Nike Vs Puma Sizing [Know The Fittings' Comparison]

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If you want to buy a pair of athletic shoes that offer splendid running features, then you must be confused between Nike and Puma shoes. We all know these are the best sports shoe for their snug fittings.


Well, a couple of years back I was in the same situation when I was gonna start my sports career.

Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find a proper fitting guide comparing Nike and Puma sizing, which I compiled by using their size chart and feedback.

Nike Vs Puma Sizing: How They Fit?

Nike and puma both are famous beasts in the sports field, and you can purchase any of them. But before picking any pair, you might wonder how they actually fit in your feet, when both shoes are typically close in size.

The Nike and Puma shoes are comparatively similar according to their size, they come 0.5 sizes smaller than true to size. Both shoes are famous for snug fittings.

Nike’s sneakers always tend to fit a little narrow, whereas Puma shoes act the same.

For example, when you usually wear a Nike size 5 then you should go for Puma 5 size for your regular wear.

If you ever use Nike blazers, you better know, how perfectly they fit with the regular size. The Nike blazer fits true to size so, you don’t have to worry about any size issues.

Remember, both brands’ different models contain different sizes, so check before buying any new pair.

Size Difference Between Nike and Puma

Both brands offer various models for, men, women, and kids. Puma kids’ line tends to be smaller compared to Nike shoes.

On top of that, there is no difference in men’s and women’s sizing in both Nike and Puma shoes.

Both shoes come in UK, USA, and Euro sizes. Surprisingly, the UK and USA sizes are the same while in Euro size you can find some size variation.

When you follow a European foot size, you can see some size variation between Nike and Puma.

In the Euro size chart, puma is one size smaller than Nike shoes. For a better understanding of the size difference and similarities, check the size chart precisely.


Which One Fits Better on Wide Feet Between Nike & Puma?

Both Nike & Puma are famous for their best athletic shoe, they make the perfect pair of running shoes. If you consider your puma shoes as a running pair, then it’s a good pick.

A good running shoe offers a tight fit in the heel area, at the same time provides a little roomy fit in the forefoot, which is ideal for a running pair.

But the complications arrive when you have extra wide feet compared to normal feet. And the complication turns into a headache when you desire to choose snug-fitted shoes for your wide feet.

So, when you have big feet, you have to pick shoes that offer a little wiggle room for your toe box.

Fortunately, Nike recently launches some shoe models that come in two different structured feet. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39s is the ideal pair for those who have extra wide feet.


Nike made this model for their prominent customer who has wide feet. The brand says if you normally wear size 8 and your feet expand more than 24.5 cm then pick the wide version, it suits you better than the regular one.

On the other hand, Puma doesn’t offer any special model or line for their wide-feet customer. However, they have size variations on their regular athletic shoes.

According to forum recommendations, the Puma Clyde All-pro Basketball sneaker is better suited for broad feet compared to the other puma shoes.


In this model, you find some cutting variation, which is a little more spacious than other puma shoes.

My suggestion for wide-fitted people, pick the Nike Zoom Pegasus 39 for secure fittings. Because the shoe is specially manufactured for wide feet, whereas Puma never designed a shoe for wide feet people.

Though Nike shoes are a little expensive, they are actually worth the price for their splendid quality.

Which Shoe is Perfect for Narrow Feet Nike or Puma?

Nike and puma, both are perfect for narrow-footed people. They, provide a snug fit compared to others sports shoes in the market. Luckily, Nike produces two different ranges of sneakers that are specially designed for those who have thin feet.

Contrary, puma never produces any line for them. According to experts, those who have narrow feet, find puma relatively offers a snug fit.

Naturally, puma shoes tend to little narrower than the visual expectations.

Well, if you want to buy specially designed shoes for your narrow feet, you should consider the Nike Free Trainers line. The Nike Free Trainers range is suitable for minimal feet because it is stiffer than Nike’s other models.


On top of that, in the Nike brand, there is another branch that is perfect for slim feet called the Flyknit Line.


The knitted fabric of Nike Flyknit grasps your forefoot and initially offers exact fittings.

The moral of the discussion is, when you pick any new beast for your small feet between Nike and Puma, try to choose a Nike pair that claims a narrow or stiff footbed along with a secure lock-in step.

How to Measure a Pair of Nike and Puma

Now you know both Puma and Nike come half size smaller, but before heading to the market to buy a new pair you must measure your feet properly.

Because for perfect fitting, you have to consider footwear that exactly matches your foot measurement. Now I’ll suggest a measurement method for your hassle-free shopping.

Let’s check the feet measurement procedure:

  • Take a piece of white paper and place them on a plain hard surface.
  • Use a pencil and draw your foot outline perfectly.
  • If you usually wear socks with your sneaker, then wear a sock before drawing the outline.
  • Measure your both foot and select the bigger foot for perfect sizing.
  • Use a measuring tape to calculate your foot length and width.
Take the measurement during the evening for the ideal size because in the evening our feet are at their most in sizing.

It’s the most used method for taking foot measurements, but if you have any problem in this way, you can go with another method to measure the shoe size. You’ll find different types of measurement techniques in the article.

Which One Should You Buy?

Nike and Puma are the best athletic shoe on the sports field. Both footwear provides a close-fitting shoe that is perfect for sprinting programs. Many of us think a running shoe should be a size bigger, but there are some criteria too.

So, you can buy any of them if you have normal feet. When you belong to a wide-foot community, then buy the Nike Pegasus 39 for the perfect fit.

Contrary, if you want to choose a budget-friendly model, then blindly go for the Clyde All-pro Basketball shoes. You can save around 30 to 40 bucks by picking puma shoes instead of Nike.

But there is also a problem if you have small feet as, in Puma, there is no specific line for narrow feet.

Luckily, Nike thought about narrow-footed people and launched two different lines, Flyknit and Free Trainers, which offer tight-fitting sneakers for small-footed people.

So, you can pick any of them, as both sneaker lines offer top-notch features.

According to my opinion, if you have structural size variation, then go for Nike. Because they have a clear declaration for their specially designed model for significant foot structure and size.


Should you size up or down in Pumas?

Yes, if you have regular feet, you should buy half-size bigger shoes from puma. When you have a narrow foot compared to the regular size, you can pick the true size.

Should I size up or down in Nike?

Nike comes in half size smaller compared to other shoes. So, you have to take half or one size larger than your actual size for perfect fitting.

Is it better to buy tighter or looser shoes?

Buying tighter or looser shoes is depending on users’ comfort. If you need some wiggle room, buy one size bigger for good breathability. On the other hand, if you find tight-fitted shoes, pick the true size or go one size down from your actual one.

Look Before You Leave

Both brands, Puma and Nike manufacture the best footwear for athletes.  You can consider any of them, but before buying, check the updated size of your desired model because they offer a snug fit for regular feet.

I hope, this article will help you to get all your required sizing information before buying your ideal pair.

Share with me through the comment section which one you pick and how that pair work for you.

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