Am I Too Old To Wear Vans? [Can I wear Vans in My 50s?]

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I know that you’re passionate about wearing Vans shoes. This should be because Vans has a wide range of attractive silhouettes.

The different colors combined Era, masterpiece Old Skool, bone shielding Sk8-Hi, classic, and checkerboard slip-on can take over the wishlist of any aged person. And you’re no exception to this.


But do you know if these shoes are suitable for your age or if there’s any age limitation for wearing them?

There’s no problem if you don’t know. After 3 hours of in-depth research, I have put together all the proper information about the style of these shoes and what age group it suits.

If you’re curious to know about this topic, you should read further.

So, let’s get started!

Am I Too Old To Wear Vans?

You are not too old to give up Vans shoes. Whether you are a teenager, adult or old, you can style with this branded footwear without any hesitation.

There’s no shortage of comfort and fashion in these shoes. You will find a wide variety of designs in Vans shoe collection.

Thus, people of different ages can choose the right pair of shoes according to their preferences.

Vans are comfy and arch supportive. Even old people can use these shoes with ease.

Recently, one of my neighbors celebrated his sixtieth birthday. I often see him wearing classic checkerboard Vans in the morning walk. I got positive feedback when I asked him about its coziness and support.

So, if you’re planning to gift your parents or any aged relatives a pair of Vans, just stop hesitating, and go for it.

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Is There Any Age Limit For Wearing Vans?

No, there’s no age limitation for wearing Vans shoes. It is suitable for all age groups. Regardless of your age, you can style with any pair from Vans according to your choice.

The shoes are suitable for school going kids, teenagers, university going adults, office-going middle-aged people, as well as retired old individuals.

There’s no evidence that podiatrists have banned Vans shoes for a certain age group.

The versatile and trendy Vans reigns at the forefront of the comfortable footwear list. Many even recommend these shoes for it’s flexibility and comfort.

So, don’t tense unnecessarily about the age limitation.

If you love the shoes and find comfort in them, just buy them and wear.

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How Do I Look Good In Vans?

While desiring to wear shoes like Vans in your 50s, you also wanna look cool in them, right?

And if you have a minimum understanding of matching attire, you’ll be able to realize which outfit enhances your outlook.

There are huge varieties of shoes and color options in Vans. You just have to pick up the design that matches your dress, age and the type of event that you wanna join.

For friend get-togethers or any casual meetup, you can choose printed classic slip-ons.

It’s better to pick solid-colored Vans Authentic or Era for middle to aged people and for formal events.

As a student, I often attend my university lectures wearing Vans Corduroy Kyle Walker. This pair goes well with my skinny jeans, jackets and t-shirts.

Likewise, if you’re at the age of being a University Professor, then the Vans will blend with your attire just fine!

Who is Vans target market?

Van’s initial target audience was limited to skateboarders. But it expands through ordinary people as time passes.

However, stepping into the footwear industry in 1966, the initial aim of Vans was to make shoes for skateboarders. A decade after launching, Vans got massive popularity among California’s 12 to 21 years old skateboarders.

After being recognized as a standalone company, Vans started making shoes for snowboarders and BMX riders.

They also manufactured shoes for snowboarders, surfers, wakeboarders, and casual walkers.

Usually, young and strong people participate in skateboarding, riding and extreme sports.

That’s why there was a perception that these shoes are suitable only for young people. To overcome such a concept, the company started making comfortable and stylish shoes without any age limitation.

Keeping this endeavor, Vans released two iconic pairs, the Old Skool (Vans #36) and the Checkerboard Slip-Ons (Vans #98) in 1977.

Until now, these two are the best selling consumer products from Vans.

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Why Do People Wear Vans?

Let me ask you a question before reaching a direct answer.

What exactly made you choose the laptop in front of you or the phone in your hand right now?

It’s just because their convenient features match your needs, right?

The reasons behind choosing Vans shoes are also similar. People prefer these shoes because of their advantages such as comfortable, elegant appearance, lightweight, durability, affordability and some other user-friendly features.

Moreover, these shoes are meant for both casual and formal events. You can wear them for the office as well as any kind of casual outing.

Let’s make a discussion of the features briefly:


The outsoles of the shoes contain non-skid grips, which help the skaters drop in, kick-flip and ollie.

The WAFFLECUP™ construction and DURACAP™ technology at the outsole provide the utmost grip and safety from slipping.

Midsole & Insole:

You’ll get cushioned padding in the insoles. For cushioning and energy return, anti-fatigue POPCUSH™  sock liners are added to the insole.

In the LXVI footwear line, Vans introduced UltraCush Lite technology which provides superlight cushioning.


In most shoes, the upper is made with thick and breathable canvas. Some shoes also contain high-quality suede in the upper layer.

Consequently, there won’t be any suffocation, sweat or stinkiness inside the shoes.


The manufacturers make use of developed technologies in preparing Vans shoes. They claimed that DURACAP™ reinforcement rubber underlays of high-wear areas provide unrivaled durability.

The Old Skool comes with leather panels for durability.


Vans offer a wide range of size variation for users. Men will get 6.5 to 18 US sizes; for women, 5 to 19.5 US sizes are available.

Though half sizes are available, it is limited to only some size variations.

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Are Vans Good For Everyday Wear?

Undoubtedly, Vans are good for everyday wear. The comfort, breathable upper, impressive versatility and non-slip soles have made the shoes part and parcel of daily wear.

Loaded with ultra cushions, Vans can provide a superior level of comfort.

Moreover, they can support you even if you stand for a long duration. The shoes contain breathable canvas upper. So, you don’t have to worry about the airflow, sweat and malodor.

You will get the benefit of a rubber slip-resistant sole and padded collar in the shoes.

As a result, you don’t have to tense about slipping while skateboarding and working on the slippery surface all day long.

Are Vans out of style in 2022?

Vans have never gone out of style since their creation. This brand always tries to satisfy customers by bringing innovation to the design.

You can get in touch with a trendy outlook if you wear Vans with your jeans, t-shirts, skirts or trousers.

The upper of the shoes are made with different types of printed canvas.

Therefore, you can have a bold, cool and modest look based on various prints and shoe designs.

Kristen Stewart appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a pair of black and white checkerboard slip-on.

Additionally, celebrities like Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and Chris Brown were spotted wearing Vans shoes. And whatever celebrities wear becomes a trend, right?

Let me give you another explanation the shoes are still in style.

Vans latest annual revenue was $520 Million!

If the shoes were out of style, it would be impossible to earn this huge revenue by selling them, right?

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Bottom Line

No age limit or medical suggestion was ever denoted to stop wearing Vans shoes.

People might mock your attire. That’s what people do, right?

But we shouldn’t let their mockery get into our heads and follow our instinct.

So, if you find a comfort zone and fashion in Vans sneakers, you shouldn’t take other people’s word for it.  And you don’t need to give up your Vans shoes, whatever your age is!

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Thanks for reading!

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