Do Timberland Boots Run Big? Finally Answered

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One of the biggest confusions no online page could reassure is the accurate size of the boots.

That is why, after going through every single Timberland boot review, I will finally answer your life-long challenging question.

Which is, Do Timberland boots run big?


Yes, most Timberland boots do run big. Most users have to buy a half size small to their usual size. However, if you are a socks lover, buying your size may be the right option. Since the extra space will be filled by the socks you are wearing.

To know more about the secrets behind Timb boot size, keep on reading till the end.

Do Timberland Boots Run Big or Small?

Now, this doesn’t mean all Timberland boots have the same issue. Boots that aren’t newly launched, especially the classic ones, are bigger in general.

Since many buyers questioned their reliability about the boot size, Timberland has fixed these issues in their newly launched boots.

Now, the recent boots precisely match the size being ordered. In addition, the wide and narrow versions are also adjusted.

The reflection on their hard work is already visible. All the forums and the reviews have no issues regarding the size anymore.

Now going back to their signature yellow boots, they are still the most hyped boots of all. This means people buy them the most.

And there is a higher possibility, you might have them on your wishlist too.

Unfortunately, unlike the latest ones, they still run big. And it has turned into a norm to buy half a size smaller. Or sometimes a complete one size smaller than your size.

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Are Timberland Boots True to Size? 


Trying to find the right size is tricky. Sometimes, it’s not just the length that is problematic. But also the width, which doesn’t seem to match.

As I scroll through the official Timberland website, I was happy to find the shoe size chart.

A chart that includes US, EU, and UK sizes for each boot size. Not just that, it also includes a centimeter and an inch guide for us to find our best fit.

This chart does give the vibe that with proper measurements, we will get the true size.

Now here’s the catch. Do we really get boots of our true size? Even after using the size chart?

Well, no. Most boots, especially the classic ones, tend to be always one size bigger. Despite how well, your foot size in the size chart corresponds with their boots. You may need to order one or a half sizes bigger than your actual size, to enjoy the true to size feature.

Some buyers do claim that their boots are true to their size. But the numbers are too low to accept their claim as a fact.

Also, as I mentioned above, it’s not just the length, but also the width that matters.

Most of their boots, especially the signature yellow ones, are usually wider than usual.

So, even if the length of our feet matches, there is no guarantee that the boot will fit perfectly. It may be either too loose on the sides or too tight.

And sadly, the width of the boot isn’t mentioned in the charts.

So it’s still you guessing and hoping that it fits you perfectly. Both in length and width wise.

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Where is the Size Written on Timberland Boots?

The size is written on the inside sole of your boots. You can also find it on the seal glued on top of the box, the listed paragraph beside the product picture on the official Timberland website, and also on Amazon. You can also simply search google for the size of a specific Timberland Boot.

Finding where the size is written, may seem like an easy job. But it isn’t.

Especially if you are used to finding the size printed underneath the boots or on the outer sole. That’s usually the norm though.

However, Timberland has its size printed elsewhere. It’s printed on the inner sole of the boot. Where you rest your feet.

Yeah, it’s quite weird to print it there. But water or sweat will wear off the number sooner or later which will make it harder for you to figure the size number.

This is why, there are few other places you should know, to remember the size you bought.

Some may include the shoe description in Amazon, the description on top of your boots box or a picture you have taken of your boots that shows the size, and many more.

Yes, you saw that right. Even a picture of your boot can be your asset in the future.

Documenting this information is crucial. In any format. Whether by noting down in your notebook or taking a picture etc. As long as you are keeping a record that won’t wear off, it’s absolutely fine.

Or else, you might just end up with a completely neat boot that knows nothing about sizes. Which would only make your next online order difficult. As your reference size just vanished with water.

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What Size Timberland Boots Should I Get? 


Knowing which size to buy is very challenging. Especially if it’s ordering online.

If it’s offline, you can easily try your size out. So you don’t have to take the measurements.

However, most hassles occur when it’s online-based. It’s not just the measurements that you need to take or matching your size in the size chart.

It’s also the shop policies that vary from place to place. Some shops allow a change for a new one while the other shops don’t.

Most reviewers or buyers do recommend buying half the size or even a complete one size less.  But this isn’t true for all timberland boots.

As I already mentioned above, it’s the classic timberland boots that run big.

The recent launches are perfectly true to size. So it’s absolutely fine to order the exact size.

Although it’s always best to go through the shop policies, revise through our measurements, and match the correct size with our measurements. Before we decide to buy a smaller size than usual.

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How do Timberland Boots Fit

Steps to fit timberland boots is an intuitive method rather than trying hard to find the right size.

After all, no matter how hard we calculate and order the right size, we can never be certain about the outcome.

After all the hard work done, you might still end up with a loose Timberland boot. Although I would definitely take a few pre-steps before ordering my size.timberland-boots-run-big

And also a few post steps, in case I still end up with loose or extremely tight boots.

And only then you can safely assume that you would have absolutely no trouble with Timberland Boots at all.

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So what are the magical pre-steps that will help you find the right size?

  • Firstly, take a precise measurement of your foot. Repeat the step multiple times to confirm your measurement.
  • If you don’t have a measurement tool, just use your hand or a pencil to measure. And finally, keep a record in a copy or in your phone.
  • You can also keep a record of your previous Timb boot size(highly recommended) or any other boots/ shoes size available.
  • Now match your size in cm or inch with the size chart.
  • If your size isn’t available, you can use reference of your existing perfectly fit shoe size as well.
  • Finally, once you find your size from the chart. Check that specific boot reviews that concern the size.
  • Also, go through the shop policies to check if they are okay with changing sizes or not.
  • If 60% of people recommend a size smaller, then it’s best you follow the recommendation. Especially, if it’s your first time with that specific launch or Timberland in general.

And the post steps to follow if the boots run big?

  • You can always try wearing thick socks to fill the extra space.
  • If you are not used to wearing thick clothes, you can try filling them with tissues or newspapers.
  • You can also try buying a thick insole that is specifically made to help you with loose boots.
  • Tying the laces extra tight may also solve the problem. Especially, if the boots aren’t that loose.

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A few last words!

In general, most Timberland Boots do run big. But not all the launches have the same issues.

The latest ones surely brought big improvement in their sizes. However, the infamous yellow Timb still runs big.

This is why most people recommended buying half the size to perfectly fit in.

Speaking of fitting the right size, I would always recommend taking the pre and post steps for 100% confirmation(explained above).

Otherwise, even with so much research and hard work, you might still end up with a loose Timberland Boot.

So did you find your answer? Do let me know in the comments below, whether your Timberland boots run big or not?

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