What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans? [Top 7 Stylish Pick]

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Just as the mouthwatering sauce served with the burger enhances its taste, a matching pair of shoes with mom jeans greatly magnifies the outlook.


As many footwear options exist, people often get confused about which shoes will blend perfectly with mom jeans. You may be no exception to this situation!

No worries, I have just the solution to clear up your confusion.

So, barring any delay, let’s unpack some footwear ideas and save yourself from this outfit struggle.

7 Shoes to Style with Mom Jeans

Around the world, more than 300 well-known footwear brands manufacture 100+ types of shoes for different categories of consumers and outfits.

So, there are so many variations of shoes to style with your outfit. But when it comes to Mom Jeans, I don’t want to stuff your head with so many styling options.

Rather, I’m gonna mention the best 7 that I follow and are popular among celebrities.

Before that, let me inform you that this jeans is also known as straight-leg jeans or high-waisted pants.


Here is the compiled list of 7 outstanding shoes to style with Mom Jeans:

1. Sneakers

Sneakers are a reliable choice to wear with jeans. Whether it is low cut, high top or retro sneakers, it matches well with mom jeans. Actually, the light-shaded and low-top sneakers offer an amazing and smart vibe with the jeans.

Like me, if you have converse shoes in the shoe rack, throw on that pair and move with your excellent look. Go through our separate content to find out whether Converse shoes suit your age and personality.

You can also choose any other standard quality, properly fitted sneakers except Nike and Vans. But chunkier sneakers aren’t well suited with these jeans; rather, it looks odd.

Recently, the fashion queen Kendall Jenner was spotted rocking with straight-leg jeans & white sneakers.


2. Loafers

Loafers are easy to put on and off. Moreover, it has numerous color and design variants, including a side zipper, front tassel and show-off hooks.

I really like the combination of cropped mom jeans with tassel loafers in temperate weather.

Wanna go outside to enjoy the gentle breeze and charm of nature?

Well, before going out, wear a pair of loafers with your jeans and a blazer or sweatshirt. You will definitely get an elegant look.

3. Sandals

Lightweight and well-ventilated sandals are the most preferable in the summertime.

If you are hesitant about wearing sandals with high-waisted denim, just shake off that second thought and wear flip-flops or slip-on with your jeans. Wearing it with crocs, tevas, chacos, or long-lasting Birkenstocks sandals is common.

Every summer, I see many of my friends attending university lectures wearing sandals, straight leg jeans and t-shirts.

Ashley Olsen – The groundbreaker of the fashion industry, was also captured wearing a pair of black Birkenstocks Arizona with mom jeans.


4. Pump Shoes

Ordinary and stiletto pumps nicely pair with straight-leg jeans, especially at night events such as midnight parties, cinemas or dates.

This footwear comes in various mesmerizing colors. Put on a deep-colored pump with mom jeans at night to get a glamorous look like celebs.

But if you are uncomfortable with the height and instability of pump shoes yet want a gorgeous look, opt for the next one.

5. Ballet Flat

Ballet flat has good hype among teenagers. Moreover, new mothers and pregnant ladies prefer this shoe as there’s no chance of falling and pain due to the flat bottom.

This flat shoe is a good choice with straight leg jeans. People who don’t like to wear heels, including me, can style with ballet flats and mom jeans for attending any kind of formal or casual event.

Even the members of RMKShoes often come into the office wearing high-waisted jeans and fashionable ballet flats. Truly speaking, it looks pretty good.

6. Heels & Wedges

Are you comfortable in high heels and jeans?

If so, the combination of mom jeans and medium heels or wedges can be a good option for you. This style nicely suits individuals who are somewhat short and wear.

The problem with heels and wedges is the safety issue. Continuously wearing these shoes for a long period of time can damage the tendons of your leg and cause the heel to hip pain.

Moreover, the shoes cause friction on the heel during the break-in period. Follow the steps from this article to break in the shoes that rub your heel.

But if you wear these shoes once or twice a month with straight-leg jeans, there won’t be any negative consequences.

7. Boots

Wearing boots with mom jeans is common among TV actors. The blending of boots and these high-waisted jeans gives a bold look to the wearer.

I really like to wear my brown shaded suede boots with mom jeans in winter. Try to put on slim and elongated-toe boots with jeans. It is a perfect match, especially in chilly weather.


If you are interested to know more about the shoes that go well with mom denim in winter, read ahead!

What Shoes Do You Wear with Mom Jeans in Winter?

In general, closed-toe fluffy shoes such as sneakers, Chelsea boots, suede boots, and loafers suit well in winter. And the good news is, all of them are fit to wear with straight-leg jeans.

But open-toe shoes like sandals, flip-flops, and slip-on are not suitable to wear in winter. But if you’re so eager to put on your favorite Crocs, then learn how to wear Crocs in winter before placing your foot on the street!


However, when winter comes, and the temperature reaches minus, we need to wear highly cushioned shoes that wrap our feet with comfort and warmth.

Consequently, I prefer suede boots and sometimes padded sneakers with high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket on my daily outing. If the maintenance of suede seems difficult to you, give the floor to sneakers or boots. You can even wear a loafer type with socks.

The best kind of winter-wear is the boots specially designed for roaming around on a snowy road. Such boots are Uggs and Emus.

Wanna style with Emus or Uggs but cannot choose the best one? Check out the separate content on Emus Vs Uggs to decide.

No matter which type of shoes you choose to wear with jeans in winter, make sure to wear socks and the pairs are enough cushioned, well ventilated and match your outfit.

Shoes to Avoid with Mom Jeans

Now you have gathered the idea of shoe styles that add charm to your outlook with mom jeans. But as a fashion-oriented person, you must know the type of footwear you should avoid with straight-leg denim. Let’s take a look at that topic.

Here are the shoes to avoid with Mom jeans:

  • Knee-high boots go well with skinny jeans. But it doesn’t look good with the loose-fitting silhouette of high-waisted jeans.
  • High pencil heels are not a good choice. It causes pain in the feet and looks weird with mom jeans.
  • Avoid bulky shoes with straight-leg denim pants. It doesn’t improve your appearance rather, your friends may make fun of you with that exposure.

On another note, you shouldn’t wear any kind of jeans to formal occasions. There are some dos and don’ts. Read our separate article to know whether you can wear black jeans and how to dress for an Interview.


Can You Wear Ankle Boots with Mom Jeans?

Yes, ankle boots look glamorous with mom jeans. So, wear it without any doubt.

Can 40 Year Olds Wear Mom Jeans?

Obviously, even women over 50 wear loose mom jeans.

What body type should wear mom jeans?

High-waist, wider-leg mom jeans are recommended for individuals with hourglass figures.

Final Take

Nowadays, the trend of classic mom jeans is at its peak among young fashionistas, teenagers and middle-aged ladies.

The jeans will give you a flawless look if you wear them with the pairs that I have mentioned.

So, style with mom jeans and appropriate footwear for a youthful vibe.

Knock in the comment section for any further queries.

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