How to Stop Boots from Squeaking [Fix Your Noisy Boots]

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Just as you get annoyed when someone makes a chewing sound while eating, the people around you get equally irritated when your shoes squeak while walking. Even this cringe sound causes disturbance to the wearer too.


To get rid of this kind of bothersome situation, you must learn effective ways to stop boots from squeaking. And you can access those methods through this article.

So, let’s dive into this and fix squeaky boots!

What Makes Leather Boots Squeak?

Before explaining the remedy for shoe squeaking, let’s see the reasons behind it. Because the method varies depending on which side of the shoe is causing the squeaking.

When I first noticed that my Dr. Martens boots make cheeping noise, the first question that came to my mind was – “Why Are My Boots Squeaking When I Walk?

After investigating, I found that the insole wasn’t properly attached to the lower part of the boot. Due to this, it was detaching, rubbing with the bottom, and making continuous sounds while walking.

Apart from this, two more reasons exist for this issue. So overall there are 3 reasons which promote squeaking and they are –

  1. Friction between the sturdy outsole and hard surface.
  2. Loosening of eyelets and tongue.
  3. Improper attachment between the footbed and insole.

Check which one is causing squeaky noise in your shoes and then jump to the next section to eliminate that sound.

How Do I Stop My Shoes From Squeaking When I Walk?

Applying talcum powder or cornstarch under the removable insole and lubricating the outsole with coconut oil or a damp cloth is the most traditional method to stop squeaking. Also changing the insole and placing the eyelet flawlessly prevents the screeching sound of boots.


These techniques are applicable to all leather boots whether it is work boots, combat, or cowboy boots. Even you can follow them while making your sandals or flip-flops noise free.

Now, let’s see the detailed remedies to fix squeaky boots:

1. Stop squeaking with conditioning oil

Many brand-new leather boots continue to squeak until the break-in period is over. To make them squeak-free gently rub leather conditioner (also known as conditioning oil) on the outer portion of the shoes. Apply this oil with a bristle brush or clean cloth. This process softens the leather hence, the disturbing sound will be expelled.

2. Lubricate with a damp cloth & sandpaper to stop squeaking from the outsole of the boot

Shake off the dirt from the outer parts of the boots. Dip a piece of clean cloth in water and squeeze it well.

Now, wipe the outsole with that damp cloth and leave the boots for air drying.

When it dries completely, graze the outsole with the dryer sheet or sandpaper. This act reduces the outsole rubbing and squeaking.

3. Use talcum powder to pause squeaking from leather boots’ interior

Though some people suggest using coconut oil as an alternative to talcum powder, I won’t recommend doing that. Because there is a chance of getting oil stains inside the boots and socks.

But you can use baking powder, cornstarch, or vaseline instead of talcum powder.

Here’s how to make leather boots stop squeaking from the inside:

  • Gently remove the sole and take a moderate amount of talcum powder or cornstarch.
  • Spread it evenly on the underside of the shoe insole.
  • Also, apply it on the shoe surface where the sole lies.
  • Now, place the insole inside the boots, wear them and start walking.

That annoying sound doesn’t exist now, right?

You can follow this technique when your boots have detachable insoles. Also, this is applicable in making squeak-free rubber rain boots. But if the pairs have unremovable insoles, what are you gonna do?

Then take some glue and set it under the insole. If the insole is properly attached, there will be no more squeaking.

4. Prevent Squeaking from eyelets and tongue

If the eyeholes are too old, repair or replace them with new ones. There’s another way of improving damaged eyelets and tongue conditions.

Here’s how you can stop your boots from making loud sounds :

Remove the laces and hold the tongue inside the shoes. Apply some soap on a microfiber cloth. Now, rub the eyelets with that saddle soap-containing cloth for 2-3 minutes. Follow back-and-forth rubbing motion. After that, rub the tongue with soap in a similar way.

Once you’re done with this procedure, just brush the boots, lace them up and move around with that squeak-free set.

If you have Dr. Martens boots and wanna know about various lacing styles of these boots, read our separate article on How to lace Doc Martens.

5. Replacing old-rifted soles


Sometimes, an obnoxious sound comes from the shoes because of the formation of holes. In this case, you will have to replace the old sole with a new one or repair the shoes from the cobbler.

Don’t know the actual process of replacing the insoles??

Well, I’m gonna write about it in no time. So, stay connected. In the meantime, read our separate article to know if you can replace UGG Slippers Insole and how to do it.


Do squeaky boots stop squeaking?

In most shoes, the squeaky sound goes away along with the break-in period. Even then if the noise continues, it should be stopped by following the right method.

How long does it take for leather boots to stop squeaking?

Depending on the break-in period, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for the shoe to pause squeaking. But if you follow the leather boots squeaking fix technique, 15 minutes to a maximum of one hour is enough.

Does Vaseline help with squeaky shoes?

Yes, it works pretty well. Applying Vaseline performs nicely to prevent the squeaky noise that occurs due to the improper attachment of the insole to the footbed.

Does WD-40 work on squeaky shoes?

If there are squeaking problems in the external sole of the shoe, rubbing a small amount of WD 40 with the help of a clean cloth will improve the footwear’s condition. But it should not be applied to any other part or on the suede shoes.

Wrap Up

As you are now aware of the effective methods of stopping boots’ squeaking, don’t go outside with squeaky footwear.

Just follow the correct methods mentioned in this write-up and get rid of this annoying issue. Share your footwear experience with us. And leave a comment below for any further queries.

I will get back to you soon with the right answer.

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