How to Lace Doc Martens? [Standard Ways of Tying Your Boots]

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Lacing up the boots in a conventional way is pretty simple. But knotting the Doc Martens in different unique schemes is somewhat tricky and unknown to many wearers.

Like me, if you prefer varieties of DM lace styles and wanna share attractive photos of those styles on your Instagram, just dive into this write-up.


Here you’ll find 5 amazing lacing methods that blend well with any model of Doc Martens.

So, let’s figure out those lacing techniques.

How to Lace Dr. Martens Boots

Cross lace, bar lace, infinity lace, D lace, ladder lace, straight vertical lace – too many lacing types to get lost in, right?

Most often, the users struggle with the fact of how to lace the high-top Doc Marten boots. Because these boots contain 6 to 8 eyeholes and a lengthy woven fabric-based shoelace.

Moreover, there are numerous lacing systems such as cross lacing, infinity lacing, D lacing, ladder lacing, and so on. To rescue you from getting lost among options, I have compiled some worth-mentioning lacing forms.

These systems are well-suited to all long-lasting Doc Martens including 1460 lace-up boots, and 1461 oxford shoes. Take a look at each of these styles and choose your own.

Here are the ways of styling Dr. Martens’ Laces:

1. Crisscross Style

The simple way of tying the laces is Criss-Cross lacing. It offers a plain yet elegant outlook.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Put the laces throughout the two bottom eyelets and make sure that an equal portion of lace remains at each side.
  • Insert the left-sided laces into the next right eyehole.
  • Follow this process with the right-sided laces also. It will make a crisscross style.
  • Repeat this procedure for the remaining eyelets and laces.


Once you’re properly done with the steps, check how it looks and get ready for learning more signature ways of tying DM laces.

2. Army Lacing

Initially, this lacing system was adopted by the military people. Still, they follow this way of knotting the laces of their boots. The army-tying style improves the boldness of DM boots to a greater extent.

Apart from Doc martens, you can follow this lacing formation in any other working or hiking boots.

Let’s figure out the procedure of army lacing:

  • Insert the lace in the bottom eyelets and make a proper balance of the lace on each side.
  • Put the lace in the second eyehole from the upside portion.
  • Run the lace across the remaining eyelets in a diagonal pattern. And that’s the end of this process.

Seems difficult? If so, take look at the tutorial on how to do Army Lacing for a better understanding.

3. Commando Lacing

This formation is considered an alternative to army lacing. Like army lacing, the commando lacing system also originated from the individuals involved in the military. Especially, this technique is followed to tie high-top combat boots.

Moreover, people have a common query on How to Lace Doc Martens 1460. Because of offering a bold look and easy steps the commando knot is preferable among the wearer of DM 1460.

Read on to learn how to create the commando lacing:

  • Pass one part of the lace across the inner side of the bottom eyelet. Then make a kink at the top of the lace.
  • Insert the other end of the lace through the opposite-sided eyeholes.


  • After filling all the holes, adjust the fit and lock the lace by knotting the other end of the lace.
  • Pile up the due portion of the tie underside of the tongue or on the back side of the shoes.

4. Straight or Straight-bar Lacing

This method is pretty easy and looks good on shoes containing less number of eyelets. It is also known as Fashion or Lydiard Lacing.

Here’s how to straight lace Doc Martens Boots:

  • Start with placing both ends of the lace across the underside of the lowest eyelets.
  • Run each aglet horizontally through the second hole and make a straight line.
  • Continue inserting it across the next holes on both sides. And you will see horizontal bars in the middle portions.
  • Make similar bars until you reach the last eyelets.


  • Pull the lace and set the perfect fit, make a knot and hide the remaining thread under the tongue. Apart from this, you can also tie a bow at the top.
There is a common misconception among people is the straight bar and straight lacing structure are different. But these two are similar– there are no side patterns in the straight or straight bar knotting.

5. Ladder Lacing

It is one of the secured lacing techniques which is generally followed by paratroopers. People move towards this system to achieve a distinctive appearance and tight fit.

Now, let’s see the method of ladder tying:

  • Horizontally pass one end of the thread across the two bottom eyeholes and ensure an equal portion of the tie on every side.
  • Take one end and enter it into the next holes on the same side.


  • Put the same lace end into the opposite-sided second eyelet.
  • Take the other aglet and repeat the same process. Continue doing this with each lace end.

Are all the eyelets filled with proper lace positioning? Well, finish it by making a bow or simply make a knot with the remaining threads.

How to Tie Doc Martens Loose?

Among several knot techniques, the bow tie method gives a loose fit along with a charming look.

There are many Dr. Martens users who prefer a roomy fit of their shoes. Consequently, they search for tying techniques that provide loose fit. And bow tie configuration is the best solution for them.

Follow this procedure to tie the lace in a bow shape:

  • Put the lace inside the two bottom eyelets and make a straight line.
  • Enter one end of the thread into the second eyehole of the adjacent line. In a word, insert the thread diagonally and make a cross symbol.
  • Maintain one hole gap between two nearby bows.
  • Pull the laces and customize the fit. Now, complete the process by tying a knot at the high end.

This is how, apart from styling, lacing helps fit your boots perfectly. And for the case of Dr. Martens boots, must know either Doc Martens run big or small to have a better understanding of the fitting.


Should you lace up Doc Martens all the way?

Lacing up all the eyelets of the Doc Martens enables the snug fit. But for a roomy fit and signature outlook, leave two or three eyeholes without knotting.

Should Doc Martens be tight or loose?

Dr. Martens stretch with time. Therefore, it’s wise to pick the snug fitted shoes to avoid any disturbance.

Takeaway Thoughts

A suitable tie system enhances the appearance of yellow stitched Martens shoes.

As you’re now familiar with several strategies for knotting the laces, select any one among them depending on your choice and events.

Let me know which method seems more stylish to you. Also do not hesitate to knock in the comment section for any additional queries.


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