Wear Jeans With Running Shoes [5 Smart Ways to Style Denim]

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With countless varieties of jeans and running shoes on the market, it’s challenging to knot these statement pieces together.

If you like to keep your outlook casual, sleek, and comfortable, you are obviously searching for new elegant ways to pair your running sneakers with your regular-cut denim.


In this write-up, I will describe the most clever ways to dress up your jeans with a variety of sneakers and vice versa.

So, stay put to jazz up your denim game.

How to Wear Jeans With Your Running Shoes?

Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing in our closet, and every person has several pairs with different cuts. The launch of new denim is so regular that it’s hard to keep track of every model out there. The same goes for your running shoes as well.

So, if you are bored with your everyday relaxed go-to look, it’s time to learn something fun and exciting.

Let’s see how to style your jeans with your running pairs effortlessly:

Show Some Ankle

Showing some ankle is my pro tip for elevating your denim and sneaker look. It leaves a tiny little breathing gap between your shoes and the bottom of your jeans.


The best way to show some ankle is to wear cropped slim-fit jeans with those low-top running shoes in your closet.

If you are not into slip-one, try the lace-up pairs for an extra twist.

Low-cut running sneakers, because of their low profile, go with every pair of jeans no matter what style and cut you wear. However, to show your ankle, you need shorter denim or fold them according to your preference.

My favorite go-to is the Jordan 1 low-top. Though it’s not a running pair, I pretty much wear them regularly with my cropped jeans.


The low top shows the right amount of skin I want to show.

My brother swears by his black low-top Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 and with his cropped light-wash denim, it looks killer.

Low-top white sneakers with cropped white wide-leg give you a monochrome boho look and, at the same time, make you look taller instead of the cropped aesthetic.

When wearing white runners daily, you must know how to wash those bright soles while turning yellow.

Choose Runners With Almond Shaped Toes

Another clever way to lift your jeans outfit is to wear almond-shaped running sneakers.

Those toes, which are slightly pointed with a rounded end, give you a prolonged leg and are universally flattering.


I’m not a big fan of the squatty look this particular model gives you. If you are tall, wear cropped, skinny, or wide-leg jeans.

You must always check every detail about your footwear, as that minor feature can change your outlook in a second. While we are on this topic, cleaning your shoe insole is also included in those details.

Try High-Top shoes

If you are up for a challenge and love the folded denim look, wear a high-top pair like Nike Dunk High Premium.


With these baby peach-colored sneakers, you will be able to show your whole shoe, and you need to hem your jeans or cut them for a frayed outlook.

Whatever you do, make sure the bottom of your pants stops right around the top of your shoe.

You can pretty much style any cut of denim with these shoes.

I have worn them with my straight leg, with a little bit of fold. You can skip it if you want. My skinny jeans never failed me to achieve my everyday casual look with my Vans Old Skool shoes.

Note: Don’t fold your pants more than twice if you want that clean and sleek look.

Let me clarify; you are never too old to pair your jeans with Vans Old Skool. So, forget the age and enjoy every jeans day gracefully.

Check the Sole Height

The height of your outsole matters. You can always wear those three-striped Adidas trainers, but the flat look may not flatter your denim.

Instead, buy a chunky pair. You don’t need to go for platform shoes if you are uncomfortable wearing them.

The little bit of lift will save you from that flat-footed look and add something extra to your jeans pants.


A perfect way to strap a little sunshine to your feet is the Nike Air Max.

Wear No Show Socks

A taller ankle sock can instantly ruin your cute jeans and sneakers look.

As I mentioned before, I am a black outfit lover. Last summer, in a hurry, I wore a neon green high-ankle sock with my cropped black denim and sneakers combo, which killed my look and mood.

So, the best precautionary step is to wear a no-show sock, no matter which color.

This particular type of sock goes with every kind of jeans and running shoe you own. I wear them whenever I’m wearing trimmed pants.

You can elevate your sneaker looks with those expensive Air Max if you are not on a budget.

How to Style Black Sneakers With Your Denim

I am a huge fan of all-black outfits. If you see my Pinterest board, 90% of the outfits are black shoes or black jeans related, and for my everyday looks, I opt for black.

So, now you have the question, how do I style differently with my black running shoes?

Let’s dig deeper.

To play it safe, go for all-black looks like me. Wear black straight-leg, skinny or wide-leg jeans with your black shoes. The sleek look will shine whether your denim is a light wash or darker.


Another fun part about black runners is they come with black and white soles.

The peak of white outsole from your black sneakers breaks the monotonous look, and cleaning the bottom of your shoes also lifts your outfit.

One particular brand I recently came up with is KOIO. Their black sneakers with leather or canvas upper are something you can try on for sure. I am waiting to get these until my next salary upgrade.

Don’t worry; apart from the black aesthetic, I have more to elaborate.

If you want to tone up your look with black running pairs, wear a bright and fun-colored top, shirt or t-shirt and keep the rest of the pieces black for a blended look.


Keeping your tops black and changing into light-wash denim is another casual yet sophisticated choice.

The options are endless to experiment with.

Can You Wear Mom Jeans With Your Runners?

Mom jeans are a wardrobe staple to spice up your street style with comfort and functionality. For those new mothers in their mid or early twenties, mom jeans paired with runners are a lifesaver.

If your jeans hug your body closely, make comfort your priority with Mallow sneakers.

With heritage canvas jute textiles, Mellows are the plushest shoes to pair up with mom jeans. Their slip-on version is very easy to put on and off.

Another comfy footwear is the Fenix, which gives you ultimate versatile use after childbirth. From 17 color options, you can choose any pair to achieve that sporty mom jeans look. The leopard heel look is a game-changer for sure.

Except for sneakers, there are tons of shoes to wear with your mom’s jeans. So, take a tour and speed up your styling gear.

Additional Recommendations

Though you got most of the information from above, these are my recommendations that will work like that pinch of salt over your garlic bread.

So, let’s dig in for additional recommendations:

  • Wear monochrome outfits with running shoes; this tricks the eye and makes you look taller than usual.
  • Make sure your jeans are well-fitted, along with your athletic sneakers.
  • Clean your shoe upper and outsole to achieve a polished retro look.
  • Wear high-waisted denim with your runners to elevate your height.
  • Buy slip-on sneakers if you are not into laces.

Final Take

Running sneakers, along with denim, is the iconic classic look that can tone up and down your outfit for any occasion you have in mind.

Whether you are wearing a low-top shoe with your straight-leg jeans or cropped wide-leg pants, your runners will cover each with a variety of models and colors.

I have unpacked every shoe style and jeans option to obtain a flawless look.

For any further queries, comment below.

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