Are Roshes Good Running Shoes? [Examined by Professionals]

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Since Nike has been manufacturing splendid athletic gear for years, individuals purchase its Roshes models for sports activities and running.

But are they compatible with running or just casual wear with eye-catchy glaze?


Well, I’m gonna inform you about Nike Roshes features and my running experience with this pair. Thus, you will realize whether it is meant for running or not.

Barring any delay, let’s dive in!

Is Nike Roshe Good for Running?

Not at all. The basic requirement of good running gear such as peerless comfort, outstanding arch support, and energy-boosting technology is absent in Nike Roshes. So they are not a good choice for professional running. But you can opt for the pairs for a recreational short run.

However, to continue customer satisfaction, the iconic brand released its Roshe Run series in 2012. The streamlined look of the pairs attracted sneakerheads and soon it became a signature attire among fashionistas.

In spite of being a stylish sneaker, it’s an improper choice for regular and heavy running similar to Air Max.

Recently, some team members of RMKShoes took part in a marathon wearing Nike Roshe. The motive was to test Roshe’s efficiency in terms of running and entertaining the members at the same time!

All the participants left negative feedback about Roshes and recommended avoiding the shoes while running.

Now, let’s see why Roshes are bad at running:

  • Minimal Cushion: This sneaker is well-cushioned, but not highly cushioned. You can’t get enough padding in this pair. So, relying on them for 30–40 miles running, won’t be pleasant. It will hamper the stride and at the end of the day, you may scream due to the immense foot pain.
  • Lack of Arch Support: Excellent arch support is missing in this shoe. According to some users, the shoe possesses zero support. Consequently, it leads to muscle inflammation, calluses, and hammertoes.
  • No return energy: Energy-returning midsole is one of the major characteristics of good running wear. It helps the runner to move with full-on energy. Unfortunately, Roshes do not have this advantage.
  • Snug fit: The narrow-toe box structure of Nike Roshes isn’t eligible for running. It doesn’t provide wide space for wiggling toes, but rather leads to cramped toes.

Therefore, stay away from Roshe Run and choose the running-worthy sets from Nike. In the following segment, Nike’s top-running collections are mentioned. Just go through that section to make your shopping easy-peasy!

Nike’s Best Running Shoes

Nike has several good-quality running shoes. So, it’s a bit difficult to choose the top 5 among them. Still based on good reviews and positive experiences, the best five are mentioned below:

1. Nike Alphafly 2

Came with a hefty price tag ($285) and is loaded with running-friendly features!

Being made of Flyknit and Atomknit fabric, it is fantastic in breathability and comfort. This running gear is much lighter for the Zoom Air Unit. The insertion of ZoomX midsole and carbon fiber plate helps to attain a relaxed feel and confident pace. Its thin rubber outsole is reliable for offering good traction in the running arena.

2. Nike Vaporfly 2

This $ 250-priced shoe is considered THE ELITE RACING POWERHOUSE edition from Nike. Responsive cushioning, airflow, coziness, energy-returning ZoomX foam, roomy toe box– all of these advantages are enriched with this running silhouette.

However, don’t get confused between Vaporfly and Vapormax as they’re two separate models with their own distinctive features. But I can assure you that both Vaporfly and Vapormax are good for running. There’s no doubt about it.

Initially, runners often faced disturbance with the lightly padded tongue and average durability of Vporfly 2. But the sneaker giant Nike solved this issue!

To know more about Alphafly and Vaporfly lineage, check out the separate article Nike Alphafly vs Vaporfly.

3. Nike React Infinity 3

The blend of innovative technology and well-ventilated Flyknit upper leads to an amazing running shoe – that is Nike React Infinity 3.

The Flywire technology provides a stable, secure, and supportive feel to the wearers. On the other hand, React technology simplifies the fastest running with its energy-uplifting feature and responsive sensation.

The other things about this shoe i.e. durability, grip, comfort and fit everything is perfect for running. This lucrative pair sells for $160, and it is just worth the price like the expensive Air Jordan series.

4. Nike Pegasus 39

This lightweight all-weather footwear is helpful to maintain physical balance with every step. It contains a breathable engineered mesh upper.


