How to Stop Doc Martens From Squeaking? [Prevent & Fix it]

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Not everybody is a lover of Squeaky Boots like the SpongeBob!

And when your beloved Doc Martens start to squeak and you feel like “walking on eggshells” every time you walk, that’s the annoying part.


You surely don’t want that, right? Nobody does!

But don’t worry, I’ll mention the reasons behind Dr. Marten’s squeaking and 5 tested methods to stop it. After following them, you don’t have to cringe on Docs that create a noise like you’re walking on whoopee cushions!

So read ahead.

Actual Reason Behind Squeaking Doc Martens

As a Doc Marten lover/user, you know how good it makes you feel after wearing them.

But the problem begins when the sole of your boots create noise and irritate you with their continuous squeaking.

Finding a solution may be easy for everyone when the cause is familiar. Moreover, Before starting any methods, you must find where the noise comes from.

So, read further to know some sources which may invite the squeak.

Reasons behind the squeaking:

  • The pair might create odd noise if your shoe absorbs excessive moisture in the rainy season.
  • Martens’ shoes have lots of perspiration which may be causing this odd noise of squeaking.
  • If you leave your shoes in the water and the soles soak so much water, it can cause a squeak.


  • A loose heel can be a reason for squeaking.
  • Sometimes, manufacturers apply so much adhesive. It can also cause squeaking.
  • If you find any abrasion space between the soles and surface, that can be responsible for squeaking.

As I have already said, there is no certain reason for squeaking your Doc Martens pair. But these are the most common causes.

How To Stop Dr. Martens From Squeaking?

Suppose you didn’t identify the actual reason and want to get rid of that sound as soon as possible.

Don’t be disheartened by the noise because you can shift them into a better version that won’t create any squeak. And using some available ingredients, you can fix your squeaky Dr. Martens boots.

Here are the 5 methods to stop Doc Martens’ squeaking:

1. Apply Baby Powder Under the Insole

Doc martens are not featured with waterproof materials. For this reason, water can easily get into it. Sometimes water can be trapped between the sole gaps, creating an odd noise.


So to stop that sound, you can apply some baby powder under the insole or in the midsole section, which will help to reduce the excessive moisture.

And spread the powder all over the insole and wait to soak the moisture well.

Read here to know more about Dr. Martens being waterproof.

2. Apply Petroleum Jelly On The Outsole

In Doc Martens shoes, the insoles and outsoles are close to each other. So when you rub the insoles constantly, the outsole may make some unwanted noise.

To remove that sound, apply a little petroleum jelly underneath the insoles. This jelly will smoothen the soles and reduce the rubbing situation.

3. Using Sandpaper To Soften the Insoles

If you are a Docs user, you must know how irritating the sounds are!

New Dr. Martens boots always tend to make noise. To reduce that noise, you must complete the break-in period properly.

It is proven that, Dr. Martens stop squeaking after the break-in period.

So the thing you can do is speed up the break-in process. And by using sandpaper to rub on the rough surface, you can get the hang of it in no time.

And if you can’t find any better result after following that, lace up your boots a bit loose while wearing to avoid the leather from squeezing so hard. This will ease your time on the boots in first several days.

However, Doc Martens boots tend to stretch a little as you wear them. So the break-in and squeaking problem will eventually be decreased if you don’t apply anything at all.

4. Put Your Shoe Into The Dryer

Everyone didn’t suggest that method because it’s tougher than the others. Try this fixing method when the other procedure doesn’t work properly.

Put your shoe directly into the dryer. It can help to get rid of all moisture trapped within your shoe. If the squeaks are caused by trapped water, then it is effective for stopping the noise instantly.


Apply the minimum amount of fabric softener and a sponge with your noise boots. Don’t leave your boots in the dryer for more than ten minutes.

And always be careful while doing this procedure to get rid of the infernal squeaking sound!

However, read the article on Doc Martens being slip resistant to know if these boots can resist the water settling in.

5. Fix The Loose Heels

Check your squeaking boots thoroughly, and if you find any gap between the heel and the total surface, it may invite an odd sound for you.

Instantly apply some glue or adhesive in the heel area and hold them with the upper. You can use a clamp to hold them tightly until the glue dries.

Trying one of those 5 methods should help you disapperar the squeaking noise.

Preventing Squeaking Your Doc Martens

Likewise the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, it is the best solution for your beloved Doc Martens if you can prevent squeaking in the first place.

Here are some tips that may help you to prevent squeaking:

  • First, don’t use your Doc Martens in the water. You must dry them properly if you use them after wearing them. Do not dry them in direct sunlight; it can damage the leather of your shoes.
  • Sometimes the noise comes from soles rubbing; to reduce that sound, you must smoothen your shoe bottom by using sandpaper.
  • Use vaseline to smoothen the leather to avoid friction that cause the squeaking.
  • Accumulate the essential material that can prevent squeaking.
  • Try to wear wicking socks with your boots.

Do Doc Martens Always Squeak?

The squeaky is the only drawback of the Doc Martens that invites an embarrassing experience.

Dr. Martens actually squeaks after getting wet. But some models start squeaking from the very first day. Such brand-new pairs of Doc tend to be noisy, but the sound may disappear after wearing them regularly.

However, there were rising concern about Dr. Martens Jadon Vegan. Many customers were facing squeaking problems after wearing their pair for the first time. And they became worried that they collected a default pair.

After continuous feedback and questioning about that unwanted squeaking, the company responde to their customers via a tweet.

Here is that Tweet where doc martens directly reply to clear their customer confusion.


One of their reply in 2020 cleared much confusion about squeaking.


How do you stop Dr. Martens from squeaking in leather?

You can use the leather balm, which Dr. Martens manufacture. Or simply use vaseline to get enough lube that will provide a smoother surface for your leather boots and avoid friction which is the reason behind squeaking.

Why do my Doc Martens squeak on the tile?

Generally, rubber soles squeak on tile floors because both surfaces are smooth and create friction.   

How many hours does it take to break in Doc Martens?

Traditionally doc martens take 3 to 6 weeks to complete their break-in period. You can break-in Doc Martens overnight by using other methods I mentioned in my previous article.

Look Before You Leave

Though Doc Martens is one of the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear, it makes some crazy noise at the beginning. Moreover, the breaking-in period can be pretty much painful and fixing squeaky doc martens may take some time and patience.

But after getting the hang of it, you’ll be able to find your beloved Docs live buttery smooth pair!

And my write-up certainly help you to get the best out of everything from Dr. Martens boots.

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