Nike Sizing vs Vans [Know How Their Size & Fit Differs]

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The sizing of Nike and Vans varies depending on the materials, design aspects, and specific purposes.

Thus, it becomes challenging for customers while buying shoes from the online marketplace. Because checking the fit is impossible in that phase.


And so, several times individuals fail to purchase the right size. To resolve this problem, I’m gonna explain the sizing of Nike & Vans.

Without further ado, let’s read ahead and rescue yourself from the sizing issue.

Do Vans Run the Same Size as Nike?

No, Vans’ size is quite different from the regular Nike sneakers – Nike shoes are narrow at the toe area and run a half size smaller than Vans. Both brands provide their standard size charts. So it’s wise and time-saving to follow those size guides and get the proper fit.

Being a conscious footwear enthusiast, you must have already known whether it’s better to buy bigger or smaller shoes.

Congested shoes lead to blisters and aches in the feet, especially in the ankle area. So, you must stop the shoe from rubbing the back of your ankle. On the contrary, large shoes provoke trouble and stumbling.

As a result, perfectly fitted pairs are essential. It helps in relaxed movement, proper alignment, and natural functioning of the feet.

For your convenience, the size catalog of Nike and Vans is attached below. They will guide you to get the suitable size & fit from both brands. Therefore, let’s have a look at that chart and decide which size would be suitable for you.

Vans shoes Size Chart:


Now, measure your shoe size with the help of this chart, order your favorite pair, and move on with stylish Vans.

Nike shoes standard size chart:


Here, the length is denoted in inches. So make sure to estimate your foot length in the same unit or convert it to inches. Then find out the number in the table and see what shoe size you should purchase.

For instance, a woman with a foot length of 10.3 should buy 10.5, and a man with 10.3 should pick up a shoe size 9.

If you have normal feet and prefer ideal fitting, these size charts will be pretty helpful for you.

Nike vs Vans: Sizing Comparison

Vans are large compared to Nike. But separately, most of the shoes from both brands are true to size.

Being a regular wearer of Nike sneakers if you wanna move into Vans right now, you should go down half a size. Suppose, you often wear size 8 Nike shoes, then choose 7.5 in Vans.

However, you may find them snug at first attempts. But your feet will be adjusted with that pair after constantly moving in them for 2–3 weeks.

On the other hand, being a Vans user for years when you desire to step into Nike’s sneakers world, choose a half-size bigger shoe. For example, 8 size Vans wearers should adopt 8.5 in Nike.

Pro Tips: If you’re in between sizes, choose adjacent larger ones in Nike and the nearest smaller ones in the case of canvas-made Vans. Because it stretches to some extent with regular wear.

Should You Size Up or Down in Vans?

Vans shoes have a good reputation for being true to size. So, you don’t need to size up or down. Just measure your feet and then evaluate the footwear size from the chart I have provided above. By doing this, you will get a flawless fit.

The timeless and trendy Vans are comfortable. It’s a great choice for casual wear and comes within a reasonable price range. The toe box, side structure, regular fit, and overall design provide the users with a decent walking experience.

So, whether you take part in skateboarding, BMX riding, or surfing, just choose the actual size. And definitely, you won’t regret doing this. Rather, wearing the appropriate size will minimize the risk of unexpected falling and injuries.

Meanwhile, if you are already struggling with the unfit issue or getting irritations for somewhat larger Vans, solve this problem by wearing socks with the Vans slip-ons.

Do Nikes Run Small or Big?

Most Nike sneakers tend to run true to size. But their toe formation is narrow compared to other athletic wear brands such as Adidas and Reebok. So, users often claim that Nike runs smaller. But if you follow the brand’s size chart, and accordingly check the width-length, you’ll get the proper fitting.

Additionally, Nike authority has realized that users are constantly complaining about the sneakers’ narrow toe boxes.

As a result, the iconic brand developed a tool ‘Nike Fit’ to overcome the ill-fitting controversy.


Customers can easily identify their shoe size by scanning their feet in the latest version of the Nike app.

But several people are asking, Why Nike fit option is absent in the Nike app?

Well, just install the upgraded edition of the app. However, this option may not be included in your downloaded app depending on the device, location, and order history. In that case, you should measure the feet manually.

Initially, you may feel that your Nike shoe’s fitting is tight. But the materials are slightly stretchy. So, after the break-in period ends, Nike sneakers will nicely mold to your feet. And it will offer true to size fitting like Nike Blazers, SB Dunk, Air Force 1, etc.

But there are some exceptions such as Nike Huaraches which runs small. To obtain the relaxed fit of Huaraches, check the size guide from the attached article or get help from the app.


Do Vans fit loose or tight?

Similar to other shoes, Vans also seems tight at first attempts. But it fits well with the end of the break-in period.

Do Vans fit the same as Jordans?

Numerous shoes are included in the Jordan series. And most of them fit the same as Vans, i.e., true to size.

Do Old Skool Vans run big or small?

Vans OldSkool series do not run big or small. Rather they are true to size like the Authentic, Ward, and Doheny lineage. So, going up or down is unnecessary.

Bottom Line

When switching from one footwear brand to another, we often struggle with the fit and wanna relate one’s sizing to the others.

For now, Nike and Vans size has been compared in this write-up. Before you grab these branded shoes, make sure to look at the size table.

Wanna hear about any other brands’ size comparisons? If so, inform me by leaving a comment below.

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