Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?[5 minutes Read]

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Hey dudes, spice up your regular outfit like chilly!

You must know that their upgraded designs, adjustable features and additional technologies made them the best leading brand in the footwear market.

Now, If You are going to purchase a pair of Hey Dude shoes, one question must cross your mind!  Is it okay to wear socks with hey dudes or not?

You will be surprised to know that on their official website, they shared an amazing review of their fan customer –

“Like wearing a pair of socks made of magic and sunshine and lemonade lollipops”do-you-wear-socks-with-hey-dudes

Well, It’s recommended to wear socks with any footwear to be healthy and fit. But hey dudes, you can avoid socks because they are like socks of their own.

Guess I removed your confusion a little bit. But to be confident about this particular problem you have to know all the details.

To find out everything without having any worries, keep reading!

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The Rising Popularity Of Hey Dude Shoes!

Hey dude was founded in 2008 by two Italian footwear experts, Alessandro and Dario.

The journey started with a slip-on type single-style shoe named The Wally. One year later, it became too popular to open a new branch in the USA, with new member Daniele.

Finally, after 2010 June Hey dude spread out all over the world for its casual look and great comforts.

In October 2011, just over 30 months later, hey dude made an example by selling 1 million pairs of stylish, lightweight, and affordable shoes.

As a dedicated company, dude intended to give people awesome footwear with an adventure. In order to retain that performance, in 2017, they invented their first water shoe named Mistral, which was designed specially to maintain grip when the insole gets wet.

Today, it has become the first choice for younger people among the best brands.

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Can You Wear Hey Dudes Without Socks?

I guess you already know how popular Hey Dudes are. Now, the question is, can you wear dudes without socks? Are those even comfortable enough to wear without socks?

Well, you don’t need to get stuck with your thoughts!

I’m assuring you from my previous experiences that you can wear dudes with socks or without socks if you want! As they are made from some excellent combinations of features.

Here are the things which make dudes much approved:

Comfortable Upper

Dudes have been highly praised as they are offering fashionable, stylish and breathable upper to satisfy their customers.

The Upper is a vital part of a shoe that catches anyone’s eye first. Dudes will grab your attention and provide you the best breathable and elastic uppers at a time.

As they are made from canvas or elastic materials, they add ultra flexibility to their upper. And this flexible upper ensures your feet move freely and permits air to get inside your toe room.

For being such kind of upper, you can wear dudes without socks if you want. Cause this won’t affect your comforts at all.

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Soft Cushioning

Hey dudes never disappoint their consumers as they experiment a lot with their products. They applied the flex and fold technology to ensure superior foot cushioning.

The use of memory foam and soft fabric lining gets you the best flexibility in the insole of your shoe. This helps you to try some light outdoor sports as well.

Besides, this soft cushioning requires the best cooling feelings in case you wear dudes without socks.

Light In weight

The noticeable point is that, hey dudes are incredibly lightweight. Probably the most lightweight shoe you have ever experienced on your own.

It weighs only 150-170g, for which you won’t notice any spot on your feet even if you wear it the whole day.

To make it almost weightless, the designer team used an EVA outsole, splendid midsole and coated textile in the upper. They make their best effort to bring down hey dude’s weight to the point where you feel nothing.

In other words, it will feel like you are wearing the socks only.

So, It won’t make any difference whether you wear socks or not with your hey dudes!

Still, if you are too much habitable with socks, you can wear them.

Outstanding Fitness

An extremely comfortable shoe will offer you the best fitness. And fitness is the first thing that someone may look for.

In the case of fitness, hey dude’s mechanism provides you the best output by their easy-on lace design. They use elastic bands in place of lace that will provide you with extra grip.

However, hey dudes are loose-fitted footwear means you don’t need to wear socks to fit them with your foot.

Excellent Breathability

One of the great features of Hey dude is its flawless breathability. As they were made from fabric, they allow your feet both inflow and outflow as well.

Another thing is it saves your feet from being sweaty.  But if you want to wear socks, it might not be a great idea because they are not so friendly in a watery environment.

So your socks will also get wet with your hey dudes, which can make you a little uncomfort.

What Are The Advantages of Wearing Shoes With Socks?

You will be surprised to know that Your feet are made with more sweat glands than any other parts of your body!

At that point, socks help to retain your feet by wicking the unwanted moisture from sweat. It also helps to prevent fungal and bacterial build-up and tries to keep your feet mostly dry.

