Hey Dude vs Crocs [Key Differences Compared Side-By-Side]

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Choosing between Crocs and Hey Dude shoes can be tough, as they both have their unique styles and features.

Likewise, are you struggling to find the better one between them?

Fear not! Just stick to this article.


Last summer, I also went through kinda the same phase as you.

But, after wearing them both throughout the summertime, I discover some comparable facts which can definitely put one over another.

And to help you make an informed decision, here, I’m gonna put all the distinctive features of Crocs and Hey Dude.

So, read on!

A Quick Overview of Crocs and Hey Dude

Before jumping right to their comparison, let’s have a peek over the humble journey of Hey Dude and Crocs.

History of Crocs

Founded in 2002, Crocs quickly gained popularity due to its unique clog-style design.

Over the years, Crocs has expanded its product line with a variety of designs, including sandals, slip-ons, and boots. The brand has collaborated with various designers and artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and PSY. The intention was to create limited-edition collections which made the shoes even more popular among fashion-conscious consumers.

History of Hey Dude

Founded in 2008, Hey Dude is a relatively new Italian brand that gained a lot of popularity in recent years while finding its spot in the Teens’ top 10 favorite shoes.

Well, their shoes are known for their lightweight and comfortable designs that are perfect for people who are always on the go.

However, in February 2022, Crocs bought this brand with a $2.5 billion purchase. But still, Hey Dude is operating all its programs separately.

Comparison Between Hey Dude and Crocs

Both Crocs and Hey Dude offer great casual and user-friendly shoes. The two brands together offer excellent features like breathable and durable premium materials. Yet, they differ in terms of purpose, sizing, and comfort.

So, let’s find out how Hey Dude and Crocs compare:

1. Purpose of Design

Crocs are so popular for their casual clogs, flip-flops, and sandals, which are specifically designed for outdoor activities. Their clog-style design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has become an iconic feature of the brand.

Although the brand has started offering boots and sneakers, the collection is too limited.

Hey Dude, on the other hand, offer versatile sandals and slip-on loafers for casual outings.

The shoes are known for their lightweight and breathable designs, making them perfect for summer wear and travel. The shoes are also available in a range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find something that fits your taste.

But to compare their purpose, I would say Crocs are more suitable for outdoor activities like going to the beach or hiking. In contrast, Hey Dude shoes are better than Crocs as a casual business style.

2. Material

Hey Dude shoes are typically made from breathable and flexible materials, such as canvas and cotton, except for the Wally models, which have a polyester upper. hey-dude-material

However, Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof and the canvas upper can easily get wet.

Crocs shoes, on the other hand, are made from Croslite foam that is lightweight, waterproof, and odor-resistant. They also offer a variety of styles made from different materials, such as leather and suede. crocs-material

3. Level of Comfort

Both Hey Dude shoes and Crocs are pretty much comfortable for casual wear.

However, Hey Dude shoes offer a lightweight and breathable design, which makes them cozy to wear for extended periods.

The cotton canvas upper of these shoes has a moisture-wicking ability. So, no matter how long you wear them, your feet will stay dry.

Also in this pair, you will get a memory foam insole that molds to the shape of your foot, providing additional support and cushioning.

Meanwhile, Crocs feature Croslite material that provides a soft and cushioned feel to your feet throughout the day. And because of this easy-to-clean material, you can wash Crocs simply at home.

Although Croslite can’t absorb moisture, its perforated upper design allows air to circulate. So, just like Hey Dudes, Crocs will keep your feet free from sweat.

Plus, Crocs offers a wide range of styles, including those with adjustable straps that allow for a customized fit. And these straps are why your feet feel so secure while walking.

4. Size and Fit

When it comes to sizing, both Hey Dude shoes and Crocs tend to run true to size.

Hey Dude shoes also have a slightly more snug fit. While Crocs gives a roomier fit that accommodates a wider range of foot sizes.

However, Hey Dude doesn’t offer half sizes. So if you are between sizes like me, you may need to size up to get the right fit. For instance, I typically wear the US size 9.5. While buying my pair of Wally Hey Dudes, I had to opt for the US size 10.

But don’t worry, going half size up won’t change the fit of your Hey Dude shoes. They will fit comfortably as always.

Unlike Hey Dudes, Crocs come in both half and full sizes, with three different widths to offer. So, whether your feet are medium or super wide, you can still find your perfect fit with Crocs.

Note: Crocs offers a  “sports mode” for a more secure fit while playing and “4WD” mode for extra wide feet. And you won’t find these diverse fitting attributes in Hey Dude.

5. Midsole and Insole

While wearing both shoes, I found the Crocs’ midsole better than Hey Dudes. This is because Crocs feature a springy EVA midsole with great cushioning and shock absorption ability.

Even while hiking, my pair of Crocs stand out great while protecting the feet from any kind of stress.

Conversely, Hey Dude has less cushioning than Crocs. Yet the shoes offer a chunkier outsole, which can absorb ground impact to some extent.

However, in terms of insoles, I will put Hey Dude shoes over Crocs. Because the memory foam insole of Hey Dude will give you a comfy walking experience by contouring to your feet.

But except for the Literide models, Crocs don’t feature any additional insole. And in my experience, their Croslite footbed is not as comfy as the foamy insoles of Hey Dudes.

Yet, only this concern may not stop you from buying your favorite classic clogs, as you can easily put insoles in Crocs.

6. Outsole Design

The best thing about Crocs is that you can wear them both in the summer and wet seasons. That’s because, other than a breathable upper, most Crocs are non-slip with their high-traction outsoles.

Side on, Crocs have some specific models, like the Hiker Xscape Clogs, which offer excellent traction for rough terrains.


But compared to Crocs, Hey Dudes don’t offer adequate traction for rough or slippery surfaces.

7. Price

When it comes to price, both brands have affordable and expensive models.

The overall price range for Hey Dude is $49 to $80. And the price for Crocs ranges from $21 to $100.

However, Hey Dudes offer their popular models at a slightly more affordable price than Crocs. So, if you want budget-friendly casual shoes, Hey Dude might be a better option for you.

8. Weight Variation

While both Crocs and Hey Dudes are extremely lightweight in construction, some Crocs can weigh a bit more than Hey Dudes. This may be due to the high outsole design of Crocs.

Although classic Crocs are quite lightweight, a pair of chunky Crocs like the Platform Clogs can weigh 11 to 15 ounces. On the other hand, a pair of Hey Dudes weighs only 7 ounces.

Overall, both Hey Dude shoes and Crocs have their own unique style and features that set them apart. However, if you still can’t decide which one will be a better option for you, consider taking a look at their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Hey Dude Shoes and Crocs

Crocs and Hey Dude shoes offer top-quality features which are needed for a comfy ride in warm or wet weather alike. Even so, their awesome features come with some downsides as well.

And here I’ll let you know all the positive and negative attributes of Hey Dude shoes and Crocs.

So, let’s check out the pros and cons of Crocs and Hey Dude:

Hey Dude

  • »Breathable and flexible canvas upper.
  • »Added memory foam insoles.
  • »Extremely lightweight.
  • »Suitable for everyday to business-casual style.
  • »Versatile and stylish design.
  • »Not enough traction for rocky surfaces.
  • »Not slip-resistant.
  • »Not available in half sizes.
  • »Only standard width is available.


  • »Extremely comfortable for outdoor activities.
  • »Breathable design with comfy Croslite material;
  • »Half sizes are available.
  • »Wide and roomy toe-box.
  • »A range of width variation.
  • »Wide range of styles and colors.
  • »Slip and water-resistant.
  • »Enough traction for rough surfaces.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Not suitable for business style.
  • »Not so eye-catchy design.
  • »Classic Crocs don’t have added insoles.

Which One is Better Between Crocs and Hey Dude?

Which one to choose between Crocs and Hey Dude actually comes down to your liking.

So if you want a pair that is lightweight, easy to clean, and offers good support, Crocs might be a good option. With the breathable upper design and non-slip outsoles, Crocs are an ideal choice for doing outdoor chores in any season.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a comfy casual shoe that you can wear for light traveling to formal outings, Hey Dude will be better. Along with the breathable upper and comfy insoles, this pair offers a versatile look as well.

Furthermore, when looking for comfy casual shoes for your super wide feet, Crocs are the best choice. By simply sliding the strap backward or forward, you can enjoy their super relaxed fit.

So, with them, you can maintain a stylish yet comfortable look for long periods.

Final Thoughts

After all the in-depth discussion about comparable attributes of Crocs and Hey Dudes, now you know what they have to offer. And hopefully, this will help you when choosing the right one between them.

So, without hesitating, just pick your coveted shoes.

For any more queries about casual shoes, comment down below.

Till then, take care!

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