Additional padded layers in the midsole, tongue, and ankle area assure the utmost comfort to the runners. The integrated Flywire and React technology makes the shoe supremely supportive and assists to smooth transitions.

It has two Air Zoom units for energized and lightweight feel while racing. Moreover, the pair is excellent in traction with the grooved rubber outsole.

As there are tons of advantages to this shoe, Pegasus is comparable to the famous Brooks Ghost. And it’s not a big deal to invest $130 for one pair. So it’s time to fly with Nike Pegasus!

If you frequently run in watery trails and riverbanks, pick up the GORE-TEX-infused Pegasus models. Because they have tremendous waterproof properties as found in AF1.

5. Nike Zoom Fly 5

The most interesting part of this shoe is its full-length carbon fiber plate. It helps the wearers to stay in a strong rhythm at long and short races.


The other benefits of this popular racing shoe include:

  • Ultra Lightweight and comfortable with the ZoomX foamy midsole. It easily conforms with the feet.
  • Stability from the unique construction and rigid outsole
  • enough padding for professional racers.
  • Secure fit with the lace closure
  • Variety of colorways and breathable mesh upper
  • Available for both men and women.

A pair of Nike Zoom Fly 5 costs $170 and it is justified to spend bucks for such a convenient package, right?

Are Roshes Good Workout Shoes?

Roshes aren’t meant for heavy workouts, gym activities, and running. The shoe has less support and minimal cushioning. So it won’t provide you with enough arch support. Additionally, the innovative technologies included in Nike’s training shoes are lacking in Roshes. So, skipping them at workouts is wise.

Nike Roshes are not a suitable choice for gymnastics and massive exercise sessions. Rather, do workouts in Air Force 1 as they have maximum cushions, outsole stability, and proper symmetry maintaining capability.

However, it has some benefits which make them good for golfing and walking. That’s why Roshes became highly demanding among shoe fanatics and golfers.

Here are the advantages of Nike Roshes:

Breathable: The upper of this footwear is made with very thin mesh. This fabric ensures airflow to the wearer’s feet. It is a very lightweight piece for the phylon-made midsole. And it easily conforms to different-shaped feet.

Lightweight: Generally, less than 8 ounces of shoe weight is considered lightweight. And the average weight of Roshes is less than eight ounces per shoe. So, this can be a preferable option for a casual walk.

Traction: It has waffle shaped rubber outsole that delivers stability on wet surfaces and grassy slopes.

Outlook: Did you ever think about what is so special about Nike Roshes?

It is Roshes’ first glance. Although they are in lack strong features, their breathable structure, moderate comfort, and enchanting color options make them easygoing attire for sizzling-hot months.

So, lean into the Roshe until you go for running or heavy physical activities.

Does Nike Make Roshe Anymore?

Nike doesn’t manufacture Roshe Run shoes anymore but Roshe Golf shoes are still in production. Roshe Run became too accessible among common people, and they were demanding something new. Thus, Nike stopped Roshe Run’s production and designed newer additions to satisfy its consumers.

Let’s look at the backstory of Roshes and see how it becomes history!

Roshe Run– the minimalist running gear debuted in the footwear market in 2012. It was selling like hot cakes and for its wide range of shades more than 40 million pairs were sold within the next two years.

By the time, Roshe Run became so affordable that 20 pairs were spotted in the street in 20 minutes.

According to the senior design director (Dylan Raasch) of Nike,

“By 2017 the market had begun to change, and it was rumored that close to 100 million pairs of the Roshe had been sold and people were now looking for something different. Having designed over 22 different versions, the requests had finally come to an end and the shoe was dead, along with any remaining hype”

And that’s how the journey of Roshe Run paused. However, Roshe golf shoes are still available in Nike’s collection. These shoes offer support, stability, grip, and a good appearance at the golf club.

Last Cast

In the end, I’ll recommend you not to hang with Nike Roshes for long distances and speedy running.

Though many people suggest wearing these shoes in short-distance weekly races, there’s enough possibility of foot pain and injuries in this case. Because they have a minimal cushioning system and support.

But you can proceed for a casual walk and golfing with these soft shoes.

For additional queries and opinions, leave your comments below.

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