Is it required or not to wear Socks with Hey Dudes?

Socks are essential for some specific regions, like extreme cold areas. It saves your feet from freezing and skin irritation.

It also helps you to avoid fungal growth and sometimes to get fit with your footwear perfectly. If you are not used to wearing socks, then you might have to permit some cold to get in your shoes, but not

It’s true that footwear doesn’t absorb moisture like socks, But Hey dudes are extremely soft and comfy. Wearing socks with them is unnecessary, but it will provide you an extra level of security.

So, You can wear socks with your hey dudes but it’s not required!

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Socks with Hey Dudes?

If you are a Hey Dudes user, then you already know about its benefits. It’s a much more comfortable shoe and has made its best utility to consumers in a short time.

You can wear socks with it or not, it’s totally up to you! But there are some advantages to wearing hey dudes with socks.

Let’s check out the advantages:

Helps to reduce bad odor

Though hey dudes are breathable and allow air to keep circulation in your shoe since they are made from fabric material. They are equally good for preventing your feet from sweating.

Therefore you won’t endure bad smells and discomfort as well.

Maintains hygiene

It’s hygienic to use socks because they can keep your feet warm and stop being sweaty. That means they will save your feet from many foot problems like bacterial growth and skin irritation due to moisture

Avoids blister

In trying new shoes, people often get blisters on their feet. Well, they think that it’s a common thing to try a new pair of shoes. It’s called the breaking period for new footwear.

If you use socks, you will get help to reduce these blisters as they prevent friction, and your breaking period will be a little smoother.

Protects your feet from rugged surfaces

It’s a common problem for people after buying new footwear that it feels like something is touching the feet, which could be the insole or lining of those shoes.

Moreover, your shoes are not completely ready when they are bought. As I mentioned earlier, the insole of a newly bought shoe feels rough inside.

Socks can save you from that. And you will get enough time to get used to the new sole of your shoes.

Supports your feet providing softness

With Hey dudes, it’s easy to move freely. Their manufacturing features ensure your best comfort and flexibility.

By wearing socks, you will get smoother feelings which also support your feet without having any pressure. It means you can get a better combination of comfortness with hey dudes and socks together.

Which Are The  Best Socks to Wear with Hey dudes?

Thinking about their consumer comforts, they are being one of the perfect choices for all day by day. Young people are mad about hey dudes.

As I mentioned in the previous phrase, you can wear socks with hey dudes if you want. You must think about which socks are the best compliment for hey dudes.which-are-the-best-socks-to-wear-with-hey-dudes

Well, here are some suggestions for you:

1. IDEGG Unisex No Show Socks

These no-show socks are made from blended cotton, polyester and spandex, which are absolutely suitable for athletes. However, they can match your casual outfits with hey dudes.

They are simply known for their moisture management, and are comfortable to wear.  Besides this, They are highly stretchable with better grip pads which prevent your feet from slipping off.

 2. Weenies no-show socks

Among all the no-socks,Wernies are a highly appreciated one for both men and women. They are designed as ergonomically cuffs which ensure a better grip than any other ones.

It will also give you extra comfort if you have forced feet.

Inside, Wernise socks have four stripes of anti-slips that prevent your feet from slipping off.

3. Jormatt Cotton No-Show Socks

Jormatt cotton socks are unisex and made from 80% cotton and 20% elastic materials. They are machine Washable with an elastic lining, which fits your reinforced feet best.

These socks are best fit for low-cut footwear like loafers and hey dudes.  However, they deliver top-notch breathability, including invincibility and enough comfort to wear.

4. Joulli No-show Socks

If you love to wear loafers like hey dudes and want a pair of socks that may hide, then joulli socks are the ideal product for you.

As they are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, they have a good amount of breathability, softness, and absorption quality.

Moreover, These socks added 360 annular silicon stripes and a silicon pad which improves the friction between the socks and your shoe. This feature holds your feet tightly and prevents slipping off your feet inside the shoe.

5. Mottee & Zconia Unisex No-Show Socks

These special shocks are invisible when they are worn with hey dudes or loafers. The making materials are the same as other no-show socks.

So like other no-shows socks, they are much more comfortable and breathable to wear with your hey dudes.

6. Thirty48 Men’s No-Show Socks

The thirty48 men’s socks are made from an upgraded fiber called cull plus. The researched statistics say this material highly consists of water diffusion and wicking properties.

