Are Puma Shoes Good For Running? [Know Every Detail]

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In the athletic industry, the name Puma itself is a new sensation. This brand is getting its fame through the quality shoes they manufacture for every purpose.


Now the question arises do they make running shoes, and if so, are they trustworthy?

In this article, I will share all the unknown facts about Puma shoes and their versatile use in different sectors, mostly running.

So, stay tuned and level up your running experience.

Are Puma Shoes Good For Running?

Yes, Puma shoes are a good catch for running. They are high quality, durable, and provide the exact comfort you need. Though the upper of these running shoes is padded, Puma still managed to make them super lightweight and airy.

The most promising fact is that Puma running shoes are improving their designs and technology. So, you won’t be bored with the same models repeatedly.

The improvement includes better comfort and performance.


A new pair of Puma shoes is as good as any branded shoes like Nike. These shoes often meet the runner’s specific needs, and you don’t have to break an arm and leg to buy them as they are quite affordable.

Why Puma Shoes Are Meant For Running?

Whether you are a casual runner or a professional one, Puma running shoes are a must-have for your shoe closet. The outstanding features make these sneakers so good for running along with other physical activities.

Here are the factors why Puma shoes are perfect for running:


Puma shoes are high-quality and meant to last long while serving the best performances.

The material and crafting process makes these running shoes highly durable.

Puma ensured that their shoes maintained cleanliness as fabric-made shoes, which is crucial for long-term health concerns. So, these shoes are a great option to use in the long run.


Comfort is another factor why Puma running shoes are so hyped among runners. These shoes provide the ultimate comfort for your feet.

While running, your feet need a soft surface to land on. Puma provides that perfectly.

I wear my Velocity Nitro 2 for everyday running. It has the proper cushioning a runner needs. Even after 8-9 weeks, my feet don’t hurt like other shoes I have tried so far.


It’s no surprise that runners try to save as much money as possible to purchase other necessary running-related things.

If you are in the profession, you will understand the struggle. You can’t spend so much on one item or have enough money to buy other equipment.

The price of Puma shoes is on a budget. Even a 21$ unisex- adult sneakers will give you a lightweight feel along with the soft midsole. These are not only practical but also casual because of the TPU heel.

The most famous pairs are also under 100$. So you don’t have to worry much.


When it comes to Puma, they make sure you are getting the best quality shoes for the well-being of your feet.

If you want your feet to have the support it requires, ensure the shoes you wear have a good heel design. Heel drop is a very crucial factor in maintaining the right posture.

Puma shoes are the best quality for anyone wishing to wear them longer.

Responsive sole

You will find lightweight Nitro Foam in Puma shoes with fine cushioning that creates a super responsive sole.


This features the maximum energy transfer from the carbon plate to the sole. If you land on your front foot while running, the energy returns to the toe, which makes this feature awesome.

Carbon plate

Many running shoes from renowned brands have carbon plates in their soles, and Puma is no different.

There are so many running shoes with carbon plates, but they are not stable enough. Puma shoes are different in this case as the manufacturer made Puma soles slightly shorter to avoid such a situation.

Are All Puma Shoes Good For Running?

Puma makes shoes of all types and designs according to your needs. But not all sneakers are meant for running. Along with running pairs, they have sneakers, training shoes, gym shoes, and slippers; you name it.

Since its launch, Puma has provided good quality shoes at an affordable price. And this is another reason they got so much popularity among consumers.

Running shoes are quite the latest edition of the brand, which has caught the eyes of Puma lovers.

Another popular name in the running industry is Adidas. Know the difference between Puma and Adidas to choose the best option for your running gear.

Top 5 Puma Running Shoes In 2022

Puma shoes are ideal pairs for running errands, or even for heavy workouts in the gym. They cover every sector with grace and functionality.

Here are the top 5 sneakers for your better experience:

Puma Deviate Nitro

Puma Deviate Nitro is another versatile one for an extremely fun ride. This model fits like a glove, and the grip is superb.

You don’t need any break-in period for these breathable sneakers.


The outsole is extremely slip-resistance. So you don’t have to worry about slipping on a rainy day.

However, they are not meant for cold weather. So, think of another Puma pair for your winter running or you can try a new brand like Skechers.

Before coming to a conclusion, check every small detail about Puma and Skechers so that you don’t regret it later.

Puma Liberate Nitro

This particular design is the new member of the Puma family. In this new model, the sole is super lightweight, like a feather, and you can run in these with minimum effort.

You will be comfortable with those flexible and roomy toe boxes.


The NITRO foam is the key feature of this version, along with those vibrant colors. It provides a comfy cushion for your feet to rest on while running.

These shoes are not ideal for high-mileage activities, so keep that in mind.

Puma Run XX Nitro 

This collection is especially devoted to women as their feet’ shape and size differ from men’s.

Puma Run XX Nitro is designed for women runners considering their needs while running. These shoes provide great support underfoot. Even when wet, they have an exceptional grip.


Note: You will find it a bit heavy and lacks responsiveness. Do keep that in mind.

Puma Eternity Nitro

Puma Eternity Nitro is, so far, the best neutral high-mileage training shoe with highly responsive cushioning for those who experience pronation. It is a perfect fit for long distances and heavy mileage running.

This shoe has an excellent reputation for a secured upper to keep your feet to the point.

Puma Velocity Nitro

Puma Velocity Nitro is another high-mileage training shoe. You will get terrific responsiveness and cushioning from this pair.

Puma Velocity Nitro has your back no matter how long you want to run. It is super lightweight and thus suitable for both progressive and fast runs. The features this shoe provides are similar to well-known running brand shoes.

Are Puma Shoes Good For Gym?

Yes, you can work out in Puma shoes, but I won’t recommend you grab any pair. Puma has specific gym shoes that are designed keeping in mind the stability for lifting, a good level of cushioning for short runs, and versatility.

In any physical activity, it is a must that you will move a lot, and the sole of your shoes has to be flexible enough.

Unfortunately, despite having gym shoes, Puma is still not as specialized as CrossFit trainers. And there is still room for improvement.

Do Puma Shoes Run Small?

Yes, Puma shoes run small. If you compare Puma shoes to Adidas, they run a bit smaller, as Adidas is known for being true to size.

While buying new shoes, it becomes easy if you know your proper foot measurement. People often compare new shoes to popular brands when it comes to sizing.

Let me explain.

Compared to Nike, Puma is a close match. For example, Nike Huaraches has similar sizing factors to Puma. This is one way to get your properly fitted pair in no time by comparing it with other brands.

Sizing charts are also very helpful in getting your sneakers. From the chart, you can compare sizes in Europe and the United States.

Here is the size chart to make your decision easier:



Do Puma Shoes Have Good Grip?

Yes, Puma shoes have decent traction in the sole to give its wearer a good grip on any uneven surface. The Puma Run XX is the perfect example of that. It has high-traction rubber for your safety.

Are Puma Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Puma shoes with inner cushioning, high-traction outsole, and comfy yet airy upper are ideal for your feet. They make an excellent orthotic shoe, for sure.

Do Puma Shoes Have Good Support?

The features of these shoes talk for themselves. The budget-friendly sneakers have proper arch support, cushioning, and grippy outsole to satisfy all your needs in a running shoe.

Parting Thoughts

Puma shoes hold the crown of running shoes for durability, traction, grip, and cushioning. It paved its way and still rocking continuously.

You can buy and wear Puma shoes for any fast-moving activities. And this will be super comfortable for any running session you go for.

Hope this article helped you make your decision. For any further queries, comment below.

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