessary guides on whether you can wear ugg boots in snow or not; we hope all this information will help you. Do share your experience with us that how this article helped you.


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