These socks are especially recommended for hey dudes as they improve comfort and dryness with their best effort.

7. Qing Ultra Low-Cut Socks

These interesting non-slip socks are high-end combed with fabric and other materials that are thin, comfortable and fittable for your hey dude shoes.

They offer reinforced foot top graded cushioning and prevent holes from forming and losing elasticity. However, they are designed for hey dude types of loafers and have seamless durability.

8. SixDaySox No Show Men’s Socks

These low-cut socks present a breathable mesh design, reinforced heels and updated cushioning. These amazing features provide durability and promising comfort that you need for hey dudes.

They also include antimicrobial and odor removable marks, thereby promoting health issues. They cut out the final depression of sloppy socks with a single silicon stripe.

So if you are a loyal user of hey dudes, sixdaysox no-show men’s socks can be a worthy investment.

Which Hey Dudes are Best wearing Without Socks?

I think I cleared your confusion about wearing socks with hey dudes. Now, another question might play in your head. which hey dudes are perfect to wear without socks?which-hey-dudes-are-best-wearing-without-socks

I have researched a lot about that and finally ended up finding the best hey dudes without socks for me!

Now, I’m gonna share with you the details to find out desirable footwear without any effort.

These are the following hey dude shoes for which you don’t need to wear socks:

Men’s Wally Loafer

Among any hey dude shoes, men’s wally loafer will be your best choice for its high comforts and ultra breathability.

Their soft fabric and removable insole with oxford lining make them so comfy that wearing socks won’t differ much. However, they are re-adjustable with their dual lacing to fit it properly on your feet. So, socks are unnecessary to fit your feet.

Even if you need to wear your shoes for a long time, you can easily remove the insole, and it helps to reduce sweating on the footwear’s own.

Men’s Sox Loafer

The combined package of flexing and folding systems made a mark in hey dude’s footwear. They are so lightweight and comfortable that with or without socks, they fit any outfit the most.

This hey dude shoe includes a memory foam insole that helps you to be moveable. They also have dual lacing, which fits your size without having any socks.

Women’s Wendy Funk

Women’s wendy funk will be a great option for any woman who wants lightweight and stylish footwear to wear.

The fabric and synthetic materials made it so soft and trendy to choose any woman easily. It also has a modern outlook appearance.

And with a moveable insole, it makes your step too comfortable and flexible. There is another attractive thing you might like,  its outlook. The outlook is so cool that you can wear them daily if you like, but they are not heavy-duty to wear.

So, unless you are not really habitable with socks, you can avoid it with this hey dudes!

Women’s Wendy Chambray

If you check out the feedback of a women’s wendy chambray you will be amazed!

Its attractive look will catch your eyes, and if you try, you will know how comfy they are! Their manufacturing styles get you a flexible and stylish pair of footwear.

Another amazing thing you will notice is the weight! It weighs only 5 oz!

Can you believe that?

And they size up half of your actual size. So you don’t need to wear socks to fit them with your feet.

Is there any foot stink issue without wearing socks in hey dudes?

I think it’s a common problem for all foot pairs to get stinky without socks, as the socks absorb the sweat. But the making process and the materials of hey dudes provide those facilities of wearing socks.

There is a small chance to get the stink and bad smell, but Mostly, your hey dude shoes can be more comfy and suitable for not wearing socks.

Is It A Good Idea To Ditch The Socks Or wear Them All Day long?

Wearing socks or not with hey dudes is totally up to you!

If you are really habitable with socks, it’s a good decision to wear them. But If you have to remain with socks all day long, then my suggestion will be to get the best version of hey dudes. And try your best to skip the socks with them.

Will it be very difficult for you? If yes, then you should go for the breathable socks.

I hope it will remove all stink issues along with comforts.

Final Words

While buying an attractive and comfortable pair of shoes, the outlook and flexibility fascinate us the most.

In that case, dudes are experts in tracking your attention! Their versatility and softness ensure your best performance on them.

Usually, the risk of not wearing socks with hey dudes can be affected, but hey dudes will serve you all those equipment without costing much.

But If you want to keep socks with your hey dudes, then low-cutting and fabric-made socks will match you best. They will give you both a perfect look and air circulation to make sure your health is concerned.

So, enjoy your rides with your favorite Hey Dudes and Don’t forget to share the experience with me!!

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