Where Are Laredo Boots Made? Know It Right Here

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Do you know where Laredo boots are manufactured?

This is maybe the most ignorant question, but being a boot enthusiast, I always emphasize and do in-depth research about the whereabouts of a pair of boots before buying.

So, I figured, why not share with you guys?

Keep an eye on the writing to the very conclusion to gather all the key information about Laredo boots.


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Where Are Laredo Boots Made?

Laredo boots are made in the North Carolina of the United States and are owned by McRae Industries. However, America is not only their ultimate stop. Due to vast responses, Laredo extended their production with foreign countries like China, Mexico, and India.

Choosing overseas countries not only raised their production but also promoted their brand all over the world.

Though Laredo is famous for its western boots, it’s not their last limit. Classic, formal, or modern, Laredo is there to serve you with all the styles of boots.

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The most exciting part about Laredo boots is, they don’t stick to a particular design. Instead, every year Laredo comes up with new and innovative boots designs.

How Long Have Laredo Boots Been Around?

For over 45 years, Laredo has been proudly ruling in the market. Their striking design, top-notch quality, and, most importantly, the fact that their evolving designs each year have helped them maintain a strong position in the footwear industry.

Maintaining a consistent position amongst so much competition for over half a century was only possible due to the quality of Laredo boots.

Laredo’s targeted customers were those who wanted authentic western boots at an affordable price. And their luck favored them as a result of this strategy.

A vast collection of classic to trendy boots for men, women, and little ones made Laredo one of America’s most popular footwear brands.

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Are Laredo Boots Made By Dan Post?

Yes, Laredo boots are made by the Dan Post company. Both Laredo and Dan Post are two of the sub-brands of McRae Industries. Laredo’s main motive was to serve boot lovers with high-quality western and cowboy boots at a low price. Thus, until now, Laredo western boots have been everyone’s ultimate favorite.

Along with Laredo boots, Dan Post company manufactures Dingo boots, Code West boots, John Deere boots, McRae Industrial boots, and Eldorado boots.

All of these brands are among the top boot brands. The mix of excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials is what makes all of Dan Post’s boots so demanding among customers.

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Is Laredo Boots Good Quality?

Yes, Laredo provides excellent quality boots in their pricing range. Laredo boots include various features that make their quality remarkable, including a rubber outsole, cushioned insole, and dual pull tabs. The Laredo boots have a regular heel height that is also very comfortable to walk in.

The opening of the Laredo boots is neither too tight nor too loose but has a perfect fitting.

In addition, Laredo boots are made with breathable lining. The breathable lining allows the heat to pass and keeps your feet relaxed throughout the journey.


Most Laredo boots consumers rated five stars for their high-end quality and said they are worth the investment.

However, a group of customers posted negative feedback about the leather’s quality. They claimed their Laredo boots are made out of faux leather. And which is true!

Boots made with all-real leather will cost you an arm and a leg.

Laredo, on the other hand, is known for its low-cost boots. At this price point, you can’t expect your boots to be made of genuine leather. Instead, you will receive boots made of synthetic materials.

But yes, overall, at a price range of  $100-&150, Laredo boots are a win-win situation.

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Do Laredo Boots Run Large Or Small?

Laredo claims all their boots are true to size, which is partially wrong. Laredo boots run smaller in most of their styles. The shank and width of the foot are very narrow in Laredo boots. If you don’t want your feet to be crammed in, go for half or a full size larger than your actual boots size.

Laredo is an all-in-one store. You will find boots from classic to western with different toe designs(square-toe, round-toe, pointed snip-toe). All these toe designs have different fittings.

Some toe styles (square toe) will be too big for you, while others (pointed toe) will be too small. And it’s at this point that you’ll need to conduct extensive research and read boot reviews to get your ideal fit.

If you are not confident enough about your size, you can directly visit Laredo’s store or ask for assistance through their website.

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How Is The Grip Of Laredo Sole?

The Laredo sole provides an excellent grip on all types of surfaces. The outsole is made of rubber which is not at all slick. Instead, they provide strong traction and make the boots non-slippery. Laredo boots are equipped with a solid shank that offers foot support and stability.

The rubber outsole is sturdy enough to withstand any bump or sharp material.

The shank also contributes significantly to the firm grip of the Laredo boot’s sole. Because if you don’t have a strong shank, your feet will flex too much, and you won’t have any foot support. As a result, you’re more likely to fall flat on your face!

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Are Laredo Comfortable Pair Of Boots?

Yes, Laredo boots are comfortable right out of the box, and they don’t need to break in or stretch out. All thanks to the Dual-density EVA cushioned footbed, which provides a soft and padded feel to your feet. Synthetic soles are more comfortable than leather soles since they do not need to be broken in.

Laredo included every available element in their boots to make them highly comfortable. Be it the square toe, which provides room in the toe area, or the permeable lining, which keeps the feet cool in extreme temperatures.


Not to mention, Laredo boots are made with pull-on tabs that make your feet easily slip into the boots.

So, say goodbye to your uncomfortable cowboy boots and hello to Laredo boots’ amazing comfort.

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Are Laredo Boots Long-Lasting?

Yes, Laredo boots are long-lasting. Everything is done by hand, from the boot’s material to the stitching, to ensure long-term durability. The life of the Laredo boots can be extended by ten years with proper care and maintenance. However, depending on the consumer’s usage, this timeframe may vary.

Laredo boots, like any other type of boot, Laredo boots do not have a set lifespan. The longevity of your boots is determined by usage and cleaning. If you wear your soiled Laredo boots over tough and bumpy terrain on a daily basis, don’t expect them to survive for decades.

Whereas, if you wear them occasionally and thoroughly maintain them, I guarantee you won’t have to replace the boots in 5-6 years.

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Are Laredo Boots Expensive?

Absolutely not! The price of Laredo boots is what draws the majority of buyers. Typically, western cowboy boots cost a lot of money. Surprisingly, Laredo offers high-quality boots for $100-$150. Laredo also has a premium area of boots for less than $350.

Laredo boots’ price range may be low, but trust me, they can compete with any high-end boot brand.

Laredo boots come in a variety of designs and price ranges. You have the option of selecting your preferred footwear while maintaining their quality.

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Final Thought

So, what will you assume if your Laredo boots have a “Made in China” tag on them? Are they real or fake?

This is where this article will come in handy.

Without a doubt, Laredo offers the best of the best boots at a fair price. As a result, your investment will be worthwhile.

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