How To Fix Scratched Timberland Boots? [Revealed 2024]

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Wearing a pair of Timberland boots for a long time ends up being scratched and scuffed. And scratched boots definitely don’t look good, no matter how well-dressed you are.

What if I tell you I can fix the scratches on Timberland boots?

Yes, you read that correctly!

After spending long hours researching, I have revealed the most effortless and affordable ways to get scratches from Timberland boots in minutes.


Let’s not wait any longer and get straight into the writing.

How To Fix Scratched Timberland Boots?

You can fix the scratches from Timberland boots by using shoe polish, nail filer, or shoe cream. If your Timberlands are made of suede, avoid using random things on them since they will stain. A suede eraser may be used to remove scuffs and scratches

on suede Timberland boots.

But that’s not all. You must know how to use any product to remove scratches properly; else, the boots will be ruined.

Here are the methods to fix scratched Timberland boots:

Prepare The Boots

You should first prepare your Timberland boots, regardless of the method you use to remove the scratches.

To prepare the boots, you must first clean them because any product used on unclean boots will cause the dirt to stick to them.

To begin cleaning the boots, slam the two together to loosen the dirt.

Brush the dirt and filth off the whole pair of boots with a toothbrush.

Wipe the dirt off the boots with a moist cloth and hang them to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Now it’s time to start removing the scratches from your boots.

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Method 1: Use Nail Filer

The same way a nail filer grinds down and smoothes the edge of your nails, a nail filer can smooth out the scratches and scuffs on Timberland boots.

  • Before you begin, be sure to clean the Timberland boots.
  • Take the nail filer and begin filing on the scratches on the boots using the rough side of the filer. Buffing the boots with a filer removes the top layer of the boots, along with the scratches, so use caution.
  • Brush the boots with a horsehair shoe brush to remove the residue.
  • Apply a coat of leather conditioner to remove the dryness.

Method 2: Use Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is an excellent product for not just enhancing the appearance of the boots, but shoe polish can be applied to conceal the scratches on the boots too.

  • Choose a high-quality shoe polish in the same color as your boots.
  • Apply a small amount of shoe polish to the scratched area and massage gently for a minute in a small circular motion.
  • Allow the polish to dry for a few minutes or until the boots are completely dry.
  • After the boots have dried, polish them with a clean cloth or brush to restore their luster.
  • If your boot has deep scratches, you may go through the process all over again.


Method 3: Use Shoe Cream

If your Timberland has deep scratches, shoe cream is an excellent choice. The shoe cream is a magical item that can not only restore the boots’ natural color but also resurface the damaged surface.

  • Pick any shoe cream that is of good quality and matches the color of your boots.
  • Wrap two fingers with a cloth and pick some shoe cream on them. Start rubbing the cream on the scratched part with firm pressure.
  • Once you cover the scratches with the cream, give the boots some time for drying.
  • Finish the process by buffing the boots with a brush.

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Method 4: Apply Boot Wax

To remove tough scuffs and scratches, boot wax is a viable choice. However, getting the best results with a boot wax requires time and work. So take your time.

  • Apply a dime-sized amount of boot wax to the scratches with a brush.
  • Allow the wax to dry for a few minutes on the boots.
  • After the boots have dried, give them a lovely shine with a horsehair shoe brush.
  • If the scratches remain apparent, you may apply another layer of wax and repeat the process.


How To Get Scratch Out Of Suede Timberland Boots?

Suede is a delicate material, and applying anything on the boots might stain or damage the fabric rather than eliminating the scratch.

Using a suede eraser is the most effective technique to remove scratches from suede Timberland boots.

Suede eraser is a fantastic product for removing scuffs and scratches from boots without damaging them or spending a lot of time and effort.

All you have to do is rub the suede eraser on the scratch with light pressure. The suede eraser will work its magic and remove all of the scuffs and scores.

How To Clean Timberland Boots?

Do you know that an uncleaned and filthy pair of Timberland boots can introduce scratches on them?

Yes, you read it right. Dirty boots not only look unsightly, but the build-up of dirt can cause the boots to scratch too.

To prevent the boots from scratching, it’s important to keep them clean.

Here are the steps to clean Timberland boots:

  • Place a newspaper on the working counter to avoid a mess.
  • Remove and wash the shoelaces separately.
  • Brush the whole boot with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any loose dirt.
  • Using liquid detergent and water, make a soapy solution.

If your boots are made of full-grain leather, you may also use the leather cleaner if you have some.

  • When you’re finished cleaning, wipe away any residual soap with a dry clean towel.
  • Dry the boots in a well-ventilated area.

Let us now discuss suede Timberland boots. Water will destroy your suede Timberland boots in seconds if you clean them with them. So, you need a different cleaning method for suede.

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So, here is how to clean suede Timberland boots:

1. Get rid of the filth

Brush the mud off your boots. Brush the top of the ankle to the back in a circular motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

This gentle brushing will remove little particles from the boots. If the filth is deep and settled, brush the boot firmly to remove as much grime as possible.

Keep in mind that if the dirt is fresh and moist, you should not begin cleaning.

Allow the boot to sit overnight to dry off the dirt and make the cleaning procedure easier.

Rather than an ordinary toothbrush, a suede brush will provide a more professional result. You will surely benefit from using a suede brush to clean these boots.

2. Use a suede eraser

Remove any scratches from the boots with a suede eraser.

Rub the eraser lightly over the scrapes until the scuff marks disappear.

This procedure will only work for minor stains or scuffs; heavier or embedded dirt removal would require a little more effort.


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Wrapping Up

Boots are subjected to the severity of the ground and environment; thus, scratches are expected. However, with a few basic and inexpensive ways, you may simply erase those scratches.

So, if your boots have ugly scuffs and scratches, move immediately to have them removed.

I hope you found all of the information you needed. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

Goodbye till then!

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