Are Keds Good for Walking? [Know Before You Purchase 2024]

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If you wanna go out with your girls for a whole hog barbecue and have to walk a long time to reach your destination, the ever-dependable Keds sneakers are there to your rescue.


But are they good for walking? In this write-out, I will clear your confusion and discuss which Keds are the best suited to walk.

So, get moving.

Are Keds Good for Walking?

Yes, Keds are good for walking around and has established itself as a comfy footwear brand. The canvas or suede-made upper along with rubber outsole and ortholite insole provides enough ankle support to walk, no matter what type of surface you are dealing with.

The amazing fact about these versatile Keds sneakers is they are designed to go with everything and come in wide widths.


I have worn them several times, and these memory foam-lined shoes never clashed with any of my outfits, and these slip-on sneakers are a perfect fit for a quick footwear change too.

Classic, time-saving and sleek, don’t you think?

From my childhood memory till now, Keds are a staple pair in my shoe closet and daily footwear.

It’s not just me, most of the wearers have the same outcome. From a happy Quora user, “Keds are a fashionable, everyday shoe. They aren’t meant for any kind of activity other than just walking around. They are fairly well-made and should last a year or so if you treat them well. They are made for someone looking for a nice looking everyday shoe that goes with most every outfit, who doesn’t want to pay a lot.”

Like Keds shoes, if you like to walk, you should know whether Doc Martens is good for walking to ease the purchasing process.

Why Keds Are a Good Walking Sneaker?

There are so many reasons that made the iconic Keds shoes good for walking and are worth your money. Yet, before purchasing one, you need to know about its features in detail.

Let’s see why Keds are good for walking:


How you will feel wearing any shoe depends on its material. If the constructing ingredients are good like in Keds you will be comfortable while walking.

Keds come with fabric, canvas, and suede upper, which allows your feet to breathe. So whether it’s summer or spring, your feet will be pretty dry no matter how much you walk around wearing your favorite pair.

Moreover, the volcanized rubber-made outsole also helps with balance when you walk. The most amazing part, it saves your feet from the drastic weather change.

By change of weather, can you wear crocs in winter? I never did, but have plans for the next season.


For any footwear you are buying for regular use and walks, you need to see and try them on in the store to see how much comfort and cushioning they are providing.

I own Keds for ages and recently my cousin wanted to try them, so I went with her to the store, and she walked around 10 minutes before settling in with the Women’s Court Leather.

This pair is superb, and she said how comfy they became after a week. And now I want one.

I wanna compare the comfort level of different keds models, like the differences between Yeezy and the Ultra Boost to understand the variation.


Another main reason Keds slides are comfy to walk around is their sizing. If you have narrow feet, the good news is Keds sneakers are 0.5 sizes smaller.

When it comes to odd sizing, there is confusion if crocs offer half sizes.

Now let’s come back to Keds, even with a petite foot, you can enjoy these iconic shoes.

However, Keds come in wide widths and 15% of these shoes come in wide D. That means with wider feet you don’t need to change your walking shoes.

Keds got you covered and offers regular sizes (5-11). To get a more clear concept, check out the sizing chart and rock your traveling look.



These comfy shoes last pretty long to serve you. During my childhood, I didn’t have to think of longevity, but now the responsibility is on me.

And let me tell you, my Keds sneaker never disappointed me.

I’m a careful user, so I don’t need to wash my Unisex Royal Lo Canvas that often. After every wear, I wipe them with a wet tissue.

Keds sneakers’ last three washes and with each wash the longevity decreases. The color starts to fade, and the rubber begins to peel off.

So far, I have washed them twice and as I kept them clean, the damage is very minimal.

Along with your regular walking shoes, you also need to know how long your dress shoes will last to make your money worthwhile!

5 Most Comfortable Keds Shoes for Walking

Keds offer so many options. You just need to select from the models and styles according to your preference. In the case of comfort, there are also some options there.

Here are the comfiest Keds you can try for walking:

1. Keds Triple Up

Keds Triple Up has a platform with which you can walk comfortably all day with great arch support, is easy to clean, and has an endless look that lasts. Triple up for sure!


$34.95 seems quite reasonable, don’t you think?

And you don’t have to worry about the fit of these canvas-made shoes, as it’s true to size.

I have paired this Keds walking shoe with countless outfits, the staple white tone goes with everything, even if you are new to the confusing world of fashion!

2. Keds Jump Kick Leather

For those short walking trips, this cute and minimalistic sneaker is a superb, comfy choice. Along with being lightweight, Keds Jump Kick Leather is very easy to clean and lightweight to move around.


One more thing, you don’t have to spend a lot to buy these.

From Amazon, you can get them for $40. One happy customer said, “These are so cute and comfortable to wear all day. I’m on my feet all day at work and these are great.”

Note: if you are a vegan, this model is not for you, as it is 100% leather.

The heel area of Jump Kick shoes is a bit stiff at first, but with time it softens. Also, take a look at the toes before making any purchasing decision.

3. Women’s Renaissance Sneaker

With molded external heel counter, you will get the proper support required for walking from Renaissance Sneaker. The rubber outsole of the Women’s Renaissance Sneaker has traction pods to provide you with enough grip on slippery surfaces.

This model is an example of stability, durability, and coolness.


Though the mesh upper is impressive, the suede overlays will raise the eyebrows of many vegan lovers. One more thing, Renaissance is manufactured in small batches and is imported.

Clean these shoes with care. It’s best to air dry them instead of machine wash.

4. Women’s The Court Leather

If you are looking for a polished sneaker for walking along with a sporty look, try out Women’s The Court Leather. With its soft mesh lining and cushiony footbed, you can concur on any road.

Even walking for several hours is a piece of cake with this lightweight sneaker. If you have a wider foot structure, good news!

The lace-to-toe upper ensures adjustability to ease your large feet.


There’s no denying this pair is superb. But for me and my cousin, the light pink eye soothing color got us sold up.

5. Unisex Royal Lo Canvas

Unisex Royal Lo Canvas with its durable canvas upper and die-cut footbed works as a perfect sneaker for walking.

Along with a footbed, it has a classic gum outsole for you to wander around as you like. My brother likes the red and blue power stripe details and those aluminum eyelets.

After watching him, I went to buy them online, but the fit was way too loose for me.

The reason is, the women’s pair is two sizes smaller. So they were loose. When I exchanged them and got the perfect fit.

Let me put it easily, men’s 9 will be women’s 7.


Fun fact, like this sneaker, I have a pair of unisex crocs that I use for my daily outing.

Are Keds Sneakers Good for Walking All Day?

Yes, wearing Keds sneakers, you will be set for the day. Whether it’s standing all day or walking during a hiking trip, you won’t feel a thing in these comfy pairs. The canvas upper flows the air and keeps your feet dry, just the way those rubber soles protect your feet.

There’s a saying, don’t judge a man, until you have walked in his shoes, like that you can’t find out how keds shoes are without trying them on.

As I mentioned before, I used to have several pairs as a kid and own the Unisex Royal Lo Canvas now, which I reach for most of the time I’m going out and also for short walks.

I have gone on walks, parties, and grocery shopping wearing them.

Practically they were on my feet all day long and I never felt any discomfort. If you are looking for a budget-friendly walking shoe, Keds sneakers are hard to pass.

Are Keds Good Walking Shoes for Babies?

Just imagine the practicality of a good walking shoe in a cute, tiny version! Yes, Keds have done that with ease.

For your baby, Keds came up with sneakers, crib shoes, lace-ups, and Mary Janes. I became an aunt recently, so when I saw Keds have baby shoes, I couldn’t resist the cuteness and the glitters.

I even picked Little Kid’s Kickstart Crib Celebrations Sneaker for the new member of my family.


My brother is not a fan of sparkly things, even though he was on board with this specific one. Keds know what to make and how to influence.

This model has fixed laces for easy putting on and off, with a rubber sole for comfort. And not to mention the sparkle!

I even brought tiny crocs and rubber jibbitz for her six-month celebration.


Are Keds Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, Keds are good for wide feet and are easy to put on and off. It’s an advantage that both larger and small feet customers can wear these versatile shoes, as Keds run half a size small in most models.

How Long Do Keds Last?

Keds sneakers are washable and hold up to three washes. With each cleaning process, its color starts to fade along with the peeling of the rubber sole.

Are Keds Comfortable?

Keds are comfortable and are known for this specific feature. Plenty of wearers said that even when they wore these shoes all day and even went running still, they didn’t hurt their feet.

What Are Keds Good for?

The soft pliable fabric, suede, or canvas-made Keds shoes are helpful for foot deformities like bunion and hammertoes. And the vulcanized rubber soles will save you from temperature changes.

Parting Thought

Whether it’s sneakers, slip-ons, or kids’ sparkly shoes, Keds manufactured every pair with care. These shoes are comfy and practical enough to walk for a long time during travelling.

From this article, you got every inch of Keds sneakers and their most comfy walking pairs for your shoe closet.

Thanks for engaging!

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