What Is The Return Policy For Vans? [Everything Explained]

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Vans a name of comfortable and trustworthy skateboarding company that is still maintaining its fame through its outstanding service.

Even with Vans shoes of Vans, you can be unhappy and may feel the necessity to return them or exchange them after your purchase. And it is normal to feel confused when you are thinking of sending any product back.

I can feel the anxiety and confusion you may have.

In this article, you’ll learn every detail about the return policy of Vans products and if there is any exception.

So, keep reading till the end to resolve all your unanswered queries.


What Is Vans Return Policy?

Vans have a specific return policy to ensure the safe return of the product. And they offer options for you to choose according to your ease.

Let’s check out Van’s return policy:

Vans Online Return Policy

Vans allow you to return the online purchase; you have to go via USPS. This process is the only option available.

  • Pack and seal your product in the original box or any cardboard shipping box
  • Write your address, name, and order number from your order confirmation mail.
  • Attach the USPS return label outside the package; to get a new brand, you must contact USPS directly.
  • Make a note of your return tracking number or take a picture.
  • Drop your product at the post office or use their home pick-up service.

Vans In-Store Return Policy

You can return your shoes through this policy if you have a store near your neighborhood.

There is a Vans retail shop near my university campus. So, for me, it is very easy to return or exchange my purchase if I face any problems in the future.

Let’s see the details of the in-store return policy:

  • Use the store locator and find the closest store near you.
  • Bring your original purchase receipt or order number.
  • Take the original packaging with you.
  • Bring unused and unwashed products.
  • Find the return from within the main shipment and bring that with you.

Follow these processes, and the salesperson will take care of the process for you.

Vans Custom Product Return Policy

Vans offer customized products. You can order shoes according to your foot condition, and they will make them for you.

Vans don’t replace the customized product with an uploaded picture or embroidery.

Without these conditions, you can return customized shoes if they are not exactly how you ordered them or if the sizing is wrong. To know more, you can call Vans Customer Service.

You must bring your receipt if you ordered a customized shoe from the Vans retail store or their website.

Your shoes have to be unworn and unwashed. They will check, so they will know if you have. And you have to return them within the time approximately 30 to 60 days.

They will not take back any shoes if you don’t maintain their policy. However, there are some exceptions too.

The only exception of returning shoes is that your shoes have major construction defects. Like you are wearing them, and after some days, the upper is pulling away from the sole.

Ultimately, it’s up to the manager if he allows you to return a customized product after that time.

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Vans Return Condition

It’s very common that you get an item, and after a while, you start doubting your choice.

This happens to me whenever I buy something online.

Like other brands, Vans also offers a return of products. But to do so, you need to fulfill specific conditions, or you can’t return your purchase. They have three simple conditions.

Let’s see the return conditions of Vans:

  • Return the product within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Keep the product unwashed, unworn or undamaged with original tags.
  • Send the product in its original package and condition.

Maintaining these conditions allows you to exchange your shoes without any hassle.

How Long Does Vans Take To Review A Return Request?

Vans may take 8 to 13 business days to complete any return process. They add a deadline to your return request letter.

And because of this time-saving feature, Vans will have to review your request within the time. Isn’t it amazing?

It saves your time and the harassment process.

What Is Vans Refund Policy?

Vans will issue a refund within 30 days after completing your return request.

They will refund the price to your original form of payment. You would get each credit back if you used a gift card along with your credit card.

My friend used a gift card to save some money.

In the return process he got back the credit card refund first and then the gift card refund as well. So, there is no way you will miss it.

Vans Refunds On Shipping Charges

Vans offer a refund on their shipping charges too. But to get this service, the fault has to be related to them.

When you receive a wrong order, or the product is damaged during the shipment or from their manufacturers, Vans will refund the shipping charges.

However, this is very rare as Vans don’t make this kind of mistake that often, and they are cautious about their delivery system.

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Can You Return Vans Shoes Without A Tag?

You can return Vans shoes without a tag, but you’ll have to pay for the return shipping cost.

When you send an item to return without a tag, the retailers often face problems sending them to the original manufacturers. So, they don’t want to take them back.


Some deny exchanging at all as they don’t want to go through the extensive process, or they will tell you to pay the shipping cost.

In this case, it is totally up to you whether you want to return your shoes or not.

Can You Return Worn Vans?

To take any sold item back, Vans follow three conditions. And if your shoes meet those conditions, you can return them.

Once I bought a pair of sneakers, which were too tight for me. So, the best option was to return them. The main problem was I wore them for two days, but they looked exactly like the way my mom bought them.

I took the chance to return them while maintaining the rules. And guess what! I didn’t face any problems.

If you are in for a challenge like that, go for it. But maintaining the procedure is the best option for a return guarantee.

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How Can You Return Vans Products With A Gift Card?

Several times people buy Vans goods with gift cards, and if you are one of them, and the product you got is not worth keeping, you can return them.

A gift card in exchange for another gift card. That’s how you can get a refund.

Vans don’t give you another product. You have to take the exchanged gift card to make another purchase. This process is slightly different from purchases via online or retail shops.

How To Return Vans Products Via Courier Service?

When you purchase anything from Vans online, you can return them via courier service.

If I want to buy any luxury product, I have to go for the online option, and many others have the same condition as me. It’s easier with courier services to return any kind of product.

Here are the services you can use to return your Vans purchase:


  • Pack and seal your product in the original box or any cardboard shipping box
  • Write your address, name, and order number from your order confirmation mail.
  • Attach the prepaid Smartpost label outside o the box
  • Remove any old tags or cover them.
  • Write down the tracking number from the label or take pictures for your record.
  • Take the package to a FedEx drop-off location. The shipping may take 3-5 weeks.



  • Sign in to your DoNotPay account.
  • Select the Item Return Request option.
  • Answer the questions related to your purchase.
  • Add photos if necessary.
  • Submit the return request.

In this way, DoNotPay will write a return request letter to Vans with the information you provided and send it to the merchant on your behalf.

They will send you a return label if you want to send it via mail.

There is another popular process called USPS. And this process is trustworthy and recommended.

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Usually, any product return process is quite time-consuming and tiring too. But with Vans, you don’t have to worry much.

The policy Vans provide to take back your purchase has made them more trustworthy.

I hope this article was helpful and you got all the information about Van’s return policy when you need to return any Vans shoes you bought.

If you have prior experience returning any Vans shoes, feel free to share your experience and how their overall service was. It will be helpful for our readers to get new facts.

Until then, Be Safe And Take Care.

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