How To Stop Rubber Rain Boots From Squeaking [2024 Tips]

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If you live in an area where it rains a lot, then you definitely know how important rubber rain boots are in saving the day. But sometimes rubber rain boots can get squeaky and that can be really, really annoying.

Squeaking rain boots are actually a common problem that many people face – but it’s not something unfixable. Like most other problems, your squeaking rubber boots can also be fixed.


After carrying out thorough research and trying out the hacks myself, I have gathered the best ways to stop your rubber rain boots from squeaking – and you’ll get them right here.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the process of getting rid of the squeak from your rubber rain boots.

Why Is Your Rubber Rain Boots Squeaking?

Like all other problems, solving this problem is the second step.

The first step is knowing the root cause of the problem. Why is you rubber boot squeaking? Which part is causing the squeaking? After answering these questions you can move on to solving the problem itself.

So, why is your rubber rain boots squeaking?

First off, the boots are made of rubber. When you wear shoes made of rubber material in wet conditions, the material gets exposed to water.

As the water comes in contact with the rubber, it results developing a squeaking.

Next comes identifying the source of the squeaking, you need to know exactly where the noise is coming from in order to fix it for good.

Check if it’s the squeaking is being produced from the inside of the boots or the bottom of the boots. This is because how you fix the squeaking will depend on where the squeaking is generated from.

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If the sound is coming from the bottom of the boots, it is due to the base of the boot rubbing against the surface that you are walking on.yellow-rain-boots

This is due to the friction between the bottom of the boot and the surface you are walking on.

If the sound is coming from the inside, it coud be due to the rubbing of the insole and the base of the boot.

Another reason could be your rubber rain boots being brand new, may be too tight or too loose.

Remember that an oddly fitting pair of rubber rain boots can also cause squeaking.

But whatever the cause of the squeaking, I will be helping you solve all of them, so just keep reading.

How To Stop Your Rubber Rain Boots From Squeaking?

When you are dealing with rubber boots, the process of stopping the squeaking is different from when you are dealing with leather boots. You will find a lot of tips only for fixing the squeaking of leather boots – I suggest you not try those out for your rubber boots.

Squeaking boots are not just annoying but also very embarrassing.

Whether you are going out with friends, to work, or just grocery shopping – no one wants a squeaking noise following them around, grabbing everyone’s attention for the wrong reason!

Well, there’s no need for you to worry anymore because using the tricks mentioned below, you will be able to get rid of the squeaking by simply using the tools available at home.

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Here are the ways to stop your rubber rain boots from squeakings:

Reattach The Sole

One reason behind your rubber rain boots squeaking could be a separating sole.

This is when the sole is separating from the rest of the shoe, resulting in a squeaking noise every time you walk wearing it.

Since your boots are rubber rain boots, this could be due to the glue holding together the sole and the base of the boot dissolving over time.

To fix this, you will only need super glue.

First and foremost, clean out your rubber rain boots. Then dry them thoroughly.

Once they are fully clean and dry, apply a thin and even layer of super glue on the sole that’s coming off. Place the sole and the base of the shoe together, aligning them properly.rain-boots-non-slip

Hold them together for a few minutes as the glue starts to dry. Then place the boots upright and leave them to dry overnight or at least a few hours before wearing them again.

Adjust The Friction Of the Soles

Sometimes your rubber rain boots may squeak from the bottom despite the sole being properly attached to the base of the boots.

Well, this source of squeaking is also fixable. All you will need is a screwdriver or a sharp blade or knife.

Using the sharp object pierce four small surface level holes in the rubber boot’s soles.

However, you must be careful to make the holes only at the base of the sole and not pierce all through, because that would ruin the purpose of your rubber rain boots which is to protect your feet from getting wet.

Once you have punched the holes on both the boots, try them on and walk sound in them to check whether the squeaking has stopped or not.

This should stop the squeaking, but if it doesn’t, then you have to try the next method.

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Apply Hair Conditioner

If you have tried the hole punching technique and it didn’t work for you, and the noise is still coming from the base of the rubber boots, you have to try the next step that I am about to discuss.

For this, you will need hir conditioner.

Take a dime sized amount of hair conditioner and apply a thin layer over the sole of your rubber rain boots.

This may result in your boots becoming a little slippery, especially on wet surfaces, but it will control the squeaking and get rid of it.

You have to keep reapplying the conditioner over time to keep the rubber boots squeak-proof.

Treat The Insoles With Baby Powder

If the squeaking noise is coming from the inside of your rubber rain boots, then handling and treating the soles of the boot will not fix the problem.

For this, you will need baby powder.squeaking-noise-rain-boot

All you have to do is dust the insole of your rubber boots with a sufficient amount of baby powder.

Walk around your boots to check if the squeaking is gone.

If and when the squeaking returns, simply reapply the baby powder to get rid of it again.

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Last Hope: Take Your Rubber Boots To A Shoe Repair Store

Try the methods mentioned above, and they will surely help you get rid of the squeaking.

However, if none of these work out for you, then you will have to take your rubber rain boots to a shoe repair store nearby, and they will get rid of the squeaks for you.


Squeaking rubber rain boots are a real buzzkill, and they can totally spoil the mood and the look. But they are pretty simple to get rid of.

Try out any of the methods mentioned in this article to get rid of the squeaking in your rubber boots, and if none of them work, then you will have to take your boots to the shoe repair shop and get them fixed.

I hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any queries or feedback, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below.

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