Are Birkenstocks Comfortable? [Know the User Review in 2024]

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70s shoe brand Birkenstock is famous for making versatile high-fashion shoes. Not only fashionable, but their shoes are also eco-friendly and made with natural materials, which are the most incredible feature of this brand.

Besides those amazing features, comfort is our first priority. — right? In this article, I will share my personal experience and facts about Birkenstock’s conformability.are-birkenstocks-comfortable

Let’s read ahead and know the facts before purchasing.

Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Yes, Birkenstocks are comfortable. Birkenstock wins people’s hearts with its comfortable, unisex shoes. Their nature-friendly material and sole structure are very supportive and good for our feet. They are durable, adjustable, and give good orthopedic support.

Birkenstocks are so comfortable that podiatrists suggest wearing them for people with particular feet problems.birk-fittingAlso made with cork soles, Birkenstocks sandals are shockproof and heat-resistant. Being heat-resistant and having an open design pattern make this brand a summer staple.

I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks 8 years ago. At first glance, I love their subtle, minimal, classy outlook. After the break-in period, I realized these shoes would be my long life love. Now I am a proud owner of 7 different models of Birkenstock pair. And each pair is damn comfortable.

What Makes Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Birks’ chunky look and stiff soles might make you think it feels hard to wear. Don’t think only extra cushioning and a bouncy sole make a shoe comfortable. Birkenstock’s outstanding ergonomics help to heal your feet issues. And the adjustable buckles give you the perfect fit.

Let’s know 5 major features that make this century-old sandal so comfortable:

1. Breathability

Birkenstock’s upper portion is made with high-quality Nubuck leather, which is expensive and highly breathable because of having sufficient pores. As Birkenstock’s main feature is making a breathable shoe, the design of the material is sincerely used for maximum breathability.

2. Cork Footbed

Cork footbed gives a contour and arch support that reduce foot pain and keeps your feet healthy. For having natural pores, it keeps your feet away from sweat and extra moisture.

Wearing a shoe and suffering from sweat and odor are super uncomfortable things. It also increases the bacteria in the shoe, which is harmful.

But Cork sole reduces bacteria production and keeps our shoe environment healthy and comfy.

3. Construction of Sole

The construction of sole is focused on providing comfort with health facilities. The outer sole is made with flexible EVA material and provides excellent cushioning.birkenstock-construction-of-sole

The midsole of Birkenstock is made with a layer of jute and cork. And the shoe lining is completed with the finest type of suede leather. After the break-in period, this shoe perfectly molds like your foot shape and gives you a relaxing experience.

4. Materials

As I previously said, Birkenstock is an eco-friendly brand, and now they are starting to produce Birkenstocks vegan line. Especially Birkenstock sole made this brand a healthy fashion staple.

People generally think cork or wood is stiff and hurt your feet. Or you may have a question about whether Birkenstock last long or not because of made with such natural material.

If you are thinking like that, then you are wrong. In ancient times, Japanese and Indian Hindu and Buddhist monks used wooden shoes for their health benefits.

Wooden shoes give a good posture and durability and become more comfortable after a break-in. For this reason, the Japanese still use wooden shoes, especially for pregnant women.

Now come to the upper portion of the Birkens shoes. Nubuck leather is mainly used for the upper portion of Birkenstock. And this type of leather is soft and breathable for having pores.

Plus, for the inner lining, they also use soft suede leather, which makes the shoe more comfortable.

5. Upper Design

Birkenstock’s design is another significant fact for being the most comfortable sandals for the last two centuries. Birkenstock is mainly famous for its iconic casual sandals. Their design is sleek and open, which makes the sandals ultimately comfortable.

The most popular Birkenstock Arizona is so slim and open that it looks damn comfortable, especially on hot summer days.birkenstock-upper-design

That’s why people are using them as summer shoes when the breathing of our feet is a top-notch priority.

All these features make the Birkenstock a comfy sustainable shoe. You might be curious why Birkenstock shoes are so expensive when they use cork and jute in their sole. European craftsmanship makes Birkenstock a luxury shoe brand also they use top-quality materials.

Are Birkenstocks Good or Bad for Your Feet?

Birkenstock is so good for our feet that doctors prescribe these shoes. Use the Birkenstock shoe if you have foot problems like pain, bunion, or bad posture. These shoes are comfortable, durable, and also fashionable.

But you might feel some difficulties or discomfort during the break-in period. But you can easily break in Birkenstock following some tips. After that, you can not resist falling in love with Birkenstock.

My 70-year-old granny has some severe foot pain. Then I decided to buy her Birkenstock shoes. After using Birks, she feels less pain and doesn’t wanna use any other shoes.

So it is understandable that the perfect shoe plays a vital role in our foot health. Shoes are not only fashion accessories; they protect our body’s most reliable part. The leg carries our whole body weight. Putting on the wrong shoe increases foot issues, and after age, it gets worse.

Contrary, Birkenstock is a healthy, good-looking shoe that gives you comfort and looks fabulous with a casual outfit. No worries, they now have a formal shoe collection. So you can now wear Birkenstock office to the club and keep your feet happy.

Are Birkenstocks Good to Walk in All Day?

Yes, Birkenstock is suitable for walking all day. This legendary shoe brand provides good orthopedic support and has a shock-absorbing feature. Their cork footbed works well as a pain reducer and provides good posture. All these good things make Birkenstock an all-day-long footwear.birkenstocks-good-to-walk

Moreover, If you have back pain, Birkenstock is a good choice for you.

Even Birks shoes are so comfortable and durable that travelers wear Birkenstocks during hikes. My sister and I also carry my Birkenstocks when visiting new cities.

Last year, during the hot summer, we visited Delhi, India. It’s a vast city, and we had to walk a lot; wearing sneakers was uncomfortable; then we put on our Birkenstocks. It was like we got a new life.

People use Birkenstock shoes for shopping, roaming casual, hangouts, and even work for their unique features. For their excellent features, this 250-year-old Brand, Birkenstock, is still one of the top shoe brands in this world.


Birkenstock is not just a typical footwear brand; It has become a staple. The feature of Birkens is top-notch and makes it unique from other brands.

Since 1774 this brand has produced fantastic shoes which are healthy and fashionable.

In this article, I have described all the facts that make Birkenstock comfortable; after that, you shouldn’t doubt it. For any queries, leave a comment below.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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