Where Are Crocs Made? [Facts About the Origin of Crocs]

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In today’s fashion, Crocs are a ubiquitous sight with their unique blend of comfort, versatility, and durability. But have you ever stopped to wonder, what is the story behind these shoes, and where do they come from?


Luckily, I’ve done the legwork for you.

In this article, you’ll find a compilation of answers with a comprehensive overview of where these popular Crocs are made.

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Where Are Crocs Manufactured?

Crocs are actually made in countries all over the world. Originally, these comfy shoes were produced in Mexico and Italy. But currently, Crocs operates its manufacturing facilities in countries including Vietnam, Bosnia, China, Argentina, Romania, Herzegovina, and Indonesia.

Crocs’ main manufacturing facility was located in Niwot, Colorado, where the company was founded in 2002.

This facility is used to produce some of the company’s most popular styles, such as the Crocs Lite Ride and the Classic Crocs. But due to their loss in profit, soon they shifted the manufacturing operations to low-cost markets. crocs

Although the company itself directly operated Crocs’ production facilities in both Mexico and Italy, Mexico was the largest one.

Yet in August 2018, with their restructuring plan, Crocs announced the closure of their production facilities in Mexico and Italy.

Right now, with a third-party partnership policy, Crocs is producing shoes in cheaper locations. For instance, the company has a manufacturing agreement with a Chinese company called Sanko that produces Crocs shoes for the Chinese market.

Crocs also works with several other manufacturers in Asia, including factories in Vietnam, Argentina, and Indonesia.

Currently, China is the largest country to produce Crocs, which is about 40-50 percent of all products.

You can decorate Crocs on your own by attaching jibbitz and jewelry onto them.

Are Real Crocs Made in China or Mexico?

Both China and Mexico-made Crocs are real, as the company has manufactured their products in both countries. However, with the shut-down of Crocs facilities in Mexico in 2018, the company started to manufacture their products in low-cost locations such as, China.

Whether Crocs or Skechers, a made-in-China label often makes people question the product’s authenticity. But a Crocs pair with a made-in-China label doesn’t mean they are fake. crocs-made-in-china

That’s because including China, authentic Crocs are also being made in other Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

And Mexico-made Crocs are also authentic, as the company used to make shoes in Mexico till 2017. crocs-made-in-mexico

How Are Crocs Made?

As you now know, Crocs are made in various countries, and you may wonder if all Crocs factories all over the world use the same manufacturing procedures.

Well, don’t worry, as I’ll now take you through the whole manufacturing process of these iconic foam clogs.

The process of making Crocs involves a unique foam material called Croslite. This Croslite is what gives Crocs their unique features, such as the ability to conform to your feet and provide comfort.

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More on the topic, Croslite is a proprietary closed-cell resin that is soft, lightweight, and durable.

So let’s drive through the process of making Crocs:

  • The first step in the Crocs manufacturing process is mold creation. The mold is created using a 3D computer-aided design, ensuring that every shoe detail is captured accurately. And the mold is used to make a prototype of the shoe.
  • The prototype is then used to create the final mold for production. The final mold is made of high-density aluminum and is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures used in the manufacturing process.
  • Next, the Croslite material is mixed with color pigments and poured into the mold. The mold is then placed in a heated hydraulic press, where it is subjected to high temperatures and pressures. This process is called injection molding.
  • The Croslite material expands to fill the entire mold during the injection molding process. Once the mold is filled, it is cooled using a water bath. This cooling process allows the Croslite material to solidify and take on the shape of the mold.
  • After the shoes are removed from the mold, they go through a finishing process. The shoes are trimmed, buffed, and cleaned to remove any excess material or imperfections.

The shoes are then inspected for quality and packaged for distribution.

All the steps, from the removal of mold to the finishing check and attaching fixed straps are done by hand to ensure the company’s quality standards.

Also, the signature holes that Crocs have in them, are done precisely by hand during the process.

But, still, the quality of the final Crocs may vary according to their country of origin. Yet the good news is this deviation is too negligible to notice.

So, whether your Crocs are made in China, Bosnia, or Vietnam, you’ll definitely get a durable, comfy pair.


Are Crocs Made in The USA?

No, despite the company headquarters being located in Colorado, Crocs are not actually made in the USA. On the other hand, Crocs manufacturing factories are located in countries like China, Vietnam, Argentina, and Bosnia.

Are Crocs Made In Vietnam Fake?

No, Crocs made in Vietnam are not necessarily fake. In fact, Crocs, the popular footwear brand, has many authorized manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, as well as in other countries such as China and Indonesia. These factories produce genuine Crocs shoes that meet the company’s quality standards.

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake?

Instead of the shiny authentic logo, fake Crocs often have a sticker on the button. They may also lack labels with information about size, model names, and materials.

Parting Thoughts

Crocs are being made in many countries like China, Bosnia, Romania, and Vietnam. But, regardless of where they’re made, Crocs shoes are loved by millions of people for their unique style, comfort, and durability.

However, I hope you have already got all the information you were looking for about the manufacturing of Crocs.

And for any further queries, reach me know through the comment box!

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