Does Wearing Two Pair of Socks Make You Taller? [Answered]

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People tend to go to extreme lengths to get an extra bit of height. From drinking specialized drinks to hanging on bars, a person will do anything. What about a double pair of socks?

Don’t worry my friend! I’ve got your back.

After scouring the net for countless hours and careful testing, I came up with this definitive guide that’ll answer all your questions.


Without wasting time, let’s get to the point first; does wearing two pairs of socks make you taller?

No, wearing two pairs of socks does not make you taller. If you wear two pairs, the double layer will get compressed under your feet; having a negligible impact. However, they will keep your feet warmer and prevent unwanted blisters. You get added comfort too.

Cheer up! I know it’s (probably) not the answer you were looking for. There are other ways, you know. Wink. Keep on reading to know it all.

Does Wearing Two Pair of Socks Make You Taller? Answered

Sorry to disappoint you, but wearing two pairs of socks does not make you taller.

Since you’ve clicked into this post; you’re probably looking for solutions to get an added bit of height. I can feel your pain, my friend. And, it’s totally fine. No one’s perfect.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get serious.

For some tallness is a given, while for others it’s like finding an extremely rare pokemon. You can’t always have it.

To put it into context, shortness is a pandemic and researchers have been trying to find a solution for years.

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Over the years, there have been hundreds of height-increasing products. You’ll find specialized footwear, powder drinks, tablets, and whatnot! Effectiveness of these products? That’s something for another day.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, people try different homemade remedies for added height. And, one of them is wearing two pairs of socks.

What happens when you do it?

When you wear a single pair, you get an added height of 1mm or 1.5mm. When you wear two, you get an added height of 2mm or 3mm (at max).

And frankly speaking, it won’t make a noticeable difference. However, there are other benefits of wearing a double pair of socks. What are they?

You’ll find out, once you go deeper into the article.

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What’s a Double Layer Sock?

Believe it or not; there’s a sock in the market, which consists of two layers. It’s supposed to do the job of two pairs of socks.

These types of socks come with built-in liners. Wright Socks make some of the best double-layer socks out there. Their socks are explicitly designed to reduce blisters, thanks to their patented Double Layer anti-blister system.

These socks are extremely popular among hikers and their communities.

Is It Bad to Wear 2 Pairs of Socks?

No, it’s not bad to wear two pairs of socks. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Wearing two pairs of socks has more pros than cons. You can prevent blisters and many other issues in a double pair. It’s very popular among hikers, athletes, and many industrial workers.

As a little boy, I used to get irritated when I saw people wearing 4 socks at 2 feet. Especially my dad! But, as time went by; I began to notice the difference.

I’ve been very pleased with the results if I’m being honest. The pros far outweigh the cons.

I didn’t face the problems which I used to, wearing a single pair. In short, it’s not bad.

PS: Wearing a double pair of socks is completely subjective. I’m just stating facts from the experiences I’ve had.

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Two Pairs of Socks

Wearing two pairs of socks won’t give you any added height, but it certainly has its benefits. For your convenience, I’ve listed them down.

Here are the benefits of wearing double pair of socks:

Prevents Blisters

When you wear a single pair, your skin collides with fabric when you’re in motion.

Along with friction, you get heat and moisture too.

What can you expect, when you’ve put on an extra layer? When you wear two pairs of socks(instead of one), the fabrics of the socks rub against each other; not your skin. This results in almost zero friction, which equals zero blisters.


Eliminates Moisture

You’re bound to get internal sweating while wearing socks and shoes. And, if you’re someone whose job requires brisk or plenty of movements, then hallelujah!

How does that sea of sweat feel? I’m sure it isn’t pleasant, is it? Well, guess what?

Wearing two pairs of socks reduces moisture in a significant amount, which ultimately results in fewer to no blisters. It worked for me! So, I’m hoping it’ll work for you too.

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Extra Padding

I think I won’t need to explain much about this benefit. An added layer of socks will definitely add an extra layer of cushioning. It will make your landings a whole lot softer and smoother.

Better Fitting 

Do your shoes have an extra room? Have you bought an exquisite pair of shoes, but had settled for a bigger size? Well, if this is the case then you have a simple yet effective solution right in front of you.

That’s right, wearing two pairs of socks fills up the extra room between your shoes and your toes.

Extra Warmth

Wearing an extra pair of socks is a great idea during the winter, and especially if you live in colder areas. It especially helps when your footwear lacks extra cushioning.

Remember, you’ve to do it correctly. When you’re planning to do so, make sure there’s adequate room in your shoes. If it’s too tight, then your feet might go cold.

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Do Shoe-Inserts Increase Your Height?

Yes, shoe-inserts do increase your height by a specific margin. But, not all of them do the job. There are specialized shoe inserts that increase your height. They’re more popularly known as height increase insoles.

They’re the ones you should turn to if you want to add an extra bit of height; both naturally and effortlessly. They’re perfect for weddings, parties, date nights, interviews, and everyday life.

While there are plenty of manufacturers making this product, not all of them are reliable.

In case you need one, I’ve listed some of the best ones out there. They come from reliable manufacturers and are of excellent functionality.

Here are my top picks of the best height increase insoles:


Dr.Foot Adjustable 5-Layer Height Increase Insoles

dr.foot adjustable

These silicone heel cushion inserts from Dr.Foot are exactly what you need. They’re transparent, look super classy, and are very durable. They consist of 5 layers which give an added height of 1.2 inches. Not bad, if you ask me.


Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole


The moment I saw them, I was instantly blown away. How can a small piece of accessory be this good? Both, in terms of appearance and functionality. They’re wild I tell you. Mendez insoles make the perfect companion for any formal shoes. They’ll add a humble height of 1.5 inches.


Geyoga Invisible Height Increase Insole


Similar in appearance to that of the Dr.Foot insoles, they work equally fine.  Their transparent appearance makes them really appealing. They’re comfortable and have a soft texture. There’s no question about the functionality; what else could you ask for?

Wearing Two Pairs of Socks। My Personal Experience

During my college days, I used to be a budding football/soccer player. I always made it into the school and college football team. Heck, I even made it to the third tier of our domestic football. So, I’m someone with experience.

Being an overlapping left back, I always used to run up and down the channels. As a result,I had to deal with plenty of friction (between my cleats and feet).

I was often left with nasty blisters at various parts of my feet. I knew, I had to do something about it. Then, one of my mates suggested wearing two pairs of socks.

And, it worked like a charm. Not only did my blisters go away, but I got a better fit, and comfort. While it certainly didn’t add an extra height, it did give me the confidence of having added height.

How Can You Make Yourself Look Taller?

I’m sorry if you’ve ever faced any sort of bullying for not being tall enough. While two pairs of socks certainly don’t work, there are some hacks I’m gonna let you into.

People won’t notice your shortcomings and appreciate you.

Here’s what you should do to look taller:

1. Wear Fitted Clothes

You probably have heard it a lot of times, but trust me it works. To look taller you have to make sure your clothes are well fitted. A shorter man in well-fitted attire looks elegant and proportionate. 

2. Use Monochrome Colors to Look Tall and Slim

Contrasting colors break your figure up, making you look short along the way. To make yourself look taller, use monochrome colors to highlight your figure. It’s highly desirable.

Make your shoes and socks of similar color to your trousers, it will make your legs appear longer.

3. Vertical Stripes Does The Job

When it comes to clothing for short guys, the rule of thumb is; avoid horizontal stripes. Bold horizontal cuts you in half, so avoid them. Always go with vertical stripes.

4. Wear These Shoes

How can I miss out on shoes? It’s an essential part of men’s fashion. The types of shoes you wear define your personality and aura. While tall people can rock in almost any kind of shoes, it’s not the case with short people.

Here’s how your shoes should be worn:

1. Keep Your Shoes Below the Ankle

Low-top shoes show more ankle compared to high-tops that shorten the legs as the rise is past the ankle.

2. Wear Pointy-toed Shoes

Round or square-toed shoes can shorten the foot. Pointed shoes on the other hand, lengthen the foot visually and the leg eventually.

Parting Thoughts

Wearing two pairs of socks won’t add any extra height, as the double layers are cramped between your feet. While you can attain a certain degree of height depending on the material, it’ll be futile nonetheless.

But, don’t feel sad! There are other benefits to wearing two pairs of socks; all of which I’ve mentioned above.

If you really want added height, there are different paths you have to take. While I couldn’t mention all of them; I did the ones which are the most effective ones.

Do let me know if I’ve missed anything important. And, feel free to share among your friends; who could use such guidance.

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