Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Practical Details [2024]

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Nike Air Max is the revolutionary line of Nike that features the most extraordinary Air Units in the history of sneakers.

Air Max has countless designs to serve different purposes. This line is old enough to understand your concerns regarding a comfortable, sustainable, fashionable sneaker.


When considering buying a pair of Air Max for running, the question that pops into your mind is, are they the best choice?

Don’t worry! I am here to the rescue.

In this article, you will get to know everything about Nike Air Max and its functionality as a running shoe through my own experience as I got the chance to try a few air max sneakers myself.

So, keep reading till the end to clear your mind and get the answers you were opting for.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running?

Nike Air Max models are designed in such a way that they are pretty suitable for both short-distance running.

You can wear these sneakers for warming up and short runs, but avoiding Air Max is ideal for intense running. Because gradually they become heavier and tiring.

I thought I could run in these, and let me tell you, I was wrong.

As I went on a long run, my feet started to hurt at some point. I was not running comfortably. So, eventually, I lost interest in running in these. Now I use them for lighter workouts and yoga classes.

If you want to buy them for running, consider the timing and intensity beforehand.

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Are Nike Air Max Good For Everyday?

Yes, Nike Air Max is suitable for regular wear. You can pair them with your everyday outfits, and they serve the purpose of comfortable footwear.

These models have a visible air cushion that provides flexibility. If you want to wear a sneaker for your daily activities, it should have the perfect balance of support and versatility, which you will find in Air Max sneakers.

You can choose from countless options and enjoy them according to your preference and color palate.

Is Nike Air Max 270 A Good Running Shoe?

Nike Air Max 270 is not a good option as a running shoe despite its eye-catching design and popularity.

This particular version is designed for casual wear and fashion purposes.

I own a pair of Air Max 270, and the features are the main reasons they are not as perfect as a running shoe.


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Let’s see the features of Air Max 270:


Air Max 270 has an eye-catching color palette featuring a retro look. It is an excellent option to wear daily.

Its outstanding features are suitable for your body weight but don’t mistake them for running shoes as with these you risk hurting your feet.


Max Air 270 has a reacting layer that’s perfect for wearing regularly. However, the midsole can’t provide stability for long-term running.

Upper Edge

The upper edge of Max Air has multiple layers, which gives these shoes a classy look. They also have a black fused overlay which is the main reason for stability in the toe box.


The drop of Air Max 270 is for lighter activities. These have a huge air unit of 35 mm, which you won’t find in any sneakers on the market.


The outsole has three different layers to provide enough traction for your foot. But for everyday activity, it’s suitable not for heavy walking or running.


Air Max is stable enough to walk around, but I can’t say that for running. These shoes offer large exposed air pockets, but the heel cup in these sneakers is stiff.

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Are Nike Air Max Heavy?

Yes, Nike Air Max is quite heavy compared to other sneakers in the market.

The main reason for their weight is the design. These versions are mainly constructed for daily fashion wear, and for that reason, they are quite popular among celebrities.

Air Max weighs nearly 13 ounces or 368 grams which is not considered lightweight.

Specific models have different weights according to their design and structure. Despite this fact, people love wearing them. And their popularity is increasing.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Exercise?

Yes, Nike Air Max is good for exercise and short-term running. If you want to wear them for your daily gym or yoga sessions, it’s perfect. But not so suitable for weight lifting.

All Air Max sneakers feature a visible airbag that is good for supporting your feet.

Another fact worth mentioning is that these models have a lot of cushioning that eventually leads to unstable footing for heavy workout as it involves quick movements.


One of my friends is into weightlifting, and at the gym, he practices regularly. He tried Air Max while lifting, and his review is not that promising.

Workout activities like lifting require flat shoes with limited cushioning as they can push off the ground with stability and balance.

But, Nike Air Max is quite the opposite.

These sneakers can’t provide the consistency posture to perform such heavy physical activity.

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What Features Should You Consider In A  Running Shoe?

Shoes and sneakers are, without any doubt, the best option for running. But whether a sneaker is ideal for running depends on its features and the making process.

For running, your shoe must have certain features to provide extra support, comfort and durability for your feet during heavy pressure.

Let’s see the features a running shoe should have:


Cushioning is a crucial factor for any running shoe. The cushioning of the shoe absorbs your body weight and protects the joints of your leg.

You need to check the specifications of your running shoes and what type of activities you will perform wearing your sneakers.

Support And Shock Absorbing

While running or engaging in heavy physical activities, your feet require extra support. Running shoes have a special insole to offer comfort.

In long runs, the foot muscle tends to get tired earlier, so running shoes have to have supporting materials to help runners in that situation. And your running shoes should be able to handle shock 2.5 times your average body weight that comes from your body.

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The style of a shoe is a factor to like a specific shoe model. It depends on the users’ preferences.

Sometimes, runners collaborate with shoe brands to customize their pairs.

Heel Drop

The cushioning layer determines the heel drop. An excellent running shoe must have a higher heel drop to allow your feet to hit the ground.

The minimum for a proper running shoe is 10 millimeters.


A good running shoe should fit you like a glove. While buying a new pair of shoes, you need to try them on to ensure the fitting. Wear a pair of socks while trying on new shoes as you do when running.

This ensures the perfect fit and comfort in the long run.

Flexibility And Breathability

Running shoes must have the flexibility to serve a better performance. You can check if your shoe is flexible by bending them.

At the same time, the upper of your sneakers should have a breathable material for proper airflow. While running, your feet will sweat, so your shoes must have breathable materials.


Though Nike Air Max is not ideal for serving as a running shoe, its popularity is on the rise.

You can wear them for your daily activities and lighter workouts. If you want a short-term run, you can go for it with your eyes closed.

I hope this article was helpful in providing you with all the information you were looking for and cleared your confusion about Nike Air Max sneakers and their features regarding long-term running.

If you ever bought these sneakers for running, please share your experience and opinion in the comment section below.

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