Crocs Classic Vs. Crocs All Terrain [Ultimate Comparison 2024]

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Crocs are loved by people all around the world, regardless of their age and gender, due to their comfort and convenience.

However, when it comes to purchasing new crocs, people are often confused between the different options.

So, today I’ll be comparing two of the popular crocs designs and telling you which one is going to be the better option for you.crocs-classic-vs-crocs-all-terrain

The crocs I will be comparing today are crocs all terrain and crocs classic clogs.

Read each line carefully to clear all your confusion.

Crocs Classic Vs. Crocs All Terrain: How Do They Compare?

The main reason people find it difficult to choose between different styles of crocs is that they do not know the similarities and differences between the designs.

Knowing how they compare is essential in choosing the best option for yourself.

But despite their similarities and differences, they are both excellent designs by crocs and, to be honest, these designs are must-have items from the brand.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on these crocs.crocs-classic-vs-crocs-all-terrain-compare

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Crocs Classic Vs  Crocs All Terrain: Similarities

To differentiate and choose between Crocs classic and all terrain you need to know their similarities first.

Knowing the similarities, along with the differences, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the best style for yourself.

So, what are the similarities between crocs classic and all terrain? I have elaborated on them for you below.

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Here are the similarities between classic crocs and crocs all terrain:


Crocs classic and all terrain are both made of a special material called Croslite.

Croslite is a closed cell foam resin that is trademarked by the Crocs company and all their crocs are made of this material, as are crocs classic and all terrain.

The closed cell resin, Croslite material, is comfortable and durable.

Moreover, it has antibacterial and odor resistant properties which prevent bacterial growth despite exposure to sweat and moisture.croc-material

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Quality Of The Sole

The quality of the soles is a crucial factor that plays a big role in determining the comfort of any shoe. And when it comes to crocs classic and all terrain, their soles are high in quality and highly comfortable.

The soles of crocs classic and all terrain is the same, and they are equally comfortable and cushiony. So, when you walk in them you feel like you are almost wearing nothing.

The sole of the clogs, like the rest of it, is made of Croslite. Croslite, which is a closed resin, has numerous air bubbles within the foam.

The bubbles make the sole light and airy, making the clogs feel weightless and extra comfortable to walk in.

The base of the soles also provides enough grip for you to be able to walk around in them without slipping.

The threaded pattern at the bottom provides enough traction so that you can wear them outdoors as well as at home without the risk of losing your balance.

The soles are high quality and they will not get cracked or damaged due to exposure to sun or mud or other unfavorable conditions – hence, they will last you a long time.

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Since Croslite material is used for manufacturing both crocs classic and all terrain, the durability of the two clogs is also the same.

These clogs, classic and all terrain, are both highly durable and will last you a very long time.

The material used to produce these clogs is of the same quality and they are both waterproof.

So, when it comes to quality and durability, both these styles, classic and all terrain are equals.


Since both of them have the same build and are made of the same material that is exclusively used by Crocs, they provide the same comfort.

So, if you want the comfort of the classic clogs by crocs, you can also get that same comfort from crocs all terrain.

The Croslite material used to make these clogs is very, very comfortable and provides a pleasant cushioning. So, you can walk for hours wearing these clogs, and you won’t feel one bit

The vents present in the upper of the clogs also allow air flow and sufficient ventilation for your feet to breathe, despite the material Croslite being nonbreathable.

So, fortunately, and unfortunately, if you prioritize comfort, you cannot choose between crocs classic and all terrain based on that because they both are equally comfortable.

Overall Shape And Design

The crocs classic and crocs all terrain are both clogs and have the exact same shape and design. They also have the same holes, more commonly known as vents, at the front of the clogs for air ventilation.

In fact, they look so similar that you may not even be able to differentiate between them at first glance.

Moreover, they both have similar functionality. You can say that they were both designed to go effortlessly with casual outfits – so you can wear either of them for carrying out your everyday activities.

Adjustable Straps

One more similarity between these two pairs by crocs is that they have the adjustable strap at the back.

Both, classic and all terrain, come with a strap at the back of the heel that you can adjust as per your need. It will allow you to have a close or loose fit, whichever you want for your clogs.

Classic Crocs Vs Crocs All Terrain Crocs: Differences

Now that you know the similarities between the crocs classic and all terrain, it’s time for you to know the differences between the two designs.

What are the features that differ between crocs classic and all terrain?They are as below. No need to thanks me, I’m just doing my job.

Here are the differences between Classic Crocs and Crocs All Terrain:

Their Build Is Different

Even though they look identical at first sight, the build of the classic crocs and crocs all terrain is different. The classic crocs are much smaller than the crocs all terrain, which gives a much elevated and chunkier look.

The Shape Of Their Soles Is Different

Even though both crocs classic and all terrain have soles made of the same material, the shape of their soles is different.

The sole of the crocs all terrain is much more high and robust as compared to that of the classic crocs. They have a more lugged shape, but the sole of classic crocs is not lugged.

Upon closer inspection, it can be observed that even the elevation provided by the soles of all terrain is much higher than that for classic crocs.

So, with the crocs all terrain, you will get a taller and elevated look and feel, all owing to the shape of the soles.

Moreover, the traction at the base of the sole of the all terrain is much more intricate and ensures greater friction and grip than that for the classic crocs.

So, the all terrain crocs provide much better grip and stability on different types of surfaces than classic crocs.

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The Toe Cap Is Different

The toe cap region of the two clogs, classic and all terrain, is also different.

The number of vents or holes in crocs all terrain is much lesser than the number of vents in crocs classic. Classic has eight vent holes while all terrain has only four.

However, despite having a lesser number of holes in all terrain, it does not affect the air flow because the holes or vents in all terrain are much larger in size than the ones on the classic crocs (which are much smaller).

So, when you look at them, the number and size of the vent holes is telling of which is which.

Colors Available

Crocs all terrain is available in eight different colors while the crocs classic is available in a whopping 40 different colors. The difference between the color variation between them is huge, and there are many more options to choose from when it comes to crocs classics.

Adjustable Straps

Although both classic and all terrain crocs have adjustable straps, the material used to make those adjustable straps is different for them.

The adjustable strap of classic crocs is made of rubber while that of all terrain is made of leather.

No, the functionality of the straps is not affected by this in any way, as both the straps serve the same purpose of holding the clogs in place and providing a suitable fit – it is just another thing that sets the two types of crocs apart.

Classic Crocs Vs Crocs All Terrain Which Is The Better Choice?

Which one is better for you between the classic crocs and all terrain crocs is the main question.

Now that you know all their similarities and differences, I believe, that decision-making can be simplified.

If you are going to wear your clogs for outdoor activities that involve uneven terrains, then all terrain crocs is the one for you owing to the superior grip and traction.

Moreover, if you like feeling taller or prefer the chunky look compared to the simple one, then you should opt for crocs all terrain since it comes with a lugged sole.

On the other hand, if you like the simple look or want a pair of crocs because of how trendy it is, then the classic crocs are better for you.

Plus, the range of colors available for classic crocs is much greater than that for all terrain, so it might be possible that the color of crocs you want is only available in the classic crocs range.

In such cases, you will have to choose the classic croc – which is also a must-have as per many people.


Both classic crocs and all terrain crocs are excellent, durable, and comfortable clogs to wear. You can wear them without getting tired almost every day.

However, which one you choose to buy will depend on your preferences solely. But if you want to wear them on outdoor adventures, then I would suggest that you get the crocs all terrain.

Did you find this article helpful? Is there anything else you would like me to mention? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

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