Are Doc Martens Good For Walking? [DMs Being Comfy or Not]

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When you’re thinking of investing in your first Doc Martens, whether they’re as functional as a walking boot is a concern.

And as walking is an inevitable activity during work days, you must know if your boots can serve the purpose better.

are-doc-martens-good-for-walkingIn this write-up, I’m gonna provide you with the needed information about Dr. Martens, where they’re best suited and where not, including their walking features.

So, keep on reading.

Are Doc Martens Good Walk Boots?

Yes, Dr. Martens is an ideal pair of boots for walking short and long distances. These therapeutic boots have a cushioned sole for maximum comfort and give the right amount of arch support.

Not only walking, but you can also wear your DM to your workplaces too, where you have to walk or stand for long hours.

are-doc-martens-good-walk-bootsEven with long walks, these shoes provide enough support to your feet. You don’t need to worry if you hurt your legs while wearing Doc Martens.

Why Doc Martens Good For Walking?

There is no doubt DM are good walking shoes. But before investing 170$ in these classic boys, you need to know more about why they are so hyped as walking boots.

These are the 5 reasons why DM is good for walking:

1. Balanced Heel

Doc Martens comes with a balanced heel to distribute your weight evenly. That way, walking is easier wearing this boot.

And these chunky heels give you a lift too. It prevents your toe and the balls of your feet from getting twisted while walking.

I feel confident wearing my classic 1460. Even with the platform, it’s comfy.

2. Cushioned Insole

Another amazing factor about Dr. Martens’ boot is the insole is well-cushioned for your maximum comfort.

cushioned-insole-of-doc-martensMany users have said their feet hurt less because of these inserts.

These innersoles can absorb shock, prevent pain and protect your feet from falling.

3. Inner And Fleece Lining

Boots from Doc Martens have a thin inner lining. This interior lining is there to protect your feet from cuts and blisters. And everybody wants to avoid those bloody experiences, right?

With Docs boots, you no longer have to worry about those.

If you wanna rock your Christmas looks in DM boots, the fleece lining will make sure you are comfortable to walk on harsh snowy days.

You don’t have to worry about frostbite, either!

4. Slip Resistant

For any good footwear, this is a must-have feature. If your shoes slip while walking, the possibility of accidents increases. With winter and all the snow in front of your doorstep, this is a concern for everyone to avoid slipping.

I have slipped several times in the morning in my front yard, and my brother was quick to capture those moments.

Doc Martens have just the feature for this problem.

The company launched waterproof, slip-resistance boots that will protect your feet from slippery surfaces. And after I got my DM Women’s 1460 Snowplow Wp, I’m not worried.

To know more about waterproof Doc Martens, read our other article.

5. Strong Shoelaces

Shoelaces are important as Dr. Marten’s boots don’t come with other binding models. These laces keep the leather upper together and give you a snug fit.

strong-shoelaces-of-doc-martensYou can’t walk properly with a loosely fitted boot. Moreover, you can adjust the fitting to your liking with these bootlaces.

Anyway, read my other article to know whether Doc Martens run big or small and find your perfect sizing.

Do Doc Martens Make Good Sandals For Walking?

Yes, Doc Martens sandals are a good walking option thanks to their short break-in period. The leather straps soften faster than the boots. And there is no question about the top-notch quality materials. For walking, these sandals are a good pair.

Though these sandals are chunkier than most normal sandals, it doesn’t affect their performance. Moreover, such a chunky sole gives you fashionable vibes!

During summer, I wear my Black Voss Quad Sandals pretty frequently. That platform gives me just a bit of the height I need as a short person!

do-doc-martens-make-good-sandals-for-walkingFor a better walking experience, Doc Martens sandals have cushioned AirWair soles that are springy to walk on. Moreover, with those high arches, you will get the proper amount of arch support while walking.

Another thing worth mentioning, vegan Dr. Martens sandals are more comfortable than regular ones.

The synthetic artificial leather makes them so soft on your feet with almost zero break-in period.

Read this to know how you can break in your Docs overnight!

Are Doc Martens Boots Comfortable For Walking?

Yes, without any question, Dr. Martens are very comfortable to walk on. These iconic boots come with Air cushioned soles with a bouncy effect and are specially designed to ease issues like broken legs, bunions etc.

My personal favorite is Doc Martens Women’s 1460 Snowplow Wp. This original comfy boot with yellow stitching got my attention way before I got into college and could afford such bad boys!

doc-martens-women’s-1460-snowplow-wpNot to mention the cushion and arch support this 8 eyelets shoes can provide. Another bonus point, this model has a vegan version for those who prefer animal cruelty-free footwear.

So, if you are looking for comfortable boots for your work, daily and casual wear, try them.

Are Doc Martens Ideal For Your Feet?

Yes, Doc Martens is a great footwear option, especially for those who are dealing with foot issues. These boots were first made as a therapeutic one, so they do wonders for your feet. The air-cushioned outsole provides extra comfort to your feet for long hours, making Docs ideal for feet.

After the 4 to 6 weeks break-in period, the leather softens and molds according to your foot shape.

This makes them even comfier than any other brand out there.

However, if you are interested to know more about Doc Martens being good for your feet, check out my other article.

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking?

Yes, Doc Martens are pretty good for hiking trips. Though these boots were not designed for such activities, the thick sole provides a good grip on rough roads, making them a good pair for hiking.

For hiking, you need a rugged, tough boot. I’m not saying DM doesn’t qualify for that. It does.

However, a good hiking boot must have a rigid outsole to encounter the sharp slopes, waterproofing is another factor along with the insulation.

Dr. Martens do have all these features but compared to a solid hiking boot, they lag behind.

You can enjoy shorter hiking sessions wearing your Martens.

To know more about Doc Martens, a good pair for hiking, read a separate article specially written on this topic.


Are Doc Martens Good For Walking On Concrete All Day?

Yes, Doc Martens, with it’s thick chunky outsole and generous arch support, makes it easier to walk on concrete all day. Your feet won’t hurt as they stay well-cushioned and protected.

Can You Walk Wearing Doc Martens On Ice?

Wearing Dr. Martens on ice is not a good idea, as they can be slippery. Though these chunky boots are known for their grip and traction, longer hours in these shoes can be tricky. So make sure to be careful.

Are Doc Martens Good For Walking Long Distances?

Doc Martens are a great pair for long-distance walking because its AirWair sole is extremely comfortable for your feet. After the initial break-in period, they work like a charm.

Parting Thoughts

The iconic Dr. Martens have conquered every possible sector. You can walk wearing them to your office, classes even on your date nights.

However, boots or sandals – every piece of footwear from Doc Martens is an art and is good at what the company claims.

These gracefully covered every sector, from walking to casual wear to office wear.

I have discussed every nook and cranny of walking in Dr. Martens for your better understanding. Comment below for more details.

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