Birkenstock Anthracite Vs Black [Color Difference or More!]

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When you enter the world of Birkenstocks, there’s no going back. Among various options, the two most popular colors are the black and the unique sheen Anthracite.


Settling with only one is pretty tough unless you know which pair is for you.

In this article, I will elaborate on the differences between Birks Anthracite and Black to ease your selection process through my personal experience of years.

So keep up till the end.

What’s the Difference Between Birkenstock Black and Anthracite?

From Birkenstock’s super good quality sandals and unlimited color options, Anthracite and Black are quite popular. So, before you buy any of these two versions, knowing every detail about them and where they differ is a must.

Let’s dive into the variations among Birkenstock Black and Anthracite:


The first difference you will see in Birkenstock Black and Anthracite is the materials.

The Black Birks are made of cork-latex footbed for proper support and a comfortable feel. The other ingredients of their footbed are contoured cork, microfiber, and suede footbed lining.

Winter Birkenstock Black sandals have shearing and wool felt for warmth and coziness.


The upper two straps are leather-made (patent, oil, nubuck, natural). Another building material is Polyurethane (PU).

On the other hand, Birkenstock Anthracite sandals use various mixtures of materials such as EVA, Birko-flor, shearing, and wool felt for long-lasting use. The notable difference is the upper synthetic material which has a soft backing and leather-like finish.

The shine of these uppers is the deal breaker for Anthracite Birks. And to try on something new, the glossy finish is a good alternative.



Anthracite lags behind with only 8 variation from Black. Which include slip-ons, thong sandals, two-strap models, and slipper boots.

There is no hard and fast rule of what color Birkenstock you need, but having the options is nice as you can wear any kind of outfit and match them with your Birks.

I recently purchased the Anthracite 259543 Slip-On and can’t get enough of it. This pair is comfy, easy to put on, and gives the classic chic look I crave.


On the contrary, Birkenstock Black has over 160+ styles to choose from. I own a pair of Gizeh for summer and a Big Buckle Oil Tanned Strap Sandals.

I prefer to wear my Birks without socks, but in winter socks give me extra comfort and warmth.

However, except for these models, you can get your Black Birkenstocks in woven-style sandals, lace-up boots, clogs, moccasin-styles, ankle-high sneakers and so many more.

Get any of the styles and be aware of the break-in period and be patient until you can use them to the full swing.


When it comes to stability, Birkenstock Anthracite shoes and sandals have the grip and proper stability with their robust footbed and deep heel cup.

Also, the adjustable straps ensure you a stable base whenever you wear them.

Compared to Anthracite, Birkenstock Black sneakers come with enough toe space for your feet along with a deep footbed. Women’s shoes have a well-structured platform to provide you with stable wear.

Also, the black sandals have heel cups, adjustable straps for a more secure fit, and heel straps to ensure maximum stability.

If you are confused about which is more durable along with the stability, both models are pretty durable and these Birkenstocks will last you longer so, you don’t have to worry much.


Birkenstock Black sandals come with many sizing options, for example, A pair of Men’s Arizona Double Strap Sandals comes in various sizes (UK 7.5 -8). The best part is you can adjust your fitting because of the straps.


But it’s wise to get them half a size larger for a better walking and relaxing experience.

However, if you want to buy a pair of Anthracite Men’s Boston Wool Mules, you have only one size option(UK9).

You don’t want to get the wrong size while you are buying these expensive Birkenstocks. So, you need to be careful as Anthracite has fewer sizing options than the Black Birks.

Pros and Cons of Birkenstock Anthracite & Black

The versatility and usefulness of Birkenstock footwear are legendary. A pair will last you up to ten years, but not without maintaining them proprly as there are several facts you must know to keep them fresh and new no matter which color and style you have.

Though the Black Birkenstocks are the most hyped pair, they also have several pros and cons. The same goes for the Anthracites.

Let’s see the advantages and drawbacks of Birkenstock Black and Anthracite:

Birkenstock Anthracite

  • »Comfortable.
  • »Unique color palate.
  • »Resoleable.
  • »Provide stability.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Fewer variations.
  • »Wears out quickly.

Birkenstock Black

  • »Durable.
  • »Super comfortable.
  • »Gives stability.
  • »Various models.
  • »Long break-in period.
  • »Footbed turns black slowly.


Birkenstock Blacks have the most models and styles. Every new launch has at least one pair of black ones. So, if you are into black, you can choose your favorite strappy sandal, slip-ons, and mules whether it’s for winter or summer.

And in case you want something shiny and extra in your Birkenstock collection, Anthracite is going to be the eye-catchy pair.

Both versions have durable and comfortable footbeds that will mold according to your foot shape. But blacks have a vast collection that you won’t find in Anthracite.

But finally, the choice is up to you and if you are still confused, get them both. Each way it’s a win-win.


Does Anthracite have any unique style that you won’t find in birkenstock Black?

No, Birkenstock Black has every pair of sandals and shoes that is available in Anthracite.

Why do Birkenstocks change color?

Birkenstocks change color because the cork footbed and leather straps absorb sweat and oil from your feet’s skin slowly.

Does Birkenstock Anthracite and Black have any differences except the color?

Yes, except the color Birkenstock Black has more styles, materials, and designs than Anthracite Birkens.

Wrap Up

As durable and versatile sandals, Birkenstocks are second to none. And the various colors and styles they come with are also another reason these simple-looking sandals are so popular.

Along with most designs and variations Black Birkenstocks have different materials than Anthracite birks.

You got every detailed variation between Birkenstock Anthracite & Black sandals. To know more, comment below.

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