How to Look Taller with Shoes [5 Hacks to Boost Height]

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When you are the shortest in your group and for every picture you have to come to the front otherwise you are invisible. You can’t be instantly tall, so you need some assistance from your outfits and shoes!


But how can your shoes be that stair to your immediate height gain journey?

In this write-up, I will detangle your confusion and tell you hacks that make you taller with your footwear.

Stay tuned.

Can Shoes Enhance Your Height?

Yes, your shoes can lift your height and make you look taller than you usually are. Normally, sneakers add about an inch to your look. If you are a short person, wearing elevator shoes such as heels and boots will also lengthen your height.

Regardless of what type of shoes you are wearing, all shoes add to your height.

A decent flip-flop can add 1.5 inches similarly, a fashionable Cowboy or Chelsea boot adds up to 3 inches and give your ankle the support they need.


If you want to look tall in your existing pairs, you can add a new or elevated insole to make you taller instantly. It’s budget-friendly and quick.

So, be careful and choose shoes that are comfy and at the same time increase your height.

5 Ways to Look Taller With Shoes

There are so many ways that can make you taller instantly, and shoes come first on that list.

Here are the 5 hacks to make you look taller with shoes:

Pick the Right Shoes

If you want to look taller just by wearing your daily footwear, you need to choose your shoes carefully. And you can alter the existing ones with a pair of new insoles.

For your open-toe mules or heels, use specialty inner pads specially designed for this type of footwear.

Wear platform shoes like the Vans platform Old Skool sneakers for a subtle lift. Such pairs are comfy as they are flat but have an incredibly thick outsole, thus giving you an elevated look.


If you don’t want to draw attention to your elevated soles, pair them with long pants or maxi dresses that cover the tops of your shoes.

Another brilliant idea is to buy an air-cushioned inner shoe pad for that length boost. Manufacturers like Nike, and Reebok offer sneakers with built-in air-cushion technology.

It will give you a comfy space for your heels to land along with the extended height.

I tried wearing two pairs of socks to look taller, though it’s not that effective. But there is nothing wrong with an extra layer of cushioning, right?

Put Together a Flattering Outfit

Along with shoes, it’s extremely important to put together an outfit that helps to add height.

As I mentioned previously, wearing long jeans with thick-soled shoes helps to minimize the chunky look together, with the visual extension of your height.


Sometimes loose-fitted clothes can work reversely and make you look smaller. To eliminate this situation, wear outfits that flatter your body and your footwear.

If you want to rock your boot looks, wear skinny jeans that compliment the color of your denim too.

This way, you will be able to trick others’ eyes and make you taller.

Opt for Formal Shoes with Heels

Another way to look tall in general is to pair shoes with heels you regularly use. Formal shoes fit your budget, so if you need to be a bit clever and buy your office shoes with elevated heels.

Boots are an excellent example of formal shoes that also work as casual footwear. So, it’s a win-win situation.


You can also select a variety of heel lengths to achieve your comfortable height.

Wear your Timberland boots to look taller. These boots add 1.25 to a maximum of 2 inches. That means you have a variety of options.

To look taller in your sneakers, buy a low-top pair. These short-neck shoes show more ankle, and this is another element that makes you appear taller.

Wear Monochromes

When you show up in the same color shade from top to bottom, you look chic, longer, and thinner at the same time as killing two birds in one shot.

I am an expert in monochrome looks and as a short person, this trick helped me look taller than I usually am.


For the office, use nude-colored pumps with pointed toes. The best part of nude pointy shoes is, they go with any kind of dress, especially with office wear.

Note: Buy nude pumps that match your leg’s skin tone to get the monochrome classic look.

Try Pointed Toe Footwear

If you have petite feet like me, the best solution to look taller in any shoe is to wear pointed designs.

Let me elaborate!

My aunt wears pointed-toe kitten heels for any holiday family party, and trust me, she never looked short, which she is.


This is where I got my inspiration and bought my first pair of pointed nude pumps. I am planning to buy those Louis Vuitton Black Pointed Toe Pumps with a peak of red in the outsole.

I also have several pointy-toe mules, and they never disappointed me and elevated my height along with my outfit.

Shoes That Make You Look Taller

It’s obvious that your shoes make you look taller and add something extra to your look. If you want to wear something specifically to appear taller, you need to know which pair will do the job for you without much effort.

5 shoes for increasing your height:

Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max is a classic vintage sneaker that is not only fashionable but also the best pair for athletic purposes. They add 1.5 to 1.75 inches to your actual length.


The best way to wear this Nike best-selling footwear is casually with your straight-leg jeans. With Air Max on, you will look taller and don’t have to think twice about your outfit if you have a casual aesthetic.

Doc Marten Boots

The iconic Doc Martin Boots are an excellent choice for a little bit of boost of height. For ages, boot lovers are relying on Doc Martens and enjoying those long walks.

The most interesting part of these sturdy boots have a one to three inch outsole, which is a natural way to look taller, and you don’t have to put much effort.

Because your boots will do the job for you.

You need to know if these formal-looking Doc Martens boots run big or small to have the proper fit. So that you can enjoy the lift of height without the tension of adjusting the fitting.

Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Adidas Ultra Boost

If you are a sports person and enjoy running, jumping, or even for your casual outgoing activities want to wear those three striped beauties with a little bit of added height, Adidas Ultra Boost is the shoe for you.

Your height will increase by 1.5 to 1.75 inches in these sneakers, and you don’t even have to compromise your comfort to achieve that.

If you are a couch potato like me, give Adidas Ultra boost a try.


Nike Air Force 1

One of the staple wardrobe essentials is a white sneaker and if that is a Nike Air Force 1s, you don’t have to think of buying a new pair soon. This classic white shoe elevates any look along with your height.

The crispy white sneakers go well with everything and they will also provide you with 1.25 to 1.50 inches.


For my everyday use, I opt for AF1s almost daily. And let me tell you I have turned heads quite a few times. These white shoes with white skinny pants elongate my legs and give me a good balance.

Oliver Cabell – Jabbar High

The standard sole of the Oliver Cabell height of shoes will give you about an inch of height. However, the main reason these classic pairs are good for making you look taller is their height-increasing insoles.

The leather upper makes them a proper casual yet formal shoe.


I am not a high-top shoe fan, but if you are, then Oliver Cabell-Jabbar High shoes will provide you with your favorite look and also make you taller instantly.

You can insert any kind of insoles with these versatile Cabell high-tops.


Can You Look Taller With Flat Shoes?

Tucking your tops and shirts can work magic and make you look taller despite wearing flats. This way your legs appear longer and boost your height.

Do Bigger Shoes Make You Look Taller?

Yes, elevator shoes like boots and heels with thick soles can make you look physically taller. Anyway, they look chunky and can make you look wider.

Parting Thoughts

You can’t go out without your footwear and when they act like a stair for your height, it’s an added bonus.

You can make yourself seem taller by wearing your favorite Adidas and Nike sneakers and not to mention heels. Whatever option you choose, your appearance will surely change.

Which is exactly what I have addressed thoroughly.

Again, thanks for engaging